This Wednesday Walk Brings Birds Blooms and Butterflies

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Nature continues to keep me in wonder as after the rains there is such a burst of life, visible when you pause and take it in.

The first thing to catch my eye was the morning dew along with some raindrops decorating the honeysuckle.

Honey Suckle Decorated With Raindrops and Dew

honeysuckle with dew and raindrops.JPG

In the pine meadow behind our house the false Solomon seal was carpeting the forest floor with it's blooms.

False Solomon Seal Carpets the Forest Floor

false solomon seal on forest floor.JPG

Close Up False Solomon Seal Bloom Filled With Raindrops

close up false solomon seal bloom.JPG

As I walked down our lane the butterflies flitted before me landing on the second flush of dandelion blooms.

Close Up Skipper Butterfly on Dandelion Bloom

small brownish orange butterfly on dandelion bloom.JPG

When the skipper opened it's wings it was interesting to see how furry it's body was and such a lovely green color.

Skipper Butterfly Showing Coloring on It's Wings and Body

close up brownish orange butterfly showing furry body.JPG

There was lots of swallowtail butterflies drinking nectar from the dandelions too.

Close Up Swallowtail Butterfly Showing Side View of Wing and Body

close up swallowtail butterfly on dandelion.JPG

Close Up Swallowtail Butterfly Showing Under Side of Wings

undersideswallowtail butterfly on dandelion.JPG

Further up the road the pussy toes were in bloom. I love the silver mat their leaves create but I love it even more when the cute little blooms appear.

Close Up Bloom of the Pussy Toes

close up pussy toes in bloom.JPG

I spotted the first of the wild roses in bloom - and did I stop to smell the roses? You bet and they smelt oh so sweet!

Close Up First Bloom of the Wild Rose

first wild rose bloom of the season.JPG

There was a pair of ravens making quite a ruckus. They were carrying on from a dirt mound which I image had numerous bugs and worms on it

Pair of Ravens on Dirt Mound 1 Cawing and 1 Looking for Food

close up pair of ravens 1 beak open 1 looking at ground.JPG

Ravens are quite powerful birds - look at the beak on this fellow...

Close Up Raven Showing Powerful Beak

close up raven looking back over shoulder.JPG

Then off they go to carry on their playfulness up in the tree top

Close Up Raven in Flight With Something In It's Beak

close up raven flying low close to ground.JPG

Listen in to their antics...

Over on the power pole I had a surprise visit from a flicker. They are another bird with a powerful beak.

Close Up a Flicker Showing the Markings On It's Chest

close flicker on side of pole.JPG

There was a fair bit of wind but this guy must have been shaking his feathers out for they were all puffed up

Cute Flicker With Feathers All Puffed Up

close up flicker on side of pole feathers fluffed up.JPG

Another spot the flicker appeared was on top of a spruce tree.

Close Up of Flicker on Spruce Tree Top

close up flicker sitting on spruce branch looking sharp.JPG

He didn't stay long then he took off into the tall grass probably to catch a meal of bugs.

Flicker Ready to Take Off From Treetop

flicker sitting between tree branches foot up.JPG

Higher up in the sky the turkey vulture was circling around in search of his meal. It's fascinating to watch them in flight as they soar in circles most of the time gliding and riding the air currents.

Close Up Turkey Vulture in Flight

close up vulture in flight wings spread wide.JPG

Back on the ground the blackbirds were finding some seeds off the straw that had dropped in the grass. There was red wing blackbirds and yellow headed blackbirds.

Red Wing Blackbird Walking in Grass Looking for Food Along With Female Yellow Headed Blackbird

3 blackbirds red winged black bird  walking.JPG

There was even a thrush joining in the food fest.

Male Yellow Headed Blackbird With Seed Thrush Still Looking

pair yellow headed blackbird.JPG

There was a breeding pair of yellow headed blackbirds with the male puffing himself up chasing the female.

Male Yellow Headed Blackbird Puffing Himself Up to Approach Female

male and female yellow headed blackbirds.JPG

Up in the poplar tree the red wing blackbird was singing his song which is quite lovely. There was too much wind or I would have recorded it for you.

Red Wing Blackbird Singing From the Poplar Tree

redwing blackbird on tree branch beak open.JPG

Where a pond had formed in the farmers field there were a few families of geese there with goslings at different stages of growth in each family.

Pair of Canada Geese Male On Watch Female On Nest Under the Tree

pair Canada Geese 1 sitting under tree.JPG

Mother Goose and Larger Goslings Grooming Themselves

omma Goose and goslings at shore some grooming.JPG

2 Families of Canada Geese 1 Swimming 1 On Shore Looking On

2 families Canada Geese 1 standing on shore looking on others swimming with goslings.JPG

When the first family of geese picked up on me watching them they too took to the water and swam off to a more sheltered area of the pond.

Pair of Canada Geese Swimming With 8 Goslings

Pair of Canada Geese swimming with 8 goslings.JPG

That's it for this walk. I hope you enjoyed it. It amazes me what a difference a good rain makes with the diversity of life coming forth to enjoy the sunshine afterwards.

This is my #WednesdayWalk hosted by @tattoodjay go check out his latest post here. He collaborates with @elizacheng and her #MakeMeSmile initiative see her latest post here

Bird images are for the #FeatheredFriends community hosted by @melinda010100


This is my Amazing Nature Contest June 2021 - #02 entry. See details here

The photos were taken with my Canon PowerShot SX60 HS.

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After the rain natures colors really do come out don’t they
Love all the shots you got on this walk

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk

The multiflora roses started blooming here last week. The scent is heavenly!

You have really captured some special photos @porters! I love those snowdrops. So delicate. With a promise of new life. We don't get them here in SA but I always remember them from when I lived overseas.

All those beautiful flowers, butterflies and birds arriving after the cold winter, what a joy it must be sharing time along the lanes and walks you take.

Your photography is awesome and beautiful butterflies!

Thanks for sharing the WALK and SMILE. So happy to be able to take a virtual walk with you. The flowers are so beautiful and there's so many different types of birds too.