How to sew and reupholst a spider car seat

Hello guys

How are you all doing, hope you all are doing good. Today I want use to learn together on how to reupholst a car seat with simple steps.

Let see how I make this beautiful seat


The seat before


The finishing work look clean and need from the old one. The difference is clear.

Let get started
Before think of changing the seat covers of any seat the are some reasons for that such has if the seat cut off, if the leather expired, if you want to change from clothes to leather because of water, or if you want to change the color. Here the seat covers cut off so it need to be replaced.

Tools needed
Start screwdriver to
Flat screwdriver
Socket spanner of difference sizes
Sewing thread 🧵
Sewing machine
New leather
Long range
Chalk etc

Step 1: choose the fabric
Firstly you need to choose the fabric you love to use or the leather. When choosing be sure it match with the other colour of the car interior. In this case we are using this


Step 2: Detach car seats
With the help of your start screwdriver loose out the side cover and also Locate the bolts on the seat and loose to separate the back from the seat


Step 3: Measurement and cutting of fabric/treaming
Here in this step, the are many things to consider.
If you check my blog you will see the method I am going to use here is different. The method I also use is for you to use your measurements tape to measure out the vertical and the horizontal length on the old seat and the cut it on your new leather.

But today I am not doing that. Since I have been handling this type of seat for many times now, I hove the pattern of the seat. Here is it


So what I did was just for me to carry my pattern place it directly on my new leather and the draw out the shape.


Then I use my scissors and cut it out


You can see that clear.

Step 4 : foaming of the new leather
Sometimes I use half inches foam the gum the tream material, but here I am using a roof material to gum it . Reason is the increase the thinkness of the leather which make it stronger and smooth.


Then cut it out


Step 5: sewing
The next thing to day is to use a sewing machine join those cut material together has it was before. Ie following the old pattern.



Step6 : the upholstery process

This is the final steps, here you now clip you sew material to the frame



And finally tight back the seat has it was loose



Wow! Beautiful. Hope the steps was simple and hope you have learn well. Thanks so much for your time


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Beautiful work, a professional finish as are all your stitches. Don't stop sharing your creations, blessings to you.