Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun: round 100

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

Welcome to the 100th round of my special weekly photo challenge known as Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun :)

I know a lot of photo contests with nature as the main theme were/are/will be hosted by various people on the Hive blockchain but I wanted to come up with something more than just another photo contest where participants would submit their best natural photos. Therefore, I decided to go for quite an unusual concept that I am going to introduce in the following lines.

The aim of the Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun photo challenge is not to make you dig up your photo archives and submit the best pictures of nature that you have ever taken. Instead, I want you guys to go out and appreciate the beauty of our nature right now.

The internet (and the Hive blockchain as well) is flooded with picture perfect shots of landscapes, mountains, forests, beaches etc. taken years ago. But this is not what I want to see in this challenge. I want to see shots that may not be necessarily stunning but they must be fresh, proving that you have just physically spent some time outdoors in the fresh air. But remember that nature comes in many forms. It doesn´t have to be a pristine jungle or a deep remote forest. An urban park, a botanical garden, a little grove on the outskirts of your town - pretty much any place with some trees, plants, rocks, bodies of water or any other natural features would be just as fine ;)

Obviously, there is no way for me to verify whether the photo that you submit in the challenge is really fresh or if it was even taken by you so I am relying on your honesty guys. The prizes for the winners (as described below) are more symbolical than overly motivating so I don´t expect too much fraudulent behavior in this challenge anyway.

I want to keep the rules of this challenge as simple and benevolent as possible so let´s agree on just this:

Only one entry (photo) per person per round.

The photo must be yours and not older than one week.

Add a few words about the photo, at least where and when you took it.

You can start submitting your entries to this round in the comment section below from now until the next round.

Prior to publishing the next round post, I will pick 3 winners, give my full upvote on their entries and feature them in the next round of the challenge. As long as the response is not too overwhelming, I will also try to give some smaller upvotes on all of the other entries to reward all participants.

I might change the concept and/or the rules of the photo challenge later on, depending on how things go. I usually host the challenge on Thursday but when needed for some reason, I can host it on some other day so better check my blog regularly not to miss out on it ;)

To keep up with you guys, I submit my own fresh natural photo to every round´s post too :) Here is my contribution to start out this round:


I managed to sneak out to my Czech homeland recently again after some time and one of the things I got to while there was visiting my mum in the countryside. We had a nice little family reunion over there as my sister came too, after returning from a long holiday in Mexico. On Saturday, we took our doggie for a walk and it was during the walk that I captured this shot. I know you probably cannot tell just by the picture but it was freezing quite bad that day and the water in the little lake was frozen to the point that we could (and we did) ice skate on it :) Photo taken in a rural part of the Moravian - Silesian Region of the Czech Republic.

In the last round, we had 10 participants. After some thorough consideration, I decided to pick these 3 winners:

@danghao with this entry:


Hello, @phortun. This is my first time entering this contest. This photograph was taken by me over the weekend. I went to the fishing wharf at Tho Quang, Vietnam to photograph the sunrise. The sky that day was very impressive, I think you will like it too.

@kydg with this entry:


Hello @phortun and Hivean friends. This is a close-up photo of a butterfly that I took on the afternoon of January 11, 2022 in an uncultivated land with many weeds near the banks of the Han River - a famous river in the Da Nang City, Vietnam. I hope you will like this photography.

@trangbaby with this entry:


Thank you @phortun for the feature. I continue the challenge with the picture taken yesterday at My Khe Beach, Da Nang, Vietnam. My first thought was to just cycle around, but since the weather is so nice I didn't want to miss the beautiful moments of the day. I parked my bike and went jogging on the beach.

Congratulations guys! It was my pleasure to give you 100% upvotes on your entries :)

I am looking forward to what you will come up with in this round.

Have fun and appreciate the beauty of nature!

I post this series in the Amazing Nature community, a great community for all nature lovers. Feel free to check it out ;)

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Thank you for visiting my blog. If you like posts about Nature, Animals, Ecology, Crypto, Sport, Traveling, Photography and discovering secrets and beauties of the World, feel free to follow me as these are the topics I mostly write about. Have a wonderful day and keep on hiving, guys! :)


Long time no see Petr!

Here is my support of this initiative!
What a great number you have achieved... 100th round is just WAW!

@tipu curate 5

Wooow, thank you so much Andy! Your generous support just made this special round even more special haha :) Yeah, 100th round already, been hosting this fun for almost 2 years now... Time flies :D Thanks again!

Photograph taken in Zug am Arlberg, Austria

This one was taken Yesterday evening when I went for a walk at the end of the day. Look at the moon! :)

Sadly, I did not take my camera so it is just a phone capture. But it still looks nice to me, a moment worth capturing.

Great shot, I like it :) Welcome to the challenge! Can you just add the location please?

Thanks a lot! I just added the location :)

Awesome, thanks :)

Thanks a lot for the upvote and appreciation :)

Hi there! Does it get fresher than this? This was taken yesterday after I finished my COVID isolation. Couldn't wait to go out for a walk immediately at my local seaside town near Bristol in UK


Wow, what a nice surprise! Welcome to the challenge! :) Very nice entry, thanks. Also, I am glad that your covid isolation is over. You feel alright?

Yes thanks. Still got a bit of cough, it might be because I've constantly kept the windows open for fresh air so the flat is quite breezy,but I'd rather that than let the germs brew!

Absolutely :) Speedy recovery and good luck with all the moving stuff!

Gratulace, 100. vydání, to chce výdrž a disciplínu, klobouk dolů, jen tak dál 👍

Zároveň přidávám svůj skromný příspěvek ze včerejška z tradiční procházky, zrovna jsem přebrodil nějaký jesenický potok😁

Here is my humble entry for this special round of your contest. I took it during my ordinary walk yesterday after I hopped across this brook Studený (translated as Cold) in Jeseníky mountains (Czechia).


nějaký omyl příspěvek, nelze mi smazat, pardon.

A v čem je problém? Fotka super, text odpovídá... Jen to prosím hoď ještě do angličtiny. Je poměrně velká pravděpodobnost, že se dostaneš mezi vítěze, tak ať si pak můžou o tvém příspěvku počíst i kolegové ze zahraniční ;)

nene, kolego, problém byl v tom, že sem si okomentoval můj příspěvek a nejde mi to smaznout. často píšu přes mobil a ta navigace je někdy ošemetná😁


Pak je důvodem právě onen druhý komentář. Vlastní komentář můžeš smazat pouze tehdy, pokud ho ještě někdo neupvotnul a nebo neokomentoval (včetně tebe samotného).

aha, jsem povidlo, stárnu no, a bude hůř. díky za vysvětlení 😉

kurnik, asi další nechtěný koment, pardon, aspoň budeš mít kupu komentů😉

Komentů není nikdy dost :D


A photo from our apartment garden - back to exercise and I was attracted to the beauty of the nature to take some snaps.

Hey there my friend! Welcome to the challenge, what a nice surprise :) I love the detail of your entry. Can you just add where (location) and when (shouldn´t be older than 7 days) you took the photo please?

This is where I live and it was taken a day back in my apartment.

Awesome, thanks :)

Awe, so happy to see many beautiful captures of the nature!
I'm sharing one photo, taken yesterday on my walk to see the sunset ~6pm, location: Phoenix lake, Vung Tau city, south of Vietnam


Lovely scenery, so peaceful and soothing :) Thank you.

Hi there! I finally have an entry here LOL.
"I love tropical fruits, so it was exciting to wander around the place and learn about the trees. Since I live in the city, it is not every day that I could see the trees that all my favorite fruits come from. The most impressive tree around the garden must be the jackfruit.
This one in the picture is only a little over 2 meters, the other has more than 15 fruits as I counted, most of them gather around the bottom, I guess because they are too heavy.
Last weekend, we decided to have a small family gathering at an eco-tourist attraction in Binh Duong province which is about 44 km from Ho Chi Minh city."


Thank you very much for this interesting entry :) I hope to try the jackfruit one day...

easy, just visit any tropical countries LOL.

I have actually been to many tropical countries in Central and South America but I think that jackfruit is not so common in there :) Or maybe I just wasn´t lucky...

Sau chỉ cần comment 1 hình và note rõ địa điểm và time là được nè gái :)

Okay chị, haha

 9 months ago  

Congratulations to the winners. These are beautiful photos.

It's time to attach a photo again :-)
I took this photo of the afternoon sky on this afternoon's walk. You could almost say that the southwestern horizon was in one flame :-)


January 13 near České Budějovice

To jsou barvičky :) Díky za krásný soutěžní příspěvek.

 8 months ago  


I highly appreciated the feature @phortun and congrats on the round 100th :) Beautiful number.
Also, I'm glad to hear that you have had a great time with your family.

I'll continue the challenge with the sunset picture taken on the River nearby my house here in Da Nang. I took it on Sat last week while I was cycling along. It's going to be a tough round as I already saw many great entries ..hehe. Have a wonderful week ahead.


Thank you so much for yet another lovely entry and also for actually reading my own contribution, very kind of you ;)

Hi @phortun,

I am adding a photo of Ostravice river. It was taken on Friday during my short run along the river in my hometown - Ostrava.

V takové kráse to běhá samo, co? :) Díky!

Nooo, kéž by to tak bylo :D ale krása to byla, to máš pravdu :)

Beautiful peaceful feature photo I love the stillness in it and congrats on reaching round 100th @phortun 👍

Here is shot I took this morning on Byron Bay beach just another beautiful morning on the Bay 😉


Thanks buddy :) Beautiful morning indeed. I am sure that dude and his doggie would agree too :D Or is that you?

Thanks mate no not me love dogs but have no time for them 👍

Lovely and congrats to the winners

I took this picture this morning in Kano state, Nigeria.

Congrats for winners. I would take one if it snowed much.

Awesome, I will be looking forward to your entry in this round :)

Such s beautiful sight to behold, nature is gorgeous.

A big congratulations to all winners, and thanks for your support, I really appreciate.

Have a pleasant day.

Thanks for checking out the winning collection and feel free to join the new round :)

Noted, I'll give it a trial soonest.

Thank you @phortun 😍. Have a nice day!

My pleasure and likewise! :)

Nature surprises us at every turn dear @phortun. It is us humans who sometimes fail to understand it.

Greetings and good year.

Well said my friend, well said :) Thanks for your kind feedback and the wishes. I hope 2022 will be a great for you too.

hey hey! there's been a while @phortun! Curiou to know how are you doing? I want to go back to post on Hive, but since I'm stuck in Brazil I'm not finding any motivation... I would like to talk with you and know hoe are you are facing all these and how do you find yourself motivated to post! Hope to hear from you soon!

Hey there Helga! Been a while indeed :) Well, it´s easy for me since I am a fulltime Hiver :D No hiving would mean no income for me :D But I love this place and the community so it´s not even difficult for me to be active here every day :) I hope you are alright. I can feel the pandemic will end soon so hopefully, nomadic lifestyle will be a thing again soon. Take care!

Congrats to the winners! <3

Thanks for checking out the winning collection, feel free to join the new round! :)

For sure. I'll join one of the rounds soon. :)