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I wanted to take this time to address some things I felt were important to mention.

The items I will discuss will be a reminder for the veterans of this community and some words of advice for our newer members.

Late last week and over the weekend some of our team members (admins and community builders) were reminiscing on what the NeedleWorkMonday Community used to be like.

When we first got started the @needleworkmonday account could barely upvote $.01 on member’s posts. I remember feeling bad about that and wanting desperately to grow the account in order to give more support. I expressed this desire with a few people (they are no longer active) and the main response I received was

it’s okay, we’re not here just for the upvote but we love and appreciate the community.

They wanted to be here regardless of the amount they were getting on their posts.

That was huge!

We realized how much the needleworkers really wanted to be here participating week after week. They enjoyed the fellowship, mingling, learning from one another, admiring each other’s work, being connected to like minded people that understood their passion. It was something that grew organically and everyone involved wanted to see it continue to grow and succeed.

Well we are here. We grew, we succeeded in not giving up and have gained a gracious amount of support from individuals, surrounding communities and initiatives that enjoy what we do.

Sadly a lot has changed since then and it relates to the attitude towards rewards that we are seeing.

Links, Comments and DM’s.

On several occasions I have received DM’s from people who inquire the reason why their posts may not have received a bigger upvote. They feel they are not getting supported like they should.

There have been post links left in the comment section of fellow member’s posts. Leaving these links are an attempt to get their post seen and supported.

A friendly word of advice. Just be careful of how you approach people with your concerns. It could come off as if you’re entitled for their support and this tends to turn people away from wanting to support you.

I can’t express enough how important it is not to put expectations on the amount of support you may receive on a post.

You have to understand that a lot of the curating on Hive is done manually. Curators and curating teams have hundreds of posts to go through (reading and commenting) and it just so happens that your post may not have been picked up by any curators that day.

Another thing to understand is that votes are being spread around to try to support a multitude of people. If you get visited and supported by a certain curation team on Tuesday, it’s a possibility that you won’t get supported by that same team within the same week. It really just depends on who is doing the curating.

In any case, you shouldn’t expect anything but instead be grateful for the support you do receive. 🙂

I think one can get emotionally overworked when they start expecting the support they feel they deserve and it can turn into aggressive behavior when they don’t receive it.

If you expect support and interaction you must first give it.

I have made this point several times but it is worth revisiting.

I hear so many complaints about not getting enough interaction or love on posts but the question one should ask themself is “am I giving that which I desire?”

Have you taken the time to go and support others within the community? Have you gotten to know more than just a certain few you always mingle with? How much have you contributed with your time and effort? Just as much as you want that interaction your fellow needleworkers are wanting the same thing.

It takes us all working together as an entire community to build a mutual relationship of support.

Process & Photos

Another thing we have accomplished as a community is setting the stage for what a quality art post should look like. For months we expressed the importance of sharing your work process with photos and giving us more background with detailed information.

We were amazed by the transformation we witnessed. Majority of members began showing the steps and giving beautiful tutorials of their projects. This has not only happened here but across the Hive platform.

Fast forward, we are now seeing some posting the process of their work without clear instructions on what they’re doing. There may be lots of photos but very few words of explanation. Sometimes it’s hard to make out the photo...meaning it’s difficult to know what part of the project is being explained.

It’s almost as if the process is being thrown together just for the sake of saying it was shared.

Please don’t forget we love hearing some background. It would be nice to hear any feelings or thoughts that came across you while working on a certain project. We’d love to get to know you better by hearing short stories or about any incidents you’d like to share.

Your NeedleWorkMonday post doesn’t have to just be about the process of your work. We’d love to hear more about your daily crafting life and anything else that brought you to the love of needlework.

Also don’t forget you don’t have to wait until a project is complete to share it...we love seeing the start of something amazing! 😍

We ask for your Patience

We have had a substantial amount of membership growth. We owe a big part of that to @ocd for sponsoring the communities contests. It has been amazing meeting new needleworkers and learning about their skills.

Our main focus has been geared toward welcoming the newcomers and making them feel at home just as we did for all of our veteran members.

Right now we have two active admins, @marblely and myself, and we are consistently working together to keep things running smoothly for the community.

At one point in time when our membership was still growing I made it my personal goal to greet and welcome every single person that joined the community. This is not possible any more for me to do as my time is limited and attending to things in real life is top priority.

I may not be able to upvote or comment on each of your NeedleWorkMonday posts but that doesn’t mean your work isn’t of value if you don’t hear from me. So please do not wait for me to affirm your work or rely on that in order to feel your work is worthy. Be proud of work regardless if no one acknowledges it. If you believe your work is amazing then it is amazing!

This brings me to my next topic...

Community Builders play a very important role in our community.

We currently have four Community Builders and they play a vital role.

Community Builders (CB’s) do exactly what their title build the community. They find eligible needleworkers and invite them to join our community by leaving comments on their posts. They give them a brief overview of who we are, what we do and a link to our FAQs.

Once the needleworker joins and makes their first post in the NeedleWorkMonday Community the CB team welcomes them aboard making them feel at home. They will also answer any questions and help guide new members as needed.

Many of you have already been visited by this team with greetings, advice, explanations and more. Their role allows @marblely and I to focus on our administrative work and get things done behind the scenes. Please know that their input is just as valuable as ours and they are here to help assist you.

Community Builders also help nominate your posts for an OCD upvote on a daily basis. They are working hard to get you that extra support you deserve on your quality posts. 😉

I would like to take this time to welcome our newest CB @kattycrochet who has stepped in and went right to work. We are truly thankful for this wonderful team. ❤️

There is one more item I’d like to address...

We Now Welcome All Forms of Fiber Arts!

For so long I have been strict on the fact that there must be a needle involved in order to participate in this community. We have been missing out on so many other beautiful forms of fiber art because of this. Well not any more folks. 🤓

We welcome and accept any form of fiber arts that deal with knotting, braiding, felting, lacing or any form of manipulation of fabrics and yarns.

It’s all welcome here now and we look forward to seeing any of these types of crafts being introduced to the community. 😃

Important Note: If the art does not involve fabric or yarn but consist of other materials, then there must be a needle involved. If the art consists of fabric or yarn, a needle does not have to be involved. We want to keep these arts closely related to what we do here.

Hey @soyrosa, whenever you do another Nuno felting or wet felting project I hope you will share it here with us. 😘

This concludes my letter. I hope you have been well informed, things may have been cleared up for you and the advice given has been of some help.

We want this community to continue doing well, be supportive of one another and have fun doing what we do.

I challenge each of you this week to go and comment, upvote and encourage another member you have not yet interacted with. Maybe share a little about yourself so they can get to know you better.

Just a comment a day can keep a frown away. 😆

Let’s continue being the unique and loving community that I know we are. 🌸

A special thanks to @marblely for updating our Community background banner! Have you noticed she used pictures from our member’s projects? We will be changing the background periodically to showcase the lovely work that you do. No need to go online to find needlework photos when we have a whole library of them right within our very own community! 🤩

NeedleWorkMonday Founder:


Community Builders:


𝒮𝓊𝓅𝓅𝑜𝓇𝓉 & 𝐼𝓃𝓈𝓅𝒾𝓇𝑒


I can’t express enough how important it is not to put expectations on the amount of support you may receive on a post.

It's sad that so many people compare their post rewards to trending instead of geez I don't know, what they would get anywhere else? It's not complaints and questions of why posts aren't getting higher rewards that'll get them higher rewards, it's the posts, authors trying their best to bring more value to Hive by sharing their posts, bringing in traffic, connecting with other authors to drive engagement to their posts that'll naturally get them more rewards over time. The simplicity of Hive often drives people to not even understand how the economy here works, for every 100 Hive they sell there's an investor or other author/stakeholder buying that 100 Hive in hopes that it'll be worth more in the future, that's not going to happen by just posting, doing nothing to provide more value to Hive in any other ways you can and quickly go work on a new post while trying to maximize the amount you can sell through unsolicited dm's or comments on curators' posts asking why they not getting more. Authors already have the insanely great benefit of starting from scratch, having their immutable space and blogging site already set up for them and having curators actively trying to find and reward you yet they quickly become spoiled and feel they deserve more.

Oh well, over time the people truly valuing what they're earning and holding are going to do a lot better than those just looking for short term fiat gains who more often than not act absurdly weird to downvotes and aim for the door at the first hurdle of their maximization attempts. The next hardfork will be interesting and I hope those truly doing the best they can with most activity mentioned above and placing a lot more efforts into their posts can see a lot more votestacking of bigger accounts as curation returns aren't disincentivized that way.

These are such great points @acidyo! I recently heard this line

curators done spoiled the content creators.

The fact that so many curators are nicely rewarding people shouldn't even be looked at as a bad thing but because of the entitled attitudes it's turning this way. It's like once someone receives such nice rewards on a normal bases and that stops or slows down for some reason here comes the DM's and complaints.

It's so true that if we really wanted to see the value of Hive rise we shouldn't be just focused on our posts and how much rewards we're receiving. We should also be making more efforts to promote it and get the word out about how great this platform is to those outside.

I always say if you have time to make a post you could possibly find a few extra minutes to support other authors, connect in communities and promote Hive by helping to bring in traffic. You don’t even have to login here everyday to do that. Just one day a week would be better than no days at all.

Thanks so much for adding your input here, it’s really appreciated :)

Hi, I have a question regarding the extension of needleworkmonday to fiber arts. How about wire art? I do wirework and I treat wire as I treat yarn, very similar to crocheting. Can it be included in our community?

This is only my view, but there are other art communities where you can post about other art forms or art forms that cross over. Knitting, sewing, crochet and related arts are so very under-rated and under-valued and so very important to so many people and there are so few places where you can engage if these are your interests, I would prefer to see Needlework Monday keep its boundaries.

Thank you so much for your valuable input @shanibeer!

I whole heartedly agree! If an art does not include a needle, it must stick to being made with fabric or yarn in order to be posted within the NeedleWorkMonday community. It still stands that if it involves a needle it is welcome. I will add this in the post as well.

Thank you for bringing this up ~ 🌸

Hi @starjewel! Does your wire art involve a crochet needle or a needle of some sort?

If it does involve a needle I say yes we will welcome wire art into the community. However, if it does not involve a needle I will say we won’t be able to include it. The reason being we don’t want to get too far away from the relation of the needle arts we do here. This is why we are allowing any additional craft where yarn and fibers are used.

So if you are doing wire art that is not a yarn or fiber we’d like to at least see a needle used with it. 🙂

Thank you very much for your advice. I will certainly put them into practice.

Absolutely! I'm glad to hear this, thank you ~ 😉

I think I already wrote this, but as it is so important for me, I feel like repetition cannot hurt: needlworkmonday means the world for me. It is often the reason to pull my wits together although I have a hurting head, to find a little bit more of energy to write and comment on Monday.
I lovelovelove how supportive this community is and I want it to stay this way: with genuine interest in one another. Needlework is important, but the person behind the work interests me even more. I can read an explanation about crafting everywhere but only here I can share my crafting journey with friends who share my love for yarn and fabric, for colors and texture, who understand the funny mistakes I make and why I nevertheless try again. Only here I can be proud with you when you finish a project or you could sell to a customer, when you try something new or try again despite hardship.
In my view needlework is such an old and important culture technique and it is amazing that we are here able to connect with a brand new technique world wide.
Naturally it is always great to get recognition in form of money, but if you only write for this, there will be no connection in the long run.
Ok... I feel I get a tad dramatic and probably should stop myself before this comment inflames itself like a secret message from James Bond :-DDDD
Thank you so much @crosheille and @marblely for doing this awesome work, I have no clue how you manage to do so much behind the scenes while still having a real live and write amazing post.
❤️ ❤️ ❤️

I lovelovelove how supportive this community is and I want it to stay this way: with genuine interest in one another.

Yes! 👆🏽 I couldn’t agree more. I am so glad you shared these beautiful points with us. Sharing here compared to just reading about the same things online is much more special and meaningful...especially when you have built so many amazing relationships. Connection makes the work that we put in so much more worthwhile.

I have no clue how you manage to do so much behind the scenes while still having a real live and write amazing post.

Hahaha there’s a running statement going on amongst community leaders...

Real life? What’s that? 🤣

Honestly I think because I love this so much and I want to see Hive succeed that it pushes me to make it work. I literally don’t mind losing sleep to get things done, it’s worth it to me. Thanks so much for the lovely compliment of my posts. ☺️😉😘

Thanks for being here and for all of the work you’ve been putting in to help build and keep the flow of this community going ~ ❤️

Am proud of you any day and time.

Thank you so much 😍

This is an AMAZING post!😍

This post is one more invitation to have fun and support each other continuously.

I invite you to read @neumannsalva's posts, apart from having fun with the way she writes, she shows us her emotions, what she lives in her real life and how she connects it with her projects. Reading her posts has helped me to improve my posts.

Personally, I have learned to sensitize my posts to put a bit of emotion and not just show the technical side of what I do. I keep learning and improving.

Another important thing is the comments, the comments are like a way of embracing, let's try to make them with empathy, let's make a connection with the artist, and give affection in words beyond "this is a good project" or "how nice", the artist has been careful to present his creative process, where we learn or we can help him to solve a problem or to kindly suggest something that can improve his project. Many times the artist leaves a question, let's try to answer it, I usually answer it, the artist feels grateful.

Thank you @crosheille and @needleworkmonday team for supporting me, I feel immensely grateful and spoiled.

I stay in this community, I am passionate about it, my home of needles, wool and so much more.

Exactly, I personally look forward to @neumannsalva post, I love the light and life she adds to each post, its simply amazing.

Oh wowwwww! I don't know what to say, thank you so much for this wonderful compliment, but I only can give it back (and I can learn so much from you in sewing!!!)

That's right!😍

I am sooooo blushing right now, what a huge compliment!!! But please, never feel pressured to do anything. I love your post and how you write and there are so many wonderful and divers writing styles here in the needlework community.

I don't feel pressured, for me you are a great example to follow. Thank you for your constant support. Regards😍

Thank you for this reply @jicrochet. 😊

I think we should name @neumannsalva the official NeedleWorkMonday Community’s highlighted author! She includes everything you mentioned and that’s what makes her posts so much fun and enjoyable to read. 😉

I think you have done a nice job adding a little more of yourself into your posts. Keep up the great work!

the comments are like a way of embracing, let's try to make them with empathy, let's make a connection with the artist, and give affection in words beyond "this is a good project" or "how nice"

Love this!! 👆🏽

Many times the artist leaves a question, let's try to answer it, I usually answer it, the artist feels grateful.

and this!! 👆🏽

An author seems to always appreciate when a question is answered, I know I do. You ask it in hopes to really get some genuine feedback that could help or assist with something. When people take the time to do that, it’s huge! It may also keep an author writing because they feel they are getting the love and care they seek.

You’re so welcome. I enjoy reading your posts and seeing the projects you work on.

I also want to say you are greatly appreciated! I thank you so much for all of the thorough comments you leave that are full of support, encouragement and love ~ 😘

I am completely pink now and ponder digging a hole in our garden to hide - I am not good at receiving compliments and directly start to fear I cannot live up to them. Oh sigh: who made me so neurotic (I know: I did it myself :-D)
Nevertheless: Thank youuuuuuuuu 💕🥰😍🎉💝


A very nice letter reminding people what community is about.

Thank you!! 😊

I love this community! If not for NeedleworkMonday, I likely would not have stayed on HIVE and discovered some of the other communities I now enjoy. One good thing leads to another. Comments are a conversation, and that takes more than one person. We can all communicate more.

I am so glad you are still here. I love seeing your wise comments pop up in different places. You have always been great with doing that and your input is appreciated.

Yes, we can all (including myself) communicate more. 🙂

Thanks for your comment ~

You are most welcome. Thanks for all you do for this community. I know there is a lot of work that goes on behind the screens. !BBH

Thank you so much @fiberfrau. Yes there is a lot of time and work involved and sometimes I don't think I will be able to keep up with everything. Definitely couldn't do it on my own ;)

Thanks for the BBH ~ ❤️

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

Thank you!

Very well said @crosheille. Needleworkmonday has always been a hone to me especially wyen I was just starting out. Although at one point in me needleworkmonday journey, getting a comment from you really gives shivers down my spine like a fangirl getting noticed by a crochet rockstar.

But it is true, sharing my crochet work, process, experience, pattern and all, is all I ever wanted to do in the blockchain. Getting really liw voted before did out me down a little bit but still, it's the passion and the community that kept me going.

I do miss the times when there were just a handful of us needleworkers pulling each other up, patting each other's backs telling us how we did a great job. I hope to keep that atmosphere in this community and I'd like to thank you for giving me that chance to help build our community further.

Although at one point in me needleworkmonday journey, getting a comment from you really gives shivers down my spine like a fangirl getting noticed by a crochet rockstar.

🤣🤣🤣 Oh my goodness @romeskie you had me cracking up with this line. Wow I'm blushing. I am so tickled and honored to know you felt that way. ☺️🤗

I would be lying if I said getting low votes never got me down. When I first started here it did. At one point I felt no one would ever read my posts. If I hadn’t kept going, and spending time building relationships and connections I would have missed out on sooooo much. I’m still here because I learned what it truly takes to get where you want...stop worrying about rewards and keep posting my best as well as adding value to the platform. Those two things are why I stand in this position.

I so agree with you. It is a goal to keep that atmosphere and hopefully inspire our new members by sharing what that atmosphere looks like. 😊

Absolutely! I thank you for agreeing to do so. I am so glad you are apart of the building team ~ ❤️🌸

Thank you for such a lovely and heartfelt letter @crosheille. I have stuck with this community for so long because of the love and support I have received from everyone. I do not feel pressured sharing my work here because I know it is well appreciated by all the members here.

For the community to keep the community spirit, everyone has to show love and support to one another. I will do my part and I hope everyone does too.

Thank you for your feedback and input @blezyn. I appreciate you confirming that you feel supported and your work is appreciated here because it is. 😊

Yes, it takes effort from everyone ~ 🌻

That is a very sincere letter about what we have to do as a real community.
Since I began my blog, I found here a great support to my projects, I am not referring about liquid rewards, I mean love and nice comments by the other needleworkers, that's why I fastly felt at home.
I love crochet and I like to shares my creations but I also love learning from others and admire their jobs.

Thanks to @crosheille and @marblely to invite me to form part of the community builders team, I am happy to be part of this great group with @lauramica, @neumannsalva and @romeskie, all of them are great artists and they want to help each other in the community.

Welcome to all new needleworkers and feel free to ask us for help and suggestions to improve your posts.

Greetings and blessings for al of you.

Hola @kattycrochet,

Me alegró al saber la noticia de que eres UN CB formal, ya lo venías haciendo😍. Síganos disfrutando de la magia de @needleworkmonday y sigámonos apoyándonos unos a otros.

Cualquier ayuda que necesites solo avísame.

Bendiciones infinitas acompañen tu andar.


Hola @jicrochet, gracias por esas palabras, tu también eres un gran apoyo para la comunidad, siempre aportas lindos comentarios en los posts de todas y estás dispuesta siempre a apoyar.
Bendiciones para ti también amiga!

I love knowing because of the support you received you quickly felt at home. That has always been one of the main goals for this community.

It is so great to have you onboard with us. You were already doing the work of a community builder by leaving your encouraging and helpful comments to newer members. 😉

Thanks for all you do ~ ❤️

Thanks @crosheille for your lovely words.
I am so happy to be part of the team.

Absolutely ~ 😘❤️

I joined Hive thanks to my daughter, and when she told me that they also had a sewing community, I didn't think twice.
I am really glad to be in this community and to interact and learn from everyone.

Everyone is wonderful! Let's keep creating 😍

Thank you for this comment @leslieq78! I am so glad your daughter introduced you to Hive and that you are here with us now. 🙂

Thank you for interacting with others ~

Greetings friend @crosheille, your publication is very timely, it describes very well all the concerns that may be had and about how we should behave within the communities, but there are also people who work with limitations as is my case, I only publish one day a week for the Difficulty obtaining the materials and we hope that a greeting or that they say "good job"

Hi @karen16! I really appreciate the point you shared.

I definitely understand that some have limitations and can only post ever so often. On the day that you post are you able to spend a few moments on supporting someone else? Even just a comment could make a difference.

There's nothing wrong with wanting a greeting or a compliment on the work you do. I think it's apart of our human nature to desire that type of feedback. I am just challenging and encouraging everyone to at least try your best to support others (even if you have only time for one) when you are here and working on your publications.

Do as you can and how much you can and it will add to the building up of Hive and its communities. 😊

Thanks again for your response ~

Greetings friend @crosheille, thanks for I have always had your support, and I will try to increase my interaction with other members in the community

Thanks so much for your response @karen16. I am really happy to hear you'll try ~ 🌸

Hello, thank you very much for your post, I agree with you in everything you say, certainly many times we have expectations and these are not met, it is best to publish what we do without expecting anything, everything is profit. As for the comments I am going to commit more with the community, I have had complex weeks between my work and a health situation, but I will try at least to comment 3 posts a day. You really called me to chapter on that topic and I will try to be more organized with my time. Greetings and thank you very much for the advice. This community was the first one that opened its arms to me when I came to hive and I am very grateful.

Translated with (free version)

Thank you so much for this response.

I have had complex weeks between my work and a health situation, but I will try at least to comment 3 posts a day.

I wanted to highlight this comment. First I want to say I hope your health situation gets taken care of.

I appreciate you stating you will try to leave a comment on at least 3 posts a day. The fact that you want to try to do better with commenting is really admirable. Even though I don’t expect everyone to be able to be here everyday (I get it, RL takes precedence and it should) but all I am encouraging is the effort. If you can support a few when you’re online that’s wonderful but if you can’t do it everyday that’s okay too. I just appreciate the effort and seeing the need for it.

Thank you for being here ~ ❤️

Sending you healing vibes!!! Hope you can feel better soon <3

This community is very cool and full of good vibes, haha. I've learned a lot from the knitting friends over the years. What sets this community apart is the way they express their passion for knitting and the human side behind it. Also the comments and/or constructive criticism, I feel that has a unique value, because it's people behind the monitor.

Thank you very much to the administrators for all the work they are doing to make this community better every day.

What sets this community apart is the way they express their passion for knitting and the human side behind it.

Yes, love that point!!

Also the comments and/or constructive criticism, I feel that has a unique value, because it's people behind the monitor.

Absolutely! There is truly a unique value in that!

Thank you so much for adding your feedback and for all of the supportive comments you have made in this community. I am so glad you’re here ~ ❤️

Am glad I found the community, I have learnt alot from craft to sewing itself. Different creative work from members that inspire me to explore my skills and talents as well. I found a community of not just needlework alone but a heart warming and loving people teaching me to live the best of life even as I work.

I sincerely applause you for the time you take to read most of the post and the kind comments. It is really not easy going through this content as everyone has a personal life to live outside of the blog that takes our time as well..

Thank you for all you do

I found a community of not just needlework alone but a heart warming and loving people teaching me to live the best of life even as I work.

🥺 This was so touching. Thank you for commenting @monica-ene!

Personal life? What’s that? 🤪

Lol thanks so much. What’s funny is I wish I could comment on EVERY post that enters this community like I used to but I would have to be single with no children in order to do that. This is why I am so thankful for the team I work work because honestly without them many people wouldn’t feel supported and appreciated like they do. There is no way I can do this on my own.

Thank you for all of your amazing and beautiful contributions that we enjoy reading and seeing weekly. Keep up the great work ~ ❤️

Personal life? What’s that? 🤪

I didn't know the right word to use there, but you explained it quite easily. We all have responsibility like children and other engagement outside hive.
That's is why we have less time to spend on the blog.

You are doing really well and I wish you the best in everything.

Oh it's okay I was just making a joke. I do still have a personal life. I did have to cut back a lot in order to keep it first. So yes, less time on the blog for sure.

Thank you so much I really appreciate that ~ ❤️

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Thank you @hivebuzz! I'm not sure whether to take this as a compliment or if it highlights the fact that I talk too much! 🤣🤣🤣

Nah ... we reward your commitment! Keep going! 👍

Thanks so much ~ 😄☺️

This was such a lovely read @crosheille! How amazing is it to build a community like this... And then on a platform like Hive, that's double value <3

I'm super super excited that you're now welcoming all fiber arts! Whoa! I was hoping for that as I just don't have the time to build my own fiber art community but would love to be part of one.

I'll think of sharing my next project - or maybe I will take this change to write about a past project that I have documented well enough :-)

Thanks for the mention!

Thanks so much @soyrosa! It has been truly rewarding being able to commune with like-minded individuals with the same interests.

Yay! I’m so glad to hear you’ll be sharing with us!! 🤩😃

Absolutely! You’re the first person I thought of when making this decision ~ 😘

Firstly, thank you my dear for penning down our thoughts beautifully in your heartfelt and on-point letter to the community. All very important points which I hope the community will take heed, take time to read, internalize and put them into action. It is not easy to manage a community and for you to have founded, started and managing it all by yourself at the beginning is much to be admired.

As we have in many times chatted, I missed the old days when all we had were each other's love and encouragement to move us and push us through the Monday blues. We looked forward to sharing our work, even though it was half completed or hardly even started. We shared our challenges, even life and yarn problems to seek each other's advice. We each had our story to tell and there was soul in almost every post that we shared and read. I hope we can bring back those days and not have members joining just for the sake of a good upvote.

I very much look forward to the community moving to greater heights with love and soul. I especially look forward to working more with you and the Community Builders - @neumannsalva, @lauramica, @romeskie and @kattycrochet with the amazing support from @ocd. We have a great team and I can just feel it that we will continue to grow bigger and better.

Much love for each of you and the members, old and new 💗💗💗

Of course! Thank you for helping me carefully analyze things. 😘

All very important points which I hope the community will take heed, take time to read, internalize and put them into action.


Thanks so much. ☺️ I never knew what this would grow into and I most certainly couldn’t run it on my own now. I can’t express the gratitude I have for you and everything you have done. You are such a big part of why we are able to keep things organized and running smoothly here. ❤️

We looked forward to sharing our work, even though it was half completed or hardly even started.

Thanks for this point. I actually added it in up there as a reminder that a project doesn’t have to be finished in order to share it. I almost forgot that many of our posts were about starting a project or sharing 2 days worth of work on it lol. We were like “here’s the start of my project, let’s hope I stick with it long enough to get it finished.” 🤣

Somehow this sharing the process got translated to sharing the entire process in one post from beginning to end. I actually enjoy being teased and only showed parts of a makes me look forward to seeing more!

Hmmmm maybe another challenge we can do is ‘Who Can Tease the Most with Sharing Parts of a Started Project?’ We can have this go on for several weeks with each week the author revealing a new part of what they completed. 😃

I hope we can bring back those days and not have members joining just for the sake of a good upvote.

YES! 👆🏽 These are my hopes as well. 😍

So much love to you my dear @marblely ~ ❤️

🤗🥰 It is such a great pleasure to join your team and I enjoy every minute and every second of it. Each time we chat, I am filled with excitement :D

It is amazing how much this community has grown! What an achievement! Congratulations! :) Frankly speaking, it is your energy that kept the community going and growing. Each time you write, each time you comment, each time you share, we could literally "feel" you, your passion, your soul, your love and we love you!

YES!! YES!! YES!!! Let us be teased!!! Hehe... Lets brainstorm further and bring this tease (challenge) back to life here! :)

Love you lots! 🤗😘

You are right, it was fun to read the sneak peaks and progress that stretched across several weeks and months sometimes and read about the challenges, bitter sweet memories of working on the project. We need more life in the posts!


See there, now you gonna make me cry. Thank you so much @marblely. Your comments and feedback are always so loving and encouraging. I love you lots too and am so glad we work closely together. It's amazing how we are always on the same page and before I suggest something you've already written it lol!

Yes, the tease challenge is underway!!! Woot Woot!!🤩🥳

We definitely need life back into our posts! 😘

Great clarifications @crosheille. This community is so beautiful that it should not lose its essence of companionship and mutual support. There are great artists here and Im glad that there are more and more. It is always good to receive a nice comment on a post, that is the true proof that your work has been admired and valued by someone. I'm happy to belong a team that encourages others to keep working and sharing beautiful projects and publications. Thank you for all your work taking this great community forward ❤️.

Hey @lauramica thank you! Yes it is always nice receiving a comment on a post which is confirmation it was valued by someone.

I am so happy to have you as a team member, you’ve been amazing ~ 🌺

Hola. Hasta ahora pude traducir tu contenido. Está genial! Saludos a todos los miembros de esta hermosa comunidad.

Tus palabras reviven mi emoción. Cuando me uní a #needleworkmonday recibí mucho apoyo y asesoría de parte de los CB muy especialmente de @lauramica. Llegar a la comunidad y sentir que te acogen y sugieren ideas para mejorar y dejan palabras de motivación y aliento te ayuda a crecer cada día.

Yo disfruto muchísimo cada proyecto que les comparto. Me emociona ver sus creaciones. Pongo en práctica varios de sus tutoriales y aplaudo cuando veo que los post que me han fascinado han sido curados.

Estoy muy feliz de pertenecer a esta comunidad. Ser parte de la familia y ver cómo sigue creciendo. Me falta muchísimo por aprender y estoy dispuesta a hacerlo.

Bienvenida @kattycrochet 👏 soy admiradora de tu trabajo y me consta tu dedicación y amor por la costura. Sé que seguiré apreciando tus proyectos y observando tu valoración y apoyo hacia el de todos nosotros.

Gracias @crosheille por crear y mantener este espacio tan maravilloso para los hiver que queremos dar a conocer nuestros proyectos y deseamos conocer e interactuar con personas que tienen el mismo amor por la costura y el tejido.

Saludos y sean bienvenidos los nuevos usuarios a la comunidad más linda de #hive.

Hermoso trabajo . Saludos

Gracias amiga por tus lindas palabras, todos apreciamos y disfrutamos de tus hermosas creaciones.
Saludos y sigamos creando.

Thank you for this wonderful feedback! Those are the reasons we try really hard to make sure everyone feels welcome and at home. I really enjoy visiting your blogs and giving feedback and words of encouragement. 😉

I am glad you belong to this community as well. ❤️

Needlework Monday always was a truly unique community, long before there was a communities feature and a communities incubation programme to provide support - people who liked knitting and sewing and working with yarn and fabrics got together to enjoy sharing their work and tips and inspiration. We had fun 😍.

With process posts, I'm looking for insights into someone's creativity or technical skill - how they approached a problem or came up with a solution or why they did something - with some written explanation about their thinking and a few well-chosen photographs. These are interesting and really help to develop learning and thinking.

A feed of endless process posts with endless photographs giving blow by blow accounts of how to make this item or that item doesn't excite me much. I'm much more interested in reading about a new technique you've tried - did it work? what were the problems? what were you pleased with? what will you not do again?

And comments and interaction on posts are definitely what makes it a community 😍. Long ago when I was new and had a tiny account, it would take me days to read everyone's post so I could comment and leave a 0.01 vote 😂. Support the community - leave a comment and whatever small vote you are able to contribute to others!

I'm sorry and disappointed to learn that people are canvassing for votes. It's horribly anti-social behaviour and I'm embarrassed for you. Personally, I will be downvoting anyone I see doing this.

This community is about joy, learning, making friends and celebrating our passions and experiences. If this is about you then I hope you will stay with us or join us if you are new. Welcome to @kattycrochet 🙂, great to have you join @neumannsalva, @romeskie and @lauramica in the Community Builders team 😍.

Yes to all... Sometimes I wonder how people can write so many post in a week, while I need so long to comment and read after I wrote one post (ok, part of this because I write in snail style, but the rest is - I fear - the missing individuality in answering and commenting)
And double right to the photo dumping :-DDDD Don't misunderstand me, I love nice photos, but nevertheless, I also find it kind of exhausting to scroll through 10 photos and only some lines of text. I notice that I no longer want to comment on such posts, as I find hard to connect and to write something personal.
In my eyes posts/topics/conversations need to evolve over a bit of time and nowadays I find it hard to see this "evolving" in some peoples posts. I like to think ideas through with different people and talk about them, as I wrote above (in my comment), looking up photos or read a pattern seldom leads to such strings of thoughts and conversations

And completely unrelated: so happy to have you here <3 <3

the missing individuality in answering and commenting)

Yes ... I was reminded of this post about authenticity by @ybanezkim26 - authenticity is what we are looking for and respond to.

photo dumping

What can I say? 😵

I agree with your analysis:

In my eyes posts/topics/conversations need to evolve over a bit of time and nowadays I find it hard to see this "evolving" in some peoples posts. I like to think ideas through with different people and talk about them ... looking up photos or read a pattern seldom leads to such strings of thoughts and conversations.

I remember our conversation that contributed to It is molten Henrietta, run!

so happy to have you here <3 <3

I am blushing 😘


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Hello @shanibeer thanks a, lot for your nice welcome.
I agree with your words about our Beautiful community.

Greetings @kattycrochet pleased to meet you 😍


Please to meet you too.
Thanks a lot.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

What a wonderful response @shanibeer! It’s so true that before the feature of communities came we had already established this community. 😊🥰

I am looking for those same things in a post as well. As you said we have always been a unique group. You can clearly spot the difference from someone really wanting to share what they’ve learned (mistakes and all), how they reached their end results and when the author loves sharing a little more about themselves so we can get to know them better, compared to a more robotic type approach of getting it done to get in a posting goal for the week. We never wanted this to be about posting for a vote or throwing in some photos so we can say “this post is sharing the process.” We really want to see effort in this and not just a repetitive mediocre one.

Yes it is quite disappointing this is going on but I’m really hoping it will change now. If it continues the support we give those individuals will definitely have to be reconsidered and we’ll have to find new ways to show we will not accept this type of behavior and attitude.

Thanks so much for sharing your input, I have always valued your insights ~ ♥️

I’m really hoping it will change now

I'm sure it will. Needlework Monday has always been better than that 😍

I love all the posts that our friend and leader @Crosheille makes, she has always been very attentive to us since our beginnings. Like everything when starting out it was always difficult, but we definitely stayed here because we share the same love and interest for needles.

Now many things have changed, many come and go quickly and I do not understand why if now there is more support than before, you just have to work and be patient because the support always comes. Here in the community there are wonderful girls who are very talented and I admire them, they always have the time to comment and leave a word of encouragement to keep going. Every message they leave us fills us with joy and that is why we must be reciprocal in our treatment.

This message is more of thanks than anything else. I take this opportunity to congratulate our friend @Kattycrochet, wow, she really deserves it, I have known her for a long time and I know how hard she works and the effort she makes to achieve her publications. I ask God to continue guiding you in your steps and grant you the health you need so much to continue sharing with us your talent and continue giving us that beautiful support that you always give us. God bless you.
To those who have just joined this community I tell you that you will have a great time here, let's work with love, passion and the rest will follow.

Translated with (free version)

Awww thanks so much @carolinacardoza! It goes both ways as I have always enjoyed not only your work but the love and soul you put into your posts. There is always a lovely message you share and you give us more and more about who you are and I just love that! 😊

Yes it is true that people come and go very quickly now. Unfortunately most go because they aren’t getting the amount of support they desire. As you said it takes work and some aren’t willing to spend months or even a couple of years building trust, connections and a good rep. Some also go because of the learning curve here. Hopefully with the additions of Collections that @peakd has developed this will change as many helpful resources are being added daily.

We are really excited to have @kattycrochet join the team. She was already doing the work of a community builder before we even invited her on. She is a wonderful asset here. 😉

Thanks again your comment ~ ♥️

Thanks a lot @carolinacardoza for your lovely words. You are a great artista and person too.
I admire your work and your talent.
You are a great part of this community, let's working together to grow this Beautiful community.
Greetings and blessings for you my dear friend.

Mis felicitaciones a @crosheille @marblely y al equipo formado por @neumannsalva @lauramica @romeskie @kattycrochet todas mujeres invaluables de esta comunidad que siempre están atentas a comentar y apoyar muchas de las publicaciones de la comunidad. Siento que esta comunidad es una de la mejores porque tiene gente comprometida, que se siente en su casa dentro de la comunidad, se nota el amor que hay en cada publicación y el entusiasmo con que muchos comparten sus publicaciones los lunes y ahora cualquier día de la semana <3 espero que sigan los éxitos

My congratulations to @crosheille @marblely and the team formed by @neumannsalva @lauramica @romeskie @kattycrochet all invaluable women of this community who are always attentive to comment and support many of the community publications. I feel that this community is one of the best because it has committed people, who feel at home within the community, you can see the love that is in each publication and the enthusiasm with which many share their publications on Mondays and now any day of week <3 I hope the successes continue

Gracias @irenenavarroart por tus lindas palabras.
Es un orgullo tener a una artista de tu talla en nuestra comunidad, orgullosas estamos de tu talento.
Gracias por ser parte de @needleworkmonday
Saludos amiga.

Thank you so much for these lovely words and I am so glad that I got the opportunity to meet you and your amazing and absolutely unique amigurumi <3

Thank you @irenenavarroart! Your words mean a lot to me and are appreciated.

I too hope we can continue being successful in the way we support one another and continue enjoying our needlework passions together ~ ❤️

Here are very important words that release my heart from a very ugly weight:

Some people told me some time ago that my posts were too long and with too much descriptive text, that it had to be shorter to be pleasant, and that made me very sad because I love to be very detailed in my descriptions 💔

Over time I assumed that it was best to be concise and not exceed 2,000 characters ... for me that is very little information for a good tutorial.

This post has brightened my day, and has filled me with motivation, I want to be more active in the community even though my native language is not English, I really like reading other users ❤ v ❤

(Please forgive the grammatical errors, I do not handle English very well, although I can read and understand it without problem) 💦

No fear, you are perfectly good in English (for me... but beware I am myself not the best :-DDDD) and I feel you with the post length. I always start to write on Monday and think: this time I only will write some sentences, a short update on my projects and then... there it is the lengthy post :-DDDDD

Oh my goodness @tesmoforia I am so sorry someone told you that. I am even more sorry if it was someone from this community. If it takes a 10 minute post for you to get out the details you need then so be it. I have written post over 10 minutes long and had comments that it was worth the read. I was afraid at one point that mine were getting too long but in all honesty if it's a good publication and you are happy with it then please post away. Especially if one is learning or being encouraged from your post, it’s always worth it!

Have you met @ryzeonline? Lol, if you have a look at his posts you'll see that he has challenged Mr. Hive's character limits. 🤣 However, many people, including myself have been blessed and enlightened by his work. While reading you don't say "geez when's this thing going to be over?" You literally are mesmerized and intrigued by how he makes a story line with doodles and all and captivates your attention throughout.

I encourage you not to let certain opinions to affect the way you feel is best to express yourself here.

I am so glad this post brightened your day and revived your motivation. Your English is just fine. If you feel more comfortable you can always post in your native language then let a translator do the English work for you. So you would have both languages in a post but that is totally fine. 😉

If you’d allow us we’d love to support your work again here. 😊

Thanks so much for this comment and for sharing what was heavy on your heart ~ ♥️

Wooooow! This answer is absolutely precious and unexpected, thank you so much for your warmth and sweet empathy Crosheille 💕 💕 💕

Oh no, it wasn't people from the NeedleWorkMonday community, it was some random users when it was Steemit on dm, and readers outside of Hive (on FB and Twitter) ; v ;

Thank you very much for all the encouragement and for taking the trouble to answer something so nice, I really feel much better after reading you, you're right 🙏

I didn't know @ryzeonline but I'm already following him and exploring his blog, it sounds great 👀 💖!

I hope and wish you have a great day (>ouo)> 🌹

It's totally a pleasure @tesmoforia. It just didn't sit right with me knowing you have shyed away from producing the type of content that you felt proud of all because of those ignorant comments.

Awesome, so glad you’re following him, you won’t be disappointed ;)

I'm glad you feel better ~

Outstanding response here. I can tell you care about people's experience here on Hive, @crosheille and it's a beautiful thing. (Also, I'm deeply touched that my lengthy content is able to be a positive experience for you.)

@tesmoforia , hopefully you feel more comfortable expressing yourself at any length that suits you now. Still, even though I've written the longest pieces of content on Hive, I also wrote short ones as well, and I wrote a post that addresses this very topic if it interests you:

Wishing you both a wonderful, happy, fulfilling day! 🙏

Nice to meet you @ryzeonline! Thanks for the encouragement, I really wanted to go back to my long tutorials, for a long time I felt that it was better to be as specific as possible (thinking of the readers) but that is definitely not my style 😅

I already follow you and of course I'm going to read that article. Thank you for your good wishes, and also for you 🥰

I'm grateful, thank you! And whether you feel like long, specific tutorials or short ones, the main thing is that you're happy with what you create. 🙏

Thanks @ryzeonline. I do really care about people's experiences here. If I can ever help any I'm willing to take the extra time out to ;)

Absolutely, meant every word :)

Thanks for chiming in and leaving a response ~

It really shows, I love it. And it inspires me to express my love for Hive and aim to help Hivers also. Thank you :D <3 🙏

Soy nueva en esta comunidad y me parecen super interesantes los temas que abordas @crosheille, en mi caso aclare muchas dudas. Saludos!

I am glad this post has brought some clarity to you. Welcome again to this community. Please never hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 😉

Are you on Discord?

No, porque lo desconozco ya que soy nueva en esta plataforma. Qué debo hacer ?. agradezco tus orientaciones al respecto @crosheille

Sure no problem at all. You will first need to download the discord app. Well first let me ask do you work off your mobile or from a computer?

Desde la computadora @crosheille

Okay, you would have to download the application first and then set up an account. Having discord is helpful to keep a closer connection to the members in your communities to be able to share ideas and ask questions. You can also set up notifications with the Gina bot once there.

Thank you @Crosheille , amazing, I really liked this post, it's reality.
I want to take this opportunity to thank the community @NeedleWorkMonday , @OCD , @jicrochet and @kattycrochet who have supported me in all my sewing work since I started posting my content, thank you for letting me be part of this beautiful community, you have made me feel part of this family "I feel at home". You make all of us who are part of @NeedleWorkMonday who strive to make good content, feel supported.

Many times I've also felt discouraged and a little sad, because I've seen the good work some people do and their work has been undervalued, I'd like to support those people, but I haven't been able to, because I'm just barely new.

I am just learning about this art of sewing, but it is my wish to one day be able to create amazing things like you who have the gift of using a needle and thread and creating amazing things. I like to receive corrections, to improve what I have done wrong.

I believe that God has gifted each of us with a special gift and we are all valuable, don't let anyone tell you that what you do is worthless, remember "you are special and your work is the best".

My motto: "Believe you can do it and you will".

Greetings and thank you for your support.

Thank you for this thorough response @deivisperez! It was nice to meet you and leave a comment on your publication yesterday. I am glad you have joined here and most of all feel at home and welcomed. This has always been one of our main goals so thank you for confirming that.

You can support others just by leaving a comment of acknowledgment of their work and any encouragement or advice. When I first started I realized I had to build my vote worth. While I was doing that I used what I had and that was my ability to make a genuine heartfelt comment. 😊

I believe that God has gifted each of us with a special gift and we are all valuable

I believe this too!

Thanks so much again for this thoughtful reply ~

Ciao, vi seguivo su steemit e, dopo aver interrotto ogni tipo di collaborazione fino ad ora, mi sono finalmente decisa a ricominciare. Lavoro prevalentemente con l'uncinetto, ma scrivo solo in italiano.
Mi piacciono tanto i vostri lavori e vorrei far parte della comunità, ma ho grossa difficoltà a scrivere in inglese senza usare un traduttore. Posso comunque chiedervi di poter comunque scrivere con voi in italiano?

Google traslate
Hi, I was following you on steemit and, after interrupting any kind of collaboration so far, I finally decided to start over. I work mainly with crochet, but I only write in Italian.
I really like your work and I would like to be part of the community, but I have great difficulty writing in English without using a translator. Can I still ask you to be able to write with you in Italian anyway?
Thank you.

Hi @coccodema! Thanks for your question.

We ask that there always be a translation in English if you have a different native tongue. Are you able to use a translator after you have written in Italian? So basically copy and paste your work into an English translator as you have done your comment above?

It makes it easier for others to support you if your words are translated.