Spring brought the fragrance of Lemon Flower into the air!

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There's no need to tell spring is already here. You can say this by looking at the sky or the trees. And if not, then the fragrance. It feels like the air seems different in spring, no?

And I love this. Yeah, spring is my favorite!


I have shared earlier, My mom has a huge garden on the rooftop. A few days ago, while visiting her, I found that her lemon plants are blooming in hundreds. The whole rooftop smells like lemon flowers. If you know lemon flowers then you know how refreshing it feels.



New leaves are coming out, flowers are spouting and it feels amazing. It's not like she doesn't have any other flower plants. Yes, she does. Actually, there are many. But you know, seeing something grow from the flowers and then getting to enjoy that in your meal is something different. It brings some extra feeling, right?



The small lemons are picking out. In no time they will fit in our palm.

Wherever I visit here place, it never happened that I didn't get surprised by some plants. My mom even got some exotic fruit plants, like dragon fruit. So, it's always refreshing, surprising, and amazing to me.

I hope your spring is also going well. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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hello dear friend @ rem-steem good afternoon
I love your mother's garden on the terrace, now it must be an endless number of fragrances.

I grew up in a house where we had all kinds of citrus plants, when spring came the house smelled of a mixture of lemon and grapefruit, the smell that citrus plants emanate is really beautiful

I really appreciate that you let us know these beautiful images
have a beautiful afternoon

Yeah, your current home is also full of different plants.
Nature never forget to amaze us. Thanks for going through my post.
Have a wonderful day 🙂🙂

Hi, I just came wcross youre post and remember you from before the fork, have a great one hahaha
Cool that youre around 🍀

Sounds great 👍
See you around 🤗

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