Appreciation beauty of Nature with @phortun: round 69

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This is appreciate beauty of Nature with @phortun: round 69

First of all I will start by saying that nature is one of the beautiful gift given to mankind.
Earlier today I went hunting and I discovered the following plants given to us by nature which i am going to outline here:


  1. Star apple: The is a fruits that bears has many branches, it is always big and has a lot of fruits when it's come to it season, this fruits is seasonal, it is costly and can be found mostly in the Western African.
    It bears many fruits at a time such that could make one wonder wether all would be grown and matured.


Star apple is one of a kind I bet you could have a taste of it someday.


This flower was discovered by our earliest men as one of the flower that scare snake away, in my community it is planted so that snake would not come round the house, as you can see it is beautiful but has a strong saint such that once you touch it, the smell would stain on your hands you wash your hands with soap and water.


  1. Chewing stick: This tree is also one of the tree discovered by the earliest men which is chew for cleaning of tooth, this tree is beat also and costly, as it is sold few in the market but on a high rate, it is mostly used by the people's in the rural area, as they has no or little resources to dwell on.


Sweet Yam: Sweet yam is very good for the body, it is used for treatment of high sugar level in the body. It is preferable and good for the people suffering from diabetes, sweet Yam is a seasonal plant because it can take up to a year before you harvested it, it is delicious and most honour by Royal family in African, Nigeria precisely.


But this one with different colors is also sweet Yam although it's functions is not known and i have not seen anyone eating it before.
It so beautiful but has no function and used yet.


Cassava: This is one of the most consumables plant in Africa, cassava is mostly used in all part and not just Africa alone others country of the orld has seen and define it goodness, cassava is planted by stem and also an annual crops, it bears seed in tubers same as yam, it is through cassava that garri is made from.


Garri made from cassava is used in eating soup and is also we're fufu is made from, cassava has many functions but few to mentions.


Bamboo stick: Bamboo is used in many ways, it can be used in making scaffolding, it can be used as firewood in cooking.


it can also be used in making one of the most popular play in my community known as "Obio Akpo" where someone would climb it and start walking, the person would became taller while people would be clapping and looking at it.


Plantain: This is a beautiful plant that gives iron to the body, it makes you look like a giant, it is mostly planted and consume by the people's of Cameron as they are known for eating planted and becoming tough and Chubby in nature.

Thank you for reading...