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Authored by @crosheille

Can I say WHOA!! 😲

Here we are in the second year of our annual Needlework Your Barbie contest and we have once again been blown away!

photo credit: @crosheille

This year we had a total of 32 entries! Whoo Hoo!! Kudos to you needleworkers for stepping up in participation! Thank you to each and everyone of you that joined in the fun. 😃

I must admit it was a very tough competition this year. There were certain factors @marblely and I judged on that helped us narrow down the final winners.

We were looking at:

• the final presentation of the finished product (photos, position of Barbie, how well the items are displayed)
• materials used and how creative they were distributed
• story/inspiration behind the project
• the accessories (the details and relevancy )
• originality
• complexity/difficulty level


Here are the Results for this year’s 2021 Needlework Your Barbie Contest…


5th Place

(ESP/ENG) Mi participación en el concurso: Cosiendo para mi muñeca un vestido muy colorido al estilo Lolita / My participation in the contest: Sewing a very colorful Lolita-style dress for my doll 🌈🌺💖

by @suezoe


@Suezoe immediately shared with us why she chose this style of dress for her doll. She expressed her love and appreciation for the subculture called Lolita from Japan. She used the resources she had available to make this creative and decorative adornment. She beautifully painted the fabric the pastel colors she wanted. Then she gathered up necessary supplies to continue adding character and originality to the outfit.

She didn’t stop there but decided to make some beautiful bracelets and a darling headpiece to finish the look. The creativity in her entry linked her love for this culture and it was really fun and enjoyable to read.

Rewarded 4.68 HP & 4.92 HBD

4th Place - WE HAD A TIE

NeedleworkMonday Community Contest || Needlework Your Barbie 2.0

by @jonalyn2020


This stunning and elegant wedding dress was definitely a show stopper! @Jonalyn2020 shared with us some thoughts from her childhood and how she’s always dreamed of making a ball gown. The beautiful materials she used added classiness to the dress.

Something else that really caught our eye were the beautiful accessories she added. Making the gorgeous veil and bouquet out of real pretty flowers just took this another step up and really showed the effort and care she put into the final look.

Rewarded 7.02 HP & HBD 7.41


NeedleWorkMonday Barbie Contest || The Blue Princess 👑 | A dream come true 💙

by @kattycrochet


The story in this entry captured our hearts. We learned that @kattycrochet has always dreamed of making her daughter’s Quinceañera dress. Unfortunately due to certain situations there is no sewing machine available to see this through. She decided to use this opportunity to make a dress for her doll that replicates the one she wanted to make for her daughter.

She wonderfully created this crochet designed tulle dress, added beautiful gold ribbon to it and truly made the princess look that she saw for her daughter. She intentionally made it blue since that’s the color her daughter prefers. The love of a mother is so inspiring. This Barbies final look including hair and poise is remarkable.

Rewarded 7.02 HP & 7.41 HBD

3rd Place

NeedleWorkMonday || La hermosa Barbie, esperando su cuento de Navidad 🎄 Barbie at Christmas, waiting for her Christmas story.🎅

by @carolinacardoza


Can we just start with the professional photos that drew us in? If you weren’t ready for Christmas surely you’d be after visiting this entry. @Carolinacardoza’s love for the Nutcracker birthed this idea of making a Christmas Barbie to go with the tin soldier she wanted to get. She even threw in an extra piece and made a bathrobe for her Barbie so she could help present the materials used.

To go along with this dazzling dress she made the cutest little hat, shoes and bows that are very splendid. I loved the beautiful background for her photos and the different poses to show off her ensemble.

Rewarded 9.36 HP & 9.88 HBD

2nd Place


by @creacioneslelys


I think the community can agree that @creacioneslelys is the prop queen of NeedleWorkMonday or as @marblely put it ‘master of props’! We are always wowed with the tiny detailed items she includes in her showcases. The cute and cozy chic outfit was just right for the scenes she created.

We loved how she let Barbie tell her own story by being involved with the decision making and putting up her own decorations and decking the tree. The photoshoot was fun and engaging and the overall look of her presentation was spectacular.

Rewarded 11.70 HP & 12.35 HBD


1st Place


A doll for my Grandma // Una muñeca para mi abuela

by @tibaire


Where do I begin with this one? @Tibaire has a way of bringing us all together in a sentimental way. @Marblely stated “she had me at grandma.”

Sharing with us how her grandmother didn’t have dolls while growing up because it was not affordable was the first thing that reeled me in. Then as she continues sharing you learn that her grandmother found a way to still have dolls to play with…by making them herself from corn cob.

What you see in this entry is @tibaire reimagining and recreating this look of a doll that her late grandmother used to make. This was definitely a treat to see as I would have never expected such a creation as this.

From working hard to get the materials ready and just right, to putting them together in a way that resembles a doll, from knitting all of the outfit pieces and accessories this by far was the best entry we read! This was such a memorable, emotional and inspirational post for many who read it. Just take a look at the comment section on her post and see for yourself.

What a delightful tribute to her grandmother and a special keepsake for her this is!

Rewarded 14.04 HP & 14.82 HBD

Congratulations to All the Winners!

We also chose 3 other entries whom we felt did a superb job and deserved recognition. They will each receive a 3 HBD bonus reward from us (the administrators)!

[Eng-Esp] 🌷🌺🌸 Radiant dress to my Barbie Anushka | Radiante vestido para mi Barbie Anushka | Contest 🌸🌺🌷

by @adonisr


This was another nice read. @Adonisr told us that Barbie’s body was sore from being packed up for so long so she wanted to to treat her to a spa day. She made her the cutest little towel and bandanna and placed her in a peaceful setting surrounded by plants and rocks. This was such a nice touch.

She got the inspiration to create her own design from her mother whom also made dresses. The dress is so attractive and appealing and we thought the photos were red carpet quality. I loved her hairpiece and matching footwear along with the flower bag.

Crochet 101: Barbie Picnic Day Look + Community Contest

by @herkeepsake


The collaboration between @herkeepsake and her 3-yr old niece was full of sweetness. She used her nieces ideas to help narrow down her final style and color selections.

The pastel colors used for this tiny outfit were very pleasant. The ruffles on her capris down to the stylish bandanna earned this post some extra rewards. Even though she wasn’t sure how to crochet footwear her flip flops turned out so cute. The photoshoot at the end was a joy to view.

Estreno decembrino para mi muñeca / December premiere for my Doll

by @irenenavarroart


Here is another entry where a doll was used that was made by the author. It was neat to see how @irenenavarroart chose to dress her amigurumi doll.

We enjoyed the photo process of making her clothing and all of the details that when in each piece, especially the accessories with added beads and buttons. The layers of clothing were fabulous and charmingly executed.

You will be receiving your bonus rewards soon! 😃

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So wonderfully and beautifully written @crosheille! Thank you so much!! This year has certainly brought this Barbie contest to a higher level! Congratulations to all the winners ( @suezoe @Jonalyn2020 @kattycrochet @carolinacardoza @creacioneslelys @tibaire @adonisr @herkeepsake @irenenavarroart)! Thank you for bringing us such beautiful and heartfelt creations, we absolutely love them! <3

Thankyou so much too for having contests like this!

Thanks to you always being here with me and helping me with it all! 🤗😘

This truly was a wonderful display of the talent and skill level we have in this community! I'm going to enjoy doing this every year and seeing the new creations that come forth. 😃😍

Thank you!! It was fun participating !! Surely all the other participants had the same fun making their beautiful creations !!

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 7 months ago  

Thanks so much.
It is a pleasure to share the 4th place with you.

Same here @kattycrochet. I am glad also knowing we both make it to the 4th place.😊

Thnak you so much!!

Thank you!!
WhatsApp Image 2021-10-28 at 2.05.33 PM.jpeg

Wow thank you very much. I am so happy that the tribute to my grandmother won.

Congratulations to the winners, all the works were beautiful @suezoe, @jonalyn2020, @kattycrochet, @carolinacardoza, @creacioneslelys, @adonisr, @herkeepsake, @irenenavarroart.

Wow muchas gracias. Estoy muy feliz que el homenaje a mi abuela haya ganado.

Felicitaciones a las ganadoras, todos los trabajos fueron hermosos @suezoe, @jonalyn2020, @kattycrochet, @carolinacardoza, @creacioneslelys, @adonisr, @herkeepsake, @irenenavarroart.

Thank you @tibaire.😘 Congrats also, your grandmother is so happy and proud of you, I'm sure of that. ☺️ You really deserved it dear. 💕

Es que tu idea fue espectacular, te lo mereces 🥰

Felicidades!!!! @tibaire, hermosa creación,
Muchas gracias. 🤗

Thank you and congratulations also!!!

 7 months ago  

Felicidades @tibaire, hermoso tributo y homenaje para tu abuela. Un abrazo!

It was very deserving! You touched us all with your entry. Congratulations again to you ~ 🤗😍⭐️

Tu post me hizo recordar que mi abuela nos contaba que cuando era pequeña, tenía de esas muñecas hechas con la tusa del maíz. Me atrajiste esos recuerdos je je Me encantó cómo volviste algo monótono como una simple mazorca, en una hermosa muñeca que provoca vestir, sin lugar a dudas, la que más resalta en la pasarela. Felicitaciones!!!!💖💖💖💖

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-28 at 2.05.33 PM.jpeg

🥳 Felicidades. Todas las entradas estuvieron geniales y comprendo lo difícil que debe haber sido la selección de los 5to, 4to, 3er, 2do y los premios especiales. Ya que escoger la entrada ganadora no tenía pérdida. @tibaire conmovió con su proyecto hasta lo más profundo de mi ser. No sé si pueden imaginar la cara de mi mamá cuando le mostré su post.
Ella está ahora aquí con nosotras, sus hijas, pero prometió que al llegar a su casa en enero nos enviará la fotografía de una de las muñecas de tusa de maíz que aún conserva.

De todo corazón me complace saber que su muñeca ha logrado el primer lugar. ¡Felicidades!

Igualmente para todos las que participaron. @crosheille mil gracias de nuevo por promover mediante los concursos; además del arte de la costura, excelentes lazos de hermandad entre los miembros de la comunidad. Vengo de leer el post más reciente de la ganadora y estoy emocionada por ellas.

Nos estaremos leyendo próximamente en nuestros acostumbrados post de la semana. Saludos desde mi linda Venezuela 🇻🇪


🥳 Congratulations. All the entries were great and I understand how difficult it must have been to select the 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and special awards. Since picking the winning entry was a no brainer. @tibaire touched me to my core with his project. I don't know if you can imagine my mom's face when I showed her her post.
She is now here with us, her daughters, but she promised that when she gets home in January she will send us a picture of one of the tusa de maíz dolls she still has.

From the bottom of my heart I am very pleased to know that her doll has won first place. Congratulations!

Congratulations to all who participated. @crosheille thank you again for promoting through the contests; in addition to the art of sewing, excellent bonds of brotherhood among the members of the community. I just read the most recent post of the winner and I am thrilled for them.

We will be reading each other soon in our usual post of the week. Greetings from my beautiful Venezuela 🇻🇪

Thank you very much @creacioneslelys.

I would love to see your mom's doll!!! imagining that she has had it for a long time creates a lot of tenderness for me. Send her a big hug from me.

Muchas gracias @creacioneslelys.

Me encantaría ver la muñeca de tu mamá!!! imaginarme que la tiene desde hace tiempo me crea mucha ternura. Mandale un gran abrazo de mi parte.

Con mucho gusto. Al tener la fotografía te la enviaré por este medio. Saludos.

What a beautiful comment @creacioneslelys! It's always a pleasure and joy putting things together like this that will help bring us all together even more. ♥️

 7 months ago (edited) 

Estoy feliz de ver el resultado del concurso, felicito a @crosheille y @marblely por hacer una excelente y justa elección, se que no fue una tarea fácil.
Ahora les envío un abrazo virtual a todas mis compañeras needleworkers, me pude maravillar con todas las entradas y me emocionó ver como hemos crecido como comunidad. Gracias a todos por el compromiso y la solidaridad que pudimos apreciar en los comentarios, cada evento nos une en una linda y sana competencia.
Felicidades a todos las ganadoras y un millón de gracias por elegir mi participación.
Saludos y seguimos adelante con nuestras agujas. 🤗🤗

It definitely wasn't an easy task. It's very evident and exciting how much we grew as a community. It was a treat reading your entry. Very touching indeed ~ ☺️

Muchas gracias 😊

Muchas gracias @ayleenr

Muchas gracias amiga @ayleenr, 🤗

Thank you!!! ❤️

 7 months ago  

Gracias @ayleenr, saludos!

Gracias!!!!! 💖💖💖💖

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-28 at 2.05.33 PM.jpeg

Muchas gracias amiga. Seguiremos encontrándonos para compartir más de lo que hacemos. Saludos y feliz tarde.

Felicidades a todas las ganadoras, excelente selección...Buen trabajo @tibaire, me conmovió tu trabajo, sin duda te merecías este resultado.

Sigamos creando, sigamos compartiendo tan buenos resultados.


aaaaaa. Thank you so much, needlework community, esp to @crosheille and @marblely. You are so generous to give extra rewards. I am super grateful!! ❤️

It was so deserving! We couldn't leave your entry out. It was the sweetest and displayed such cute results. 🥰😉

Good morning to all the beautiful family of needleworkmonday, what a nice surprise to see so many beautiful people who participated in this contest, excellent work very well done. I loved this contest and I can't wait for another one that challenges us to put our creativity and our competitive instinct to a million.

How nice to see the effort you put into your publications and how through them we get to know each other a little better.

Congratulations to the winners, I'm sure it wasn't easy to choose among so much talent, I adored @Kattycrochet's dress, elegant and very well elaborated, congratulations my friend. I hope you have a happy week and I love you all very much.

wow !!! So many participants and beautiful costumes !!! I imagine it was quite a feat to choose between so many well-done jobs !! 😮 The truth is that I did not think I would be in any position because I knew that in this community they do beautiful things. Thank you for selecting me in 5th place and Congratulations to the other winners !!!! I hope a new contest to enter even if I am a spectator heh heh 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-28 at 2.05.33 PM (2).jpeg

You did such a wonderful job with your creativity and using the resources at hand. I was happy that you placed in this contest! I hope you are able to join many more ~ 😊💗

With God's favor it will be so! I am always ready when it comes to tasks that motivate my creativity and take me out of my routine. I hope to accommodate my time very soon. Thank you very much for your nice words !! 💖💖

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-28 at 2.05.33 PM.jpeg

Congratulations to all the winners.
Thank you very much @crosheille and the all team of #needleworkmonday for this beautiful contest and for the work you do in our community.
I am very happy and grateful for the mention.🤗

You're welcome @adonisr! I really enjoyed your entry. Very creative and beautiful to see. 😊

Hello, God bless you greatly, congratulations to all those who qualified in the Barbie contest, deserving of this award for their hard work, go ahead with love and dedication.

Thank you so much, congratulations to the winners. Amazing post ❤

Felicitaciones a todas las ganadoras! excelente trabajo

Felicidades buen trabajo chicas.

Felicidades a todas las ganadoras bien merecido !! Seguiremos compartiendo y creando para esta hermosa comunidad. Bendiciones

Felicitaciones para las extraordinarias diseñadoras. 🤗

Congratulations to all the winners. I imagine it wasn't easy to pick the winners seeing that every creation had something unique about it. Great job everyone!

 7 months ago  

This contest is really beautiful and fun, I'm glad that more and more people are participating 😃. Congratulations @tibaire, your entry touched me a lot, internally I knew that you were going to be the winner and I'm glad it was like that, you did a great job 💕. Congratulations to all of you needleworkers, keep doing great 😍.

Congrats to all Winners, they deserved it, with their design so beautiful.