Beautiful Sunday: herb garden in early June

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In May, the New Holland Herb Garden was closed. The paths were enclosed by lattice screens, and signs persuaded us to be patient and wait for the work to be completed. Gardeners were toiling in the lawns, adjusting the shape of the beds and paths, and planting new perennials.



All of this work was finally completed. I noticed the disappearance of the barrier during my next visit to this park, and had the opportunity to stroll through this small garden, enjoying the blooming of tulips and daffodils.



The complexity of the composition of this garden is that several dozen different flowering and fragrant plants are planted on a small piece of land. The plants bloom in order all summer, and the appearance of the garden changes every week.



I really miss the signs with the names of the plants in this garden, but there are so many different plants that there is simply no place to put the signs, they would take up too much space. To give visitors a chance to understand the botanical diversity, the park's employees prepared a special illustrated booklet, which can be bought in the information center.




The paths in the garden are made of pebbles in a geogrid. This is a simple and beautiful solution - the ground continues to breathe, the stones cope with the increased load from the large number of visitors, the flowers on the background of the stones look great.




The sage was used to create a single background, uniting different plants in a continuous composition. A little later its purple flowers will set the main tone of this composition. But the first queue of blooms are tulips of various hues, from bright red to almost black.




I started my walk through the garden when it was overcast, but soon the sun peeked out and the garden played with bright colors. The herb garden is the main place with interesting plants on New Holland Island, but you can also find beds with different plants in other parts of the park.



Not far away I noticed some beautiful ferns. This fern (Matteúccia struthiópteris) took up quite a large flowerbed-enough room not only for the fern itself, but also for a nameplate. The long leaves of the ferns have a complex shape and look extraordinarily exquisite.



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LocationSaint Petersburg, Russia

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Страусник... хм. а я всегда просто папоротником называл.

Так папоротник - общее название вида, их много разных.

я даже не знал. :)

What a beautiful garden it is💗 The tulips and everything are so beautiful and pleasing to the eyes.

Thank you so much!

You are welcome and thank you too 💗

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 4 months ago  

Hello dear friend @tatdt good morning
What an enchanting place you have visited, and how many beautiful species of plants the place houses
Great shots, I appreciate you sharing with us
happy start of the week

Hello dear friend @jlufer! Glad to read your comment! Thank you so much!

It's very beautiful flowers

Thank you so much!

I didn't know they have such a nice garden.

The garden is really pretty, but very small:) Thank you!

Looks like they did good when it was close you all can enjoy a nicer garden now.

Yes, that's great work, the garden is noticeably more beautiful and diverse this year than it has been in past seasons. Thank you so much!

You're welcome.

Those are such lovely flowers! No wonder a lot of people go there. Lovely tour!

I notice the framework of some ark or something on the fourth photo.

This ship is a playground with ropes, rope ladders, a spyglass and other interesting things.

Thank you so much!

Oh, I see. Kids will surely enjoy that :D I would too lol!

I really enjoyed it:))) I purposely came early in the morning to have time to climb before the kids came.

Smart move :D

That's some kind of exercise too.