Silhouettes of nature and autumn skies, not edited

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Hello friends
Today I present to you the first sunsets of autumn
All photographed from my window.

IMGP2404 copia.jpg

Every minute is different from when the sun begins to go down until it hides and bathes the clouds in an intense color.

IMGP2469 copia.jpg

We could also say that they are silhouettes in the sky, the silhouettes of my mountains that change their appearance when the sun goes down.
In the morning of a pale gray and as the hours pass they become green and alive, but when the star king hides they remain dark, putting his black silhouette on the canvas that is the sky,

IMGP2379 copia.jpg

The clouds turn into black spots, some in soft cotton that rises as if trying to reach the one above.

IMGP2430 copia.jpg

The best and most colorful skies are when there are clouds as they transform into color and beauty, building a world to behold.

IMGP2425 copia.jpg

Blue, red, pink, black, yellow almost every color in the world

IMGP2388 copia.jpg

Unedited photos, the sky takes care of its color
Camera PentasK20

IMGP2471 copia.jpg

IMGP2325 copia.jpg

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 24 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Sunset always enchants me! Great photos.

El cielo era un pájaro muy grande, tan grande que no que cabía ante sus ojos, sus plumas eran pinceles mágicos de acuarela, dibujò entonces un mundo de colores frente a su ventana, nubes de algodón de azúcar para que se lo comiera con el lente de sus ojos, y ella, conmovida, llorò de ternura, y nos mandó en un pañuelo, el canto de su atardecer.

Great photography!