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Hello needleworkers and Hiveans out there! Today, I made a cute outfit for our little princess from out of the other half of my nightgown which I made for the pillowcases of our baby girl.

The above photo is the upper half part of my nightgown. I cut the sleeves first and estimated that it's just the right size for baby Jianna's panty shorts.





I sewed a bias tape on the reverse side at the edge of the pantyshorts where the cord will be inserted and pulled at the center to fit the thigh of the baby, thereby forming a bloomer.

The red one is the baby dress of my grandson's mother who is my eldest daughter. I made a pattern out of it. Well, I will hand over the red dress to her too.





Those are the steps on how the upper part was cut and sewn.

Thanking the needlework community and of course to the women behind this project: @muscara, @shanibeer, @marblely, @neumannsalva and @crosheille.

Keep safe everyone!

Till then,

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Congratulations @sarimanok! Your great granddaughter is adorable! (photo from your post last week). Such a blessing for you and your family :) The outfit is so cute.

Thanks dear! Indeed, she is. Can't wait to visit her again. Am glad it was featured for this week's needlework.

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Oh WOW! Thank you for the recognition. It's my pleasure!

Congrats ❤️, everything is very nice! May I ask you how did you finish the neckline of the dress? Is it a hem or some other technique? Thank you!

Hello @lauramica! I made another pattern as you can see on the second to the last photo. That is the reverse side. Make at least half centimeter allowance on each side then see it from the armpit all the way to the other side then reverse it using a hook, pushing the end tip of the shoulder. After pushing both tips, you will see a clean finish. No need to put a piping. Try it! It's more fulfilling when you make your own rather than buying one.

Thank you for dropping by!

Ohhh, I saw it! Perfect. Thank you :)

Ang cute cute oy! Very lucky granddaughter to have @sarimanok as lola. No more problem to buy new outfit.

Yes, sister, I always love to see little stuffs for our babies! They had lots of hand-me-downs from our city mayor who's the ninong sa binyag of my grandson. Itinambak lahat na magagandang baby's layettes. Mas excited pa ata sila kesa gumawa hehe. The mayor's wife is in Australia and she said she'll be sending more. The other Lola also brought a new crib. She's their first grandchild too. You know how we grannies tend to pamper our grandkids! Lol!

Nice original handmade baby outfit! The best lola!


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Congratulations dear!