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RE: #needleworkmonday :: My new crochet adventure with natural stone beads

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These beads look beautiful especially the anklet. I like how you mixed the colours instead of using just one for each item. I have some green and brown beads of similar type but I am not sure if they are real. They do have a cooling effect whenever I touch them like marbles.


Thank you @yashny <3 Hope things are good with you there.
I like the way the stones fall around the ankle too. This tourmaline stones are usually multicoloured which makes it fun to work with because there are so many options that we can play with.
Ah, if the stones feel cool when you touch them, they are probably real. And if the stones have inclusions, it is hard to imitate. But yah, there are fake ones out there and not easy to see unless, for professionals or specialists.