Another great 50c stall find, transforming... progress on my pink lace blouse this week

Beautiful Friends,

Here are some snapshots of my current blouse project, which I'm determined to finish, despite it being quite a big stretch of my skills and ability-to-focus-on-sewing! Your posts here on this community are helping me hugely in moving forward in my sewing skills!


This is what the blouse looked like when I bought it - one of the many great finds that day, in the 50c market stall in Telese Terme, BN, Italia!


It's not the kind of thing I'd usually buy, mainly because it's an artificial fabric, which I generally do not like to wear - but it stood out to me as a gorgeous summery top, and the fact it was lace made it light and airy...


The first thing I did was cut off the ribbons from the front of the neck, as tying anything around my neck is not my idea of a nice energetic dynamic. I also cut open the V and made it much deeper, which is a shape that I love to wear in the summer, and I feel that it flatters my figure. :-)



Then, I cut off the elastic waistband (see the first image below), as it sat in a funny place on my hips and made me look rotund ;-P - I then sewed it on further up the blouse, but I may change this further and make the blouse more of a crop-top style.


It was hard to sew this! Again - like my curtains I just posted about, the lace quality makes it slippery and hard to neatly sew. I also had to stretch the elastic part around the top of the chair, like I did for my recent dream polkadot black skirt, to keep the elastic stretchy when I re-added the top part of the blouse to it.


This is how it looks now where I re-sewed it:



Finally, for now at least, I'm using the pink velvet ribbon, which before was hanging down the edges of the collar (and I cut them off), to line the edges of the deeper V that I cut into the neckline.


I don't have a crystal-clear idea of how to finish the V at the bottom, but it may turn into a wee bow or some such thing... For me, it's enough that it sits right and holds tight to the lace V!


Wish me luck, as I make this next part of the project!

Blessings on your work, and on all your garments fitting and complimenting you wonderfully! :-D


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Me encanta, creo que me animaré

Gracias, amiga @ccaneladelsur ! :-D

You’re reconstruction is going well so far. I am glad to know that this community is helping you challenge yourself and improve on your sewing skills!! That’s one of the reasons we exist, yay!! 😃

You are brave to work with such a slippery material but I am impressed with what you have done so far. I like what you did to the bottom of the blouse and how you added the ribbon around the neck. If you don’t like bows you can always shorten the ribbon and do a little cross cross (like x) finish with it.

Looking forward to the final addition! Have fun and thanks for sharing your process ~ 😉

Aww, thanks so much for this wonderful response, dear @crosheille ! Your idea about the wee cross is great: I may well do that!
I bought some same-coloured-but-not-velvet ribbon, to make some kind of tie to incorporate somewhere in the bodice... so will work on that some more once I've sewn the V.... I'm so grateful for your support here! :-D

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Awww, thank you all hugely, @crosheille and @ocd! It's an honour to be selected and to have your support here 😍❤️💝🤩☀️

Absolutely!! 😃😉

Keep up the great work ~

Beautiful very beautiful job weldon thanks for sharing @clareartista

Thank you as ever for the lovely encouragement, dear @smilestitches ! I hope that your projects go very well! :-D

I really like your aesthetic!! This top has an awesome colour and I am sure it will look great once you fitted it into a shape and cut you like! Also dont like synthetic fabrics, usually, but this one looks very airy and wide so I guess you dont really feel the synthetic on your skin which is really nice I guess..:) I am very curious how it will look in the end, and I am glad you went for the project and focussed-on-sewing:))

Oh, and I forgot to mention: in the first photo you can see the lining in the torso, which I cut out completely :-) I thought it'd look nicer with a bikini top or vest inside it, rather than a mostly shapeless synthetic lining! That was the first, major renovation, and I accidentally cut into the lace several times and had to repair that - luckily I had the right colour of thread in my collection, and could do so quickly. :-)