Lovely mountain views.

The great thing is that due to the weather patterns, the mountain views never remain the same. Every day there is something new to see.

I will show you the changing views in early sunshine and later rainy weather.

The new normal over here with all of the power cuts is to get a post in as soon as possible and then to do some quick replies and comments before logging out. My PC has now a few times being shut off unexpectedly and I simply cannot afford it to crash.
Yet I try my best to only post quality content, regardless of the hive price jumping up and down.
Come and have a look at the various mountain views in here today.




Changes in the mountain views are frequent as the clouds move across the face of the sun and the low clouds make for some dramatic viewing of shadows and light on the peaks.



A great close up below of this peak to illustrate the effect of the light changes during the day.

But all is well that ends well.

The thing about moving into a new place, is that there are always unexpected hits on one's budget. We have the plumbers here right now installing a new water regulating valve in the main water feed to the house and the power cuts have damaged the motor of our sliding gate that now needs to be replaced. Not a nice start to the new week, but hopefully things will improve and we simply move on.

I hope that you have enjoyed the mountain views today.

And That's All Friends.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX70HS Bridge camera.

Thank you kindly for supporting a post on behalf of @papilloncharity


You have such gorgeous views! I am a little jealous, hehe. I completely understand where you are coming from with quickly trying to post, but still have good content, but worrying about finishing on time before you no longer have electricity.

The escalating power cuts are really starting to get under my skin as well. Over the course of when they started, we have had to replace our electric gate battery 6 or 7 times now, because of damage. The motor also suffered more than once.

I do recommend you make sure your computer is off before loadshedding happens. My husband's computer has suffered damage from the power cuts. Luckily it was only the power supply and hard drive was still okay. The PVR decoder's hard drive has not been so lucky.

I think that somebody said that jealousy will get you nowhere 🤣
The race to finish before the clock strikes time, is certainly annoying but nothing that we can do about it and that's why I am now sitting close to midnight answering comments and replies.

Tell me about it, as both the card and the battery in our gate motor got confused and packed up. They well deliver the new parts tomorrow and some manufacturer is smiling all the way to the bank.
Sorry that you had so many battery incidents and yes, it is a pain.

I do log off before the power cuts, but it is the unexpected increases in the levels that get us. We are often notified after it was instituted, as when we are busy in the charity fields, the phone is off. So by the time that I work on the PC like now an unexpected power cut switch it off for me.
I appreciate the help so much that I want to jump through the roof hehe.


No, jealously doesn't. At least I get a small slice of the experience from your photos 😉

Glad that my photos can feed your mind with lovely things as this is a real compliment to me.


It's amazing how the clouds seem to merge with the mountains. This view is indeed breathtaking, if I should wake up to this everyday, I don't think I'd be ever worried in my life. Lovely shots.

We moved down here 4 years ago and it the begging it was the first time for to see how the clouds cover the mountain peaks. At times the clouds drop down below the mountains and touch the ground.
South Africa is a very big country and up north where we used to stay, the air is thin and the clouds stay up high. So now I stay mesmerized by the clouds here every day.
Glad that you liked it.


You're so blessed to have that around you💙

Ah! I read my message to you and have to apologize for some mistakes, but I was in a rush to beat the pending power cut and had no time to edit prior to posting it.
Blessed indeed and we love it!


It's totally fine! We all make some typo errors once in a while. Thanks for the pizza

I just don't like to do things in a hurry but running against the clock is not fun.
They give us daily time periods when the power will be switched off and then we can do nothing. So I squeeze in as much as I can during the live periods.


Woah! So there's timing for when power comes on and off? I could never contend with that for so long but with those beautiful mountains, I could stay to feel nature. Lol

Sorry to hear about the extra unexpected cost. Yep, we know all about these…
And you are doing great trying to post each day and engage with the challenges of power cuts.
Let’s think positive 😊
Such a stunning mountain views @papilloncharity 😎
Love the changing moods/ views.
Have a wonderful Monday 👋🏻☀️

Oh yes, I am glad that you know what I am talking.
Never will I back down in the face of challenges my friend and two posts per every 7 days has now after 5 years become a habit.
Glad that you liked the moody post and I hope that the rest of the week will be kind to you 😊


That’s the spirit 😊🤩👋🏻
At a certain point it just becomes a habit…
You are welcome @papilloncharity i think it will be. We are going on holiday Friday. So preparing for that 😉😊

You too have a magical and wonderful rest of the week my friend 👋🏻☀️

Almost everything can become a habit at a certain point my friend, and we have to select the good things.

Great to hear that you guys are going on holiday soon and I hope that you will have a great time. I think our last holiday was about 7 years ago.

All blessings on your preparations and try to switch off a bit.


Indeed, you are so right. All can become a habit. Let’s select the good ones 😊

Thank you soooo much @papilloncharity we hope too. 🤞🏻🍀 it has been a wish for a longgg time.
Just a few more day 🤩 exciting.
We used to travel a lot in a year, the pandemic stops that. Besides some weekend away close by we haven’t been since 2019. For us that’s long.
Don’t think I could do without traveling 7 years.
But as you told me, lots happened in the last years and you have been soooo busy. So understandable.
Hope you guys can do go on holidays again one day 🤓

Thank you for the well wishes, I will try to switch of a little… but I think you know me already hehehe 🤭
I always have time when others sleep and I don’t 😉

Have a great Wednesday 👋🏻☀️

It sounds like you are really looking forward to the holiday and that is as it should be.
The thing is that we have slowly become estranged from holidays, as in only a week away I get bored.
Action is in our blood and I would rather battle against to odds that other people have to face, than to sit on a beach for a week. One or two hours break in nature every day is my way of holidaying 😉

Yes, I now know you a bit and like me you are not the kind that can switch off easily and that's why you have more time when others are asleep 😛

Hope that your Thursday will be good and that you guys will travel safely.

Yes @papilloncharity sooo looking forward to it.
I fully understand. But… don’t underestimate our holidays. We never ever go on a beach to sunbathe. Not our thing.
We love action, adventure and truly discover places. Go off the beaten paths were most tourist don’t even go. We can easily walk over 20 km a day… just exploring.
We have 4 days in a big city, the rest of our 2 weeks holidays we will be exploring nature: mountains and forests, hill towns and lakes and mountain rivers 😎😁🤩 it will be epic 🥰
We don’t do touristy things… at all. Hehehe 🤭

Good to hear that the walks in nature are so good for you. Yes, they are needed to recharge and connect. I know 😎

Yep, exactly like that… hehehe 🤭 !LOL

Thank you so. I h for the well wishes my friend.
Hope your Thursday will be nice too.
Take care!


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You too lol. I am also struggling with the crashing due to power cuts. Today was a shocker with the midnight -2am followed by 8am -midday followed by 4pm -8pm. I cannot handle this as it is driving me nuts. Around 7 hours is one tank of fuel for the generator and that is now not enough anymore. Things have deteriorated so quickly over the last few weeks.

Ouch, and I thought that we were having a hard time. Your situation is much worse, as we have the Steenbras Hydro system that drops us by 1 and sometimes 2 levels. You are in Johannesburg?
Btw. We came back on a few minutes ago.
If you think that the covid left people with long faces, then you have to see them now.

Lol. There are long faces everywhere up here. Yes Jhb is having a rough time and I am selecting which 4 hours we skip with the generator to my families horror. It just adds up too quickly and it is costing R200per day by saving the 4 hours.

I can imagine your suffering mate and how are you getting on with the bean roasting machines?
Surely production will suffer there.
4 hours by lamp light is not so bad and we have become used to it. They stripped the electric gate motor today and it's going to cost us more than ZAR2000 for the new parts. Thankfully my PC hasn't bombed yet.
12:20 now and I bid you a good night.


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It's amazing how the clouds seem to merge with the mountains. I wish I should wake up with this view everyday.I am little bit jealous.

Thank you and amazing indeed.
Jealousy is never a good thing and I hope that one day you will also have a great view.


I'm in hospital because I drunk a cup of petrol.
That was a very fuelish thing to do.

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