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This week I woke up to the most beautiful blanket of fresh snow. Every bush and tree around my garden scape was dressed in heavy, wet snow. It was so pretty to see as soon as I opened up my curtains. It was such a magical feeling to see everything covered in white.


I got dressed, put on my boots, and headed outside to walk around the gardens to capture the snow-laden plants. This is the Hemlock tree that sits at the edge of my back porch pond. All the birds land in it before they dive into the cracked corn on the ground underneath the bird feeder.


I took pictures of some of the birdhouses around the yard. The birds like to sit in them during the wintertime to warm up on sunny days.

winter-photography-gardens-6 (1).jpg


The trellises were caked with snow and looked so pretty entering the side garden where I grow most of my vegetables.


Doesn't the garden look magical to you too? I love it when we get that first wet snow that sticks to everything to create a winter wonderland.



Even the firepit woodpile has taken on some character with winter arriving this week. The squirrels love to sit on top of the logs to enjoy the peanuts. This has become their safe zone since the puppy arrived and loves to chase them around the yard.

winter-photography-gardens-14 (1).jpg

The new evergreen yews I planted last summer are laden down with heavy snow. I planted 4 of them on the back bank entering into the woods area behind my house. They offer a nice place for wildlife to protect themselves from the weather. I know that I have chipmunk families that live underneath two of my older bushes.


Out in the front yard facing the street sits my funky-looking Cedar tree. On the other side of the yard sits my Bradford Pear in the photo below, isn't she beautiful?


I hope you are enjoying the beauty of your wintery landscapes in your area of the country too. Have a safe and wonderful winter, my friends.

Until next time, this is Sunscape
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The pear is stunning! First snow is always so pretty. By February the novelty is gone.

Oh yes, by February I am ready for spring to arrive. I got my seed order in today as I ordered late, lol. I will be making a post on that soon. January is always a time of organizing for spring for you and I. Happy garden planning.

All beautiful 😍

Thank you, sweetie, it is something you probably don't get to experience often.

Not only are there beaches and lots of sun here. I hope one day I will be able to know the snow




I love the Caribbean beaches with the azure water and white sand. You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place, Denisse.

Yes, I love living on this island. Although I don't go to the beach that often, every time I go I really enjoy it.

The last photo of the tall tree looks very beautiful.

Thank you so much @kaminchan I could not believe my eyes whan I saw how beautiful the snow laid on all the branches of the Bradford Pear. Love and blessings to you my friend. ♥