How do you CAST a POD?

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Starting on Monday, you're going to find exactly how to begin casting that pod! Of course, I'm talking about podcasting, and DreemPort is collaborating with NaPodPoMo for November with the founder of the movement, Jennifer Navarrete (@epodcaster)

And I know what you're thinking... because I WAS THINKING it...

"I can't podcast. I'm out. Have fun, all! lol"

I'm used to doing videos, I'm used to doing posts - but what the heck do I have to talk about for a 30-day podcast?!?! You're probably thinking something similar? Maybe?


I guarantee you - that you're not going to be alone. What better way is there to try something new - than to try it with a group of other newbies, sprinkled with veterans and LED BY THE FOUNDER of the movement! hehe

So what do you have to do first?

COME JOIN THE MORNING WORK HOUR led by @alessandrawhite. Every day she hosts Creative Work Hours - but she is starting a SPECIAL EDITION of her Work Hour, especially for dreemers who want to try this challenge! You'll have help, accountability, encouragement, cheering, maybe get some new ideas and definitely new friends!


What next?

  • Think about what you'd like to talk about.
  • Do you want to share about a journey that you've had?
  • Do you want to have a funny sort of podcast, sharing random thoughts?
  • Do you have daily tips to give people?
  • Do you want to share a guide for something you love?



You will surprise yourself when you see that YOU HAVE A STORY TO SHARE!

Did you miss the interview on Tuesday with @epodcaster, @alessandrawhite, @shadowspub and DreemPort? LISTEN IN HERE! and start to catch a little of the excitement that we're feeling! Lots of things can't really be expressed in posts in the same way as hearing someone's voice. (That's the whole point of podcasting - right?) So maybe when you hear us getting excited about this next month - you'll find yourself catching the joy too - and even catching a little courage to try!


What's the best way to find out about a new blockbuster movie coming out?

So the best way to start spreading the word about your podcast - is to create a little trailer! and how do you do that?

We aren't leaving you without the TIPS FROM THE PRO!

Check out @epodcaster's post here - on 🔊How to CREATE your Trailer!!!

Or you can take a look at the some trailers here:

  • @shadowspub created THIS TRAILERfor her podcast! (It's about halfway down the page on that link) She used to create this - and it has a 60 day free trial. Or - if you're looking for a fully free app - try Audacity

  • HERE is the trailer from @epodcaster from last year's NaPodPoMo!

For me?? I might even consider trying to play around with BandLab (on my phone) and even seeing what I can try with my video apps (and saving as an audio file).

Know why? Because when you start - you start with what you know, and are comfortable with - and go and grow from there! Really! You probably ALREADY have all the tools you need to get started - it's ONLY your hesitation that is making you waver.

Be clever... be fun. be creative. be bold. I just heard an idea for a podcast that I thought was a total joke... and then the person explained a bit more and I was laughing my head off thinknig... THIS COULD BE REALLY HILARIOUS AND I WOULD TOTALLY TUNE IN DAILY FOR THIS!!! I can't tell you what it is... hehee just join in - and connect with dreemers, and have fun

"But no one is going to listen to me, Dreem!!"

⭐️First of all, I'll tell you this. @juliamulcahy had a GREAT post the other day talking about how she is in a new stage of life where she is doing things FOR HER! Things that she should have not set aside for any reason - but just... found herself doing just that, over the years. But now... she is ready to take on new challenges and VALUE HERSELF for her! So - EVEN IF NO ONE LISTENS.. do it for you! Share your story even for posterity. Even for looking back in 5 years to see how you've changed and grown!

⭐️BUT... second of all, this month - all of our RSS feeds will be combined into


click to subscribe to it!

with dreemers and pocasters! You know how DreemPort gets more eyes on your posts? Well @epodcaster is going to create a MEGAFEED that will be bringing more EARS to your podcasts!!! (see how this is working out WONDERFULLY??) That way - we can all subscribe - and see when people post! So, again - this is the BEST time to join. No roadblocks! We are eliminating as many roadblocks as possible!!!


Have I convinced you yet? hehehe

If you still don't want to - it's ok! Like @juliamulcahy, I've reached that same mindset this year. I'm going to have a BLAST doing this FOR ME! DreemPort is all about presenting opportunities - but we can't force anyone to join in. We will continue to change the challenges up, one month at a time, and be a support and a cheering section for those who jump on! But if you choose to opt out? Don't worry - we'll wait to see you back another month, and we will cheer for you then! 🤗

My podcast is going to be something very near and dear to my heart - and this morning, when I started to write out the ideas for episodes, I had 11 jotted down before I realized... holy cow- I'm already 1/3 of the way there! Jennifer and Alessandra are right - when you have a story to tell, it really writes itself! hehehe

Can't wait to hear YOUR story in YOUR voice on YOUR blog!

Every Friday, we'll have our dreemers submit their challenge posts into DreemPort giving a summary of the week, some of the highlights, things you learned, things you didn't expect, things that surprised you... all that!

Will be a lot of fun!!! See you there!
so much love for you!

❤️, Dreemie


NaPodPoMo Links:

FB Group
Twitter Hashtag
Hive Community
Hive NaPodPoMo Account

Thanks to @shadowspub, @bluefinstudios, @kenechukwu97, @kemmyb, @jamerussell, @mypathtofire, @melinda010100, @samsmith1971 and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️

Images used:
fishie casting
easy peasy
on air
screenshot from my BandLab account
Lonely mic
pod of my heart


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Thank you @ecency!!! :)

Hello Dreem, I did a rough patch of a trailer 😂 using Anchor, it is a minute listen.. But I haven't posted it as it is said to go directly to Spotify 😱😱.

ohhhhhhhhhhhh send me the link! i wanna hear it hahahahaha

i just uploaded mine today!

here is my post - and the link is at the bottom if you want to hear it! hehehe

Thanks... I did mine too😁😁

This is such an awesome idea 😁

But daunting. I'm scared. But what a thing to do... um... imagine what will be learned and overcome.

I'm gonna let this simmer over the weekend and read and catch up with all these links.

I have an idea...

Tnx for the tag @dreemsteem and sending only love to you. As always and forever ❤️

hehehe you're welcome for the tag! i jumped into the "podcast class" offered by @alessandra and @epodcaster this morning and in the beginning i was like... gahhhh reaching point of overwhelm!!! lol and then all of the sudden - the last 10 minutes - iwas like ok! got it!!!! heheeh it clicked!

so i'm gonna upload my first attempt today and then anyone who wants to kinda follow me one step at a time - can do that! hehehe but Jennifer is also going to be doing guides and tutorials - so , you got this! hehehe

its only daunting before you start.

once you start, you just do YOU. one step at a time - and it flows! hehehe

glad that you're joining!!! i think its gonna be so fun to see all of us! and the MEGA feed is already filling up with our little pods hehehe

Oh boy... I'm gonna have to back out for now.I actually just mailed Chris this morning and said I'm beat and let's do the podcast but when we can make it really good!

Been a hectic week last week, just arrived at a small patch of heaven and am unwinding with my darling boy. At last.

So it might be a bit much right now...

But let's see what unfolds. I'm open to being spontaneous these days!

If he leads and does it and I can just drop in with my perspective I can do that. But recording and editing and etc.


What this concept did do was present an incredible idea. Again.

And it has to be done.

But I have two weeks to learn horses a bit here and some time to rebuild some health so am focused on that right now :)

It's a special place. Found by accident. And I'm gonna make the most of it and the start of summer. Haven't taken on day off in almost... well... I can't remember tbh.

I think you know full well how that goes 😁

hehehe oh you enjoy it!!!
we are actually going on our staff retreat to the beach tomorrow too! hehehe for the next three days - and I'm going to be doing it from there!

you just try it whenever you feel like its right! IF its right!!! no pressure at all hehehe
I'm just really super excited about this because for me - it's a story that I've been meaning to share for a very long time. and people have asked me for insight into their own personal journeys - or with family members.. and i've always kinda hesitated.

cuz it was so much to WRITE out. and there was something kinda holding me back from that

and now i know why!

cuz its a story that needs to be told in VOICE.

as soon as i started talking into my phone hahahaha i knew that was the RIGHT way to share this journey!!!!

i did my trailer today and i'm just... SO FREAKING HAPPY that i finally started!!! lol

no matter what - my journey in the "how to" will be here for posterity hahaha
so if you want to follow along, then you can when you're ready! I tried to make my post kinda like - hey, i stepped here, so you can put your foot right into my foot prints if you want! LOL

please don't even open this link now - enjoy the horses and nature and rest!!!

but just so i dont' forget... HERE is the "how i made my trailer" post for you LATERRRRRRRR.. much later when you're home! hahahaha

I'm only one step ahead of you

F*ck that. No more messing around.

I'm in 👍

right??? JUMP IN! the water's fine hahaha

There is LOTS of learning to do here!!! 😆

I'm going to go through it all and bring you something awesome (I hope) and will link back to credit the DreemTeem for initiating the creation when I get it right.


Slowing down while I can right now for a bit. loving the travel but it requires resourcefulness and resilience with low resources. But boy are we enjoying the adventure!

no need to link back to anything hahahaha

just take all the tips that i can give you and just run with it when you can!!!! hehehehe have a blast on your vacation and get all the enjoyment you can!!!!

there will be plenty of future times to join in podcasting hehehe

love you!!!

Bit of FOMO now...

But you are such a good guide, sister.

Thanks. Yes. There will be time when it's time and yes!!! Some stories need to be told in voice. You said it! ❤️

Will leave yo to focus now and support from the back left. I know how full on the admin and creation must be together and all in one.


One time, I spent my time surfing for micro casting sites all over the internet. I was so ready then. I'm not sure about now but “trying out” is something I'll do.
I'm rolling out the red carpet for the month.

hehehehe me too!!! i'll upload my first attempt tonight and i'll tag everyone who has expressed interest to join in! eheheh then you can just follow along and step where I've stepped and hopefully it will be less confusing

Deep breaths hhmh.

Let's do this.

here is my post on how I got my trailer done! hehehe maybe it helps!

Thank you so much. I will check it out right away.

Can we do a team podcast, maybe?

Two of us on Hive?

It takes two to tango

I don't know how to Tango but I can head bang

That's for sure 😆

haha now do the Tango whilst head banging🤣🤣

Hand me the biscuits please.

I'll sit this one out 😆

or takes two to tengo LOL

That is what was in my head, but then I thought that nobody would get that!

hahahahaha i totally got it!!! LOL

did you do your trailer or first episode yet?? if you need any help - here is my post that shows what i did! maybe it helps - maybe not hahaha

Yep did my trailer, and going to get info ready and see your posts etc etc

hehehehe i was thinking of that too!!! joining up with someone and having it more like a show - but then i got pulled in another direction and thats what i built my outline on for my schedule hehehe

i love that @tengolotodo was up for it with his "takes two to tango" comment.

or is that... "takes to to TENGO" hahahhaha

Oh - Tengo and I are gonna make a track together sometime :)

This was with Chris - I encouraged him to sign up but he's been super busy and hasn't gotten on board properly yet. And he was thinking of starting a podcast so when I saw it I emailed him straight away and said let's go!

He's awesome and you're gonna love him to bits.

Let's see if he bites. I think he's more than ready!

hehehehe when he's ready - lets see what he brings!!! in the meantime... i hear Mother Nature calling your name! hahaha

Haaaaaaa... horses ❤️

I've officially fallen in love!

Thanks for understanding, angel (although I knew you would!)

I do hope @crsarmy7 joins the party. He writes so well and has such a lot to share. And he has a great voice for podcasting... we await his presence patiently... *tap tap

oh m y gosh - tell me about it - if i coudl live on a horse - i would LOLOLOL

i fully understand the addiction! hahahaha

and we will wait for @crsarmy7! LOL

Is this thing on?

I think they've already started this Monday last.

@dreemsreem can maybe give you some guidance. She's an angel.

Heads up. She's involved with Dreemport which is a platform that people share on to increase coverage and make new connections.

Dreemport has a PG due to them being open to all ages so you'd have to follow guidelines on language, violence etc or specific age restrictions to share on Dreemport

More adult content fine on PeakD and Ecency @ecency can answer questions I think 👍

Ecency will have your posts published on PeakD and vice versa so worth signing up for Ecency as well.

They have a mobile app so you can stay connected on the go.

Basically two different front ends but same profile, content of yours and notifications on the Hive blockchain

You'll figure it out as you go along. Ask away! People are happy to assist your growth

I'd love to hear a podcast from you. #justsaying

"I can't podcast. I'm out. Have fun, all! lol"

;-) !LUV

hehehehe i'm jumping in today!!!! eeeeeeeeeeek. i can't believe i'm doing it LOL

love you beeber!!! -meeber LOL

I am in!
No fluffing idea how I will do it, but I want to do it!

hahahahahahaha i'm so giddy over getting my trailer done today LOL by the end of today I will officially have something to share - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek LOL

I will see if I can get mine all sorted tomorrow, but well done Dreemieweemieseeme that is fluffing awesome that you got your trailer done!

and i finally uploaded it hahaha i got pulled into lots of stuff today - but i'm really pleased with how the trailer finally came out.

i had one little snag - but i think tomorrow when i upload my first episode.. it should work itself out!! i hope!

Oh you will smash it as usual.
I signed up with Anchor and just did a trailer, it will pass as being acceptable forthe time being.

Can I really do this? 🤔🤦

you really really really can! hahahaha

you speak on PYPT for your posts! it's not very different than that. hehehe it's just sharing your thoughts in voice! a few minutes a day - over something you love.

think about somethng that you'd like to share!

maybe something like... "tips to your kids" hehehe and each day a new tip to share with them to help them grow into mature adults! and then - you just happen to be sharing that with a bigger audience who can benefit too!

or... maybe a new recipe to share each day.
or... maybe you're talking about life in Nigeria

or... a hobby you love?

it can be anything - its only for 30 days hehehe so if you dont' like it - at least you tried! LOL

See plenty tips 🥱

Thanks so much for this ma
I have to look into it🤗👍👌

here is the steps i did for my trailer!

maybe it helps you!

Awwwwwn 🥰
Many thanks Dreemie ❤️
Let me check it now!

hehehe i tried to make it step by step hahaha

Join us if you like! hehehe we would love to hear your beautiful voices sharing your unique stories!! :)

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Thank you for this post, it was easy to understand and relate to as someone aspiring to create content. Doing things for ourselves is often challenging--especially when we constantly compete with other successful people in the industry. Just starting is the hardest part.

I've been mulling over my podcast ideas and then analysis paralysis takes over. Nothing gets done and I'm left feeling anxious and disappointed in myself. Reading your post and harnessing this energy to make my trailer over the weekend 🤞🏽🙏🏽 It's affirming to think of it as a personal project rather than a duty to other people. Sometimes we just need a change in perspective and has really inspired me to reframe my thinking.

Thank you @dreemsteem
I'll be sure to follow up by posting my trailer too!