Nature Is The Home Of My Broken Soul

in Amazing Nature2 months ago

Nature is my home.

I grew up to a place where my soul is close to the heart of nature. My heart was captured by an amazing nature and it always speaks that nature is the home of my soul. Perhaps nature always heals my broken soul.

My heart was captured by an amazing nature.

Despite a gloomy day, I still pursued to explore nearby to see a glimpse of a majestic lake together with my best friends. Nature seems to be a daily view to me considering that I am living in the rural area but not with this amazing body of fresh water. This is something different with a taste of cool land and water.

I rode on a motorcycle together with my friends. It was so cold with a gloomy weather but my mind was so relaxed while seeing the solitude and serenity as I was carried away by fun and excitement.

Meanwhile, the clouds were getting darker but we still enjoyed before it rained lightly. I was shivering due to the coldness of the weather my heart jumps out for joy with the amazing view that I had.

It was a day full of fun and excitement. My heart and soul was truly mesmerized by an amazing beauty of nature that is so timeless and priceless.

This majestic lake found in our province took us 6 hours to arrive here by motorcycle. It was a long travel but the experience was so worth it.

Although it was about to rain, my friends and I enjoyed very much. My eyes were so relaxed to see everything green all around. My tiredness was gone for a moment and my soul seemed like not being broken. Nature is truly my best medicine while I am still alive in this beautiful world.

How about you? Do you feel healed when you are so close to the heart of nature?

I even remembered my late teacher in elementary once said that when you feel tired and exhausted about life, look for something green as green is the color of nature and it warmths the soul.

Green is the color of nature and it warmths the soul.

While my friends were busy fishing, taking pictures, swimming, and exploring, I sat beside the lake and felt its calmness with hopes that it would go with my mixed emotions as I am feeling all the pressures and stresses for the past days.

Although my heart speaks that I should stay here for a longer time but I needed to be back home for we are not allowed to stay overnight in the place but still my day ended with a big smile in my heart. And I always hope to be back here once more.

No words could certainly express how much I love home and nature would always be the home of my broken soul.

Home is where I have found my comfort. Nature is my home. I always love nature. I always love my home. A broken soul is whole again. I am forever grateful to be healed by the amazing heart of nature.

I hope to be back here once more. Nature, my home!

Thank you so much for reading. See you next time!

Much Love,

Disclaimer: All parts and contents are mine.

Copyright 2022 pinkchic. All Rights Reserved.


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Thank you very much 🥹🙏

🙏 ✝️🕊✝️ 🙏

I am sorry to read about the sudden
tragic loss of your dear sister Erika Sue.

Praying for you, your family and
those who loved her @pinkchic

May Erika's beautiful soul
rest in eternal peace.

🙏 ✝️🕊✝️ 🙏

Thank you so much nani. This post was created when she delegated me 50 HP. She was still alive when I had made this blog.

I was about to leave hive but she said “te, idelegate taka 50 HP. Padayon sa Hive ha. Bantay lang jud ka ate jeddah muundang ka”

I admit I am not so good in hive. I do not really know how to hive but she is pushing me. That is in Cebuano way of saying to never give up in hive and push through posting in the community. I thank you so much for your support.

Until now, I cannot accept that she was gone. It is really so painful. Really so painful and it breaks my heart so much. That was so traumatic but here I am trying to have some strength although I am really dying inside. Huhuhuhuh

I am sorry that I didn't know about your sister. I can only offer my condolences.

Thank you so much dear friend for remembering my sister 😭🙏

My personal belief is that life continues after death (heaven). It is like your sister is in another room. She will continue to love you, and look over you and wait until you can join her on the other side.

@dwarrilow2022 Those words are very comforting my dear friend. Thank you very much 🙏🙏🙏❤️

I have just read about what happened to your sister. That was tragic.
Please accept my sincere condolences.
May her soul rest in peace.

This is the most painful thing ever happened to me Sir. That was very tragic and traumatic. Thank you very much 😭😭😭

Dear @pinkchic, I heard the terrible news about your sister.

I had some opportunities to communicate with her and each time her kindness was reflected in the comments we exchanged.

It is always a great sadness when we lose a member of our Hive community. I sincerely hope that the tribute we paid to her with the HiveBuzz team will put a balm on your heart.

All my prays are for you, your family and Erika. I send you all my strength and love to help you through this hard time.

Thank you so much dear friend @arcange 😭🙏

We appreciate your work and your publication has been hand selected by the geography curation team on behalf of the Amazing Nature Community. Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much. I truly appreciate your wonderful remarks 🙏😇

Wow. It's soo good to be there sis. Can we swim in that water? Aren't there any crocodile there? Hehe

yes it is a very relaxing place @murakaamiii

Hugging you Pink 🤗 , nature is home for me too, it helps me breathe after a tragic loss. I know words are not much help, but I am so very sorry about ErikaSue, a star she was, and how thoughtful that she delegated some HP to you so you could post. If you need any help about Hive, feel free to ask me.

Thank you so much dear friend Teng 😭🙏 I truly appreciate your most comforting words.

Loss of a sibling so young, words can never express how hard a blow that is in life.

When a little bird sings or your enjoy something beautiful Erika Sue will be with you.

Take care and know our thoughts are with you and your family.

Thank you so much dear friend @joanstewart 😭🙏 My deepest gratitude.

Your sister has been the sweetest, I was really shocked. I admire how she leave meaningful comments and her voice is just amazing. Condolences to you and the whole family.

Until now I cannot believe that she was gone 😭😭 It is really very painful. Huhuh 😭😭😭😭

I know how painful it is but she is at peace and please stay strong, I'll be praying for you and for her soul.