My NeedleworkMonday: My DIY, From Bedsheet To Comfort Pillows and Huggy Pillows

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Hello everyone! How's the weather today? It's Summer now and the heat can be felt outside despite our cool climate. Well, time to put back our native hammock in our terrace!

I thought of sewing a new set of pillowcases. Cotton cloth would be cool for this hot season!


The huggy pillow measured 40x29, just enough for you to hug and feel it's softness!


The comfort pillow measured 30x20, so comfortable for slumber time. Have you noticed it looked neat on the edges?


Here's how to do it:

•For the back part of your pattern, add about 8" extra length.

•Cut the 4 inches extra cloth then make a finishing stitch on the other end.

•Fold the other end and make the finishing stitches too.

•Next, overlap the edges to meet the exact length. The smaller part will serve as the cap. This will hide both sides, making it neat and clean to look at from the outside.


After sewing the edges, Insert the pillow with the longer part first. The 'cap' follows.


They're still in order even if the kids play with it, they are still one whole pillow. That's the real essence of this.,:)

There are scraps left,so I guess one or two pot holders will do. Lol!

Thank you for dropping by my page guys!

Till then,

@S a r i m a n o k


These turned out nice @sarimanok! 😃

Indeed! The scrap will become potholders too. Lol!

Wow! Love ko ang print niya Sis...same here Sis, mag repair ko na mga unan kasi nandito mga 5 apo ko kaya busyness gid ang lola. Di na ako nakakapost.

Masaya yan sis
Ipagluto mo bitsukoy pra masaya hehe

Hidlaw gid ko magduyan sa ilalim ng mga puno,tamang tamang nga yun sa weather ngayon.oo maganda gawing pillow case, blanket at bedsheet ang cotton fabric di magalas.

Yes sis, anak ko nilagay kutson nya sa terrace kasi. Presto. Pavilion ako ng matibay pra sa rattan na duyan namin.
Salamat sa abala.

 6 months ago  

So neatly done. Sewing your own pillowcase is a lovely idea and will make the hammock even more comfortable (although I fear I would get seasick in it... I am weird :-DDD)

Indeed my dear! Oh, don't swing it then. I even planned to put it under the branch of huge mango tree while crocheting. Lol!

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