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RE: #needleworkmonday :: My new crochet adventure with natural stone beads

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Wow! So glad you found some motivation and decided to try your idea! It turned out really pretty! Those stones are absolutely gorgeous...they have a natural glow.

I can imagine how it would be working with the fish line, it seems because of the slipperiness it would be difficult to keep its shape.

I love the anklet and bracelet. Lovely photos and nicely done! Thanks for sharing with us ~


Thank you so so much @crosheille! <3 <3 <3 Yes, after our chat, I decided not to do any chores and just went straight into it. It was a good decision :)
But the fishing line doesn't listen haha and kept bouncing back to its original self. But I have been wearing the anklet since yesterday and I am liking the way the string is translucent and the stones look as though they are floating. It lfeels hardy too with the crochet and weaved ends. I think it will last for quite some time, yay :)

You’re welcome ;)

So glad you like and are enjoying the results of your work! That’s always a bonus to doing what we love ~