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I happened to see this young juvenile "Cooper's Hawk" land right outside my kitchen window while making chocolate chip cookies this morning. I've had one come and visit the Hemlock tree before and was delighted to see it return. I am amazed at the beautiful markings on this bird of prey.

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When it first arrives it tends to land atop the birdhouse to catch an overview of the birdfeeder close by.

Of course, as soon as it comes all the small birds flee to the other bushes that are very dense cover. Even though the birds fly off the Cooper's Hawk always seems to stay just in case one returns. It was here for over 10 minutes before I had to disturb it by taking the puppy out.

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This bird is so patient and does not seem to mind that I am right behind it taking photos through the window. It does know I am there as it keeps looking straight at me. lol

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It was time to get a closer look into the Hemlock to be sure that none of the sparrows had hidden inside it.

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Look at how gorgeous those wings and tail feathers are perfectly marked. He spent a great deal of time going in and out of the branches looking for prey.

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He turned again towards me to see if I posed any threat to his little hunting adventure.

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It was fun watching this young hawk checking out underneath the branches. He finally went right inside the tree and sat on a branch for a little while.

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Coopers Hawk Information

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my backyard visitor today and hopefully I will get to take some more photos of him as he gets older.

Until next time, this is Sunscape
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Very nice photos 👍

Thank you, Mike, he is a beautiful hawk and the husband keeps the windows clean, lol.

Lucky woman, & "what's his name" a lucky guy ...

Yea, keeping the house clean keeps him busy and out of trouble, lol.

Very nice shots & very clean window...👍

WOW! Beautiful bird! He’s so big and fat! Very cuddly!

He is a big bird for sure, but that beak and talons are deadly sharp. lol

You got lovely photos of it here, what a very charismatic raptor. I've always felt that seeing them is special.

Thank you, Emma I have a special place in my heart for hawks and love to see them up close like this.

I saw a falcon yesterday which was wonderful after reading your post. They are all truly magnificent.

That is awesome, another lovely creature to enjoy.

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Thanks @ackhoo have a wonderful week.

Cooper’s hawks are the only ones that were able to circumvent our Fort Knox for the chickens. They are just small enough and persistent enough to figure out gettin* through the circus tent.

You got some great photos of yours!

I can believe it as watching that hawk go in and out of my hemlock looking for a snack proves how smart they are. Thank you for the compliment and have a wonderful day of beautiful weather. It was 52° here yesterday and it looks to be similar today. I may just go out and check out the gardens today.

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