I'm only one step ahead of you! Easy to catch up!

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All last week, my excitement over the NaPodPoMo has been carrying me through the complete ignorance of "all-things-podcasting"! LOL

I've been getting questions on how to start - and my answer has been , "Don't worry - I'm sure it's just like when we started on Hive! Once we get moving, our momentum will carry us along, and we'll just keep adding one new lesson after another!" But, I was still kinda clueless. Giddy! Excited! but... clueless! LOL

  • What the heck is an RSS feed?
  • What platform do I use?
  • Am I completely out of my league!?!?

hahaha and I know for a fact (cuz I'm hearing from you all LOL ) that you are STILL asking these questions as November 1 is FAST approaching.

If you can - COME TO THE CWH-ZOOM hour that @alessandrawhite, @epodcaster and @shadowspub has been holding for us. It's a GREAT place to ask all your questions!!! Click on that link above and simply register to show up! You can come once, twice - or all 30 days if you want! Just come to get what you need and get started!

Don't have time for that?

Ok... then let me show you what I did today, and feel free to follow me for tomorrow! Simply copy my steps, and you will have your FIRST podcast loaded within 24 hours!

FIRST: NAME YOUR PODCAST. (simple, and self-explanatory) Mine is called "beyond the SPECTRUM".

SECOND: Come up with a little DESCRIPTION of it. (simple, and self-explanatory!) Mine is : Our family's journey with autism.

THIRD: Come up with your COVER ART. You can look on apple, spotify, aureal... or any podcasting app to see what's out there already! or... if you're looking for templates to personalize - head to CANVA.com! and you'll have TONS of templates to use to create your own. I started with some free assets that i got in Canva, and then moved them to photopea.com where I had a bit more flexibility in what I wanted to do. Your art needs to be a square with a minimum size of 1400x1400 px. Here is what mine looks like above!


Now, you record!!!

Since the NaPodPoMo begins officially on November 1 - you actually have time to create a trailer! That's what I did today!

I created a small little summary trailer for what my podcast will be all about. It's 4 and a half minutes long. I added a little music to mine softly behind it - and it was ready to go!

You're already familiar with speaking into your phone right? You use it for calls, voicemails, messages on telegram or whatsapp.... so you're going to do the same type of thing! Record yourself speaking your podcast using the app of your choice! Then, upload it to the site of your choice!

"So what did you do, Dreem? We will just follow you! LOL"

Ok, I actually used my Viva Video app - the same app that I use to create videos! I uploaded my cover art as the image, and then narrated. I added some of the free music offered by the app to put softly behind, and then I uploaded the file to Anchor It was INCREDIBLY easy. They literally just ask you for each piece, one step at a time, and hold your hand right through it!

If you want to try to record DIRECTLY into Anchor? GO FOR IT. I didn't do that this time, but I MIGHT try that for one of my upcoming episodes! If I do, I'll be sure to write a tutorial for it!

Once you submit - then what?

You CAN be finished at this point! You've got your podcast uploaded - it's LIVE - and they will give you the RSS feed link to share to other people! (Your RSS feed is basically like your "subscribe" button) When people follow your RSS feed, they will automatically be notified when you upload your next podcast.

but... is there anything else that you can do AFTER this?
yes. a lot!!! hahaha but let me just tell you ONE more thing that I did!

Once I got my RSS feed from Anchor - I jumped over to the Hive podcasting platform, called Aureal and connected my feed from Anchor to Aureal!

  • Log in to Aureal, using your Hivesigner.
    Then click on Hosting, to IMPORT your podcast that you just created. The reason why I did this - is because I wanted my podcast to automatically load into Aureal in the future - every time I create a new podcast on Anchor!

Once you click to IMPORT podcast, it will ask you for your RSS feed from the platform you just created your podcast on. (Remember - i used Anchor)

Once you go through the easy steps, you'll see - you've connected them! From this point on, your podcast will be uploaded to both platforms after creating on one! Aureal will also publish your future podcasts directly to Hive.



It looks like my Spotify link (that gets generated automatically on Anchor) is STILL not working properly. You can hear my podcast on Anchor, and on Aureal, but I get an error for the Spotify link.

Remember - I'm only ONE STEP ahead of you - haha, so I'm not sure if I've done something wrong but I THINK... after researching that Spotify MIGHT require an actual episode for your podcast to be uploaded before it lists. Remember, mine was a trailer - and that might not be enough to make it work! I'll let you know tomorrow when I upload my next episode to see if it triggers the trailer to post! But if you have the same problem with your trailer, my guess is that's why! see? we're in it together! LOL

LAST THING!!!!! before I forget!

@epodcaster is creating a MEGAFEED for all of our podcasts so that we can stay connected and support each other! So share your RSS feed to her in the #NaPodPoMo channel in the CWH discord channel!

and if you'd actually like to listen to what mine came out like - check it out here! (click on the image)

Hope this helps you get your podcast trailer up and running!!! This is gonna be so fun this month! Be sure to ask for help in the comments and I'll help you if I can (or point you in the direction of help!)

All images are mine, or screenshots of my accounts on Aureal, Anchor or spotify.


So I stayed up last night figuring out the anchor app. I downloaded it a couple of years ago but I lost interest. I played with a title and a trailer. Haven’t gotten my graphic yet. Oops my trailer is less than a minute 🙈🙈🙈.

I’m getting the hang of it and you are very helpful. Well done.

I just listened to your trailer and I love it. We’ve had a similar journey with my sister for sixteen years and I just want to say that I see you.

oh my goodness @kei2... i felt that. i have chills all over me right now. I just finished the next episode (it will take me a while to upload it because we are traveling today) but I love that there is already someone that connected with this story! I hope that it reminds you of all that you have struggled through (and all your victories so far!!) as you peak into this podcast from time to time! thank you for this comment!

and a 1 minute trailer is PERFECT!!! I went longer than I planned because I always do that hahahahaha

i'm so proud of you for starting!!!!!! make sure that you drop the link for your feed to @epodcaster in the discord channel! and you can drop it here too hehehehehe i can't wait to see what you've done!!!

Guten Morgen Dreemie! Wow, you outdid yourself with this post, thank you! I'm excited to revive my old Podcast but this time in the Blockchain! I'm a little anxious but it should be ok, right?


it will FOR SURE be ok! hahaha

I uploaded mine onto Anchor - and then connected it to Aureal.

I think this is going to be a very enlightening journey for me as I do this hehehehe
i love that i have so many people to help me!! LOLOL i have asked a million and one questions so far hahahaha but every day i'm learning just one more thing to make it a bit better and easier. let's see how tomorrow goes hahaha


hahahaha up EARLY this morning trying to get started so I can accomplish everything today LOLOL

I just uploaded my Trailer! 😅

ohhhhhhhhhhh i can't wait for it!!! its late here - and we are away on retreat... so i'll have to see it tomorrow hehehe

I thik that Jennifer just uploaded a post o how to subscribe to everyone's megafeed - so i'll check that out tomorrow ad start listeig to everyone! hehehe

night to you!!! :)

Good morning to you!

Yes, I already subscribed to the Megafeed. I'm exited to see...or better said, to hear to other Podcasts.

Enjoy the retreat!


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hehehehe hi there @bhattg!!! good morning to you and thank you!!! :)

he hee hello mam.. good evening from my side. you are welcome have a great day.

What an awesome write up of your process! I hope this helps others get started. Can't wait to listen!

hehehe thank you!! and thank you for all your help today!!! I LOVE that class! i've been wanting to join in the creative work hour for a while now - but you know how it is. "i'll get to it tomorrow..." lol

and NOW its the perfect harmony of things aligning! and its just working so well!!!

love love love it!

i saw Jennifer did a post on how to join in the megafeed - so i'll be trying to do that today. i'm away on a retreat and wont' be home until tomorrow night - so hopefully i can carve out some time - but if not. don't worry - you won't be forgotten ahahahah

when i'm home i'll be focused on supporting others and listening! can't wait to see what you bring kara :)

I think @epodcaster added you to the feed already because I think I listened to you in the megafeed so I think you're all set there.

ok - that's great!

tomorrow we head home - so i'm very excited to start listening on our 4 hour drive home hahahahaha

I m pretty familiar with anchor. I might still have an active account there.. I m happy it finally gets to be used on/for hive lol.

Thanks so much dreemie... I can finally use aureal .. hehe..

This must have been so much work right..
Good work. God bless you.

you know what??? hehehe yes - it took some time - but it was more fun than work! hahaha

the more i did - the m ore i wanted to do!!! and today I'm away at a retreat and wondering.. "how soon can I get away to do my podcasting hahahah"

just because i'm SO joyful to share this story!!! it's such a victory in our family's lives - and alreayd i'm reading in the comments that people are learning a bit more

I know that as time goes on - as they listen more and more to the episodes - they will be smiling bigger! hehehe
because that's what our lives have been. tears and smiles, tears and smiles!! but always surrounded with joy!

thank you so much for coming to visit and join in this story!

I am going to be getting that megafeed today - and listening to podcasts today hahahaha

i'll be looking for yours! hehehehe love to you!!!

You already know how much I loved your trailer and how much I am looking forward to checking in with your podcast series. I just love you and your family, Leah... thank you for always bringing us new and interesting challenges to push us beyond our own borders. I'm going to see what I can come up with - I have decided on my podcast... just need to have a good think and see if I can do a basic plan of the episodes with enough decent structure... I think my artwork and trailer may be a lot more simple than yours !LOLZ - I certainly don't have that much time to dedicate to design hehe... I suspect I will play catch up for the first two weeks... but I am now starting to get excited about sharing this story that I have decided to talk about 💗 !LUV !PIMP

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@jesustiano - remember a looooooong time ago you asked me to share about my journey with autism? I didn't know how to write it... but when I decided to share our family's journey, our podcasting challenge lined up with it - and I think its going to be the perfect way for me to share :)

feel free to follow along if you like <3

Oh hell no, talking about my childhood bullying? Nope xD, I basically hated my whole life, I could talk about it and how I came to cope with it long before therapy, and how therapy helped me develop even further, but if hive taught me one thing is that: Those posts are left forgotten with no comments or even less votes... So is a risky thing to do for me, right.

no - you had asked me to share about our journey... hehe

so - i started :)

i created a podcast for the podcast challenge this month. I uploaded my trailer yesterday and just uploaded episode 1 a few moments ago.

No need for you to listen - but you had asked before, and so i thought I would let you know i'm finally sharing our journey hehehehe that's all :)

no need for you to be reminded of any bad memories!!! ❤️🤗

Oh, lulz, my bad and I'm sorry for not remembering it. But In fact I will take your offer to join you up and to see your journey, I will be deeply honored for both of the opportunities.

oh - don't feel bad at all. 🤗

It was quite a bit of time ago. I took a long time because as you know - I'm sure with your own journey... there are SO many details. and it can be really overwhelming to try to capture them all and write them down.

But this is the reason why I'm really loving the podcast - because talking about it seems to be a lot easier and also - i think maybe it will connect better too? i don' tknow!

but please don't be sorry for not remembering hehehe It was probably almost a year ago now when we talked about it, and i've been dragging my feet a lot hahahaha

thank you so much for your interest!!! and please do feel free to share anything you like in the comments too! and if you ever DO want to share on your own podcast (maybe not now?? but in the future! maybe? hehehe I'd love to hear your story too! but only if you ever feel like it!!) either way, thank you so much for coming to hear!!!

It was interesting, the chapter One, but I could barely ear it! Audio felt a bit too low, gonna listend the next part today.

@dreemsteem - I just listened to your trailer. I am looking forward to your story. I have a friend who has a child recently diagnosed on the spectrum and I hope to pick up some elements of how to be a better friend to their family in this journey.

Hello Dreem, I had my trailer posted using Anchor which can be viewed on Spotify and also dropped in an episode yesterday.

The problem now is that I downloaded Aureal and logged in with Hivesigner as you but I didn't get the options like yours, maybe I did something wrong.

Here is a screenshot showing I logged in with Hive.



You would have to import your anchor/Spotify feed to aureal so that everything you record and publish on anchor will also appear on aureal.

I couldn't do that because I'm on mobile, but if you happen to get a desktop around you, all the options will be there.

I am also with mobile. Thank you.