Super Easy Avocado Art

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Hello, I wish you are well!

I like the avocado season because it is a fruit with which we can accompany a number of dishes in the gastronomy and it is inexpensive here in my country.

This time I wanted to do something unusual with this fruit, cut the seed to form a miniature nose and engrave a flower on the body of the avocado that is one of the favorite dishes of these little animals.



The process is easy, you just need an avocado with a seed as large as possible and some pointed tools like the ones I show below.


Chop the avocado in half and also the seed.


Cut the shape of the morrocoy in the seed and begin to cut figures in hexagonal shapes that simulate the shell.


You can help yourself with a cutting knife but be very careful when sculpting.


It is important to note that, when sculpting the seed, it begins to take on a natural brown color that I was surprised by the effect.


The morrocoy eat some flowers, once I had a couple of these pets and they enjoyed eating flowers, vegetables and avocado.



I hope you liked the elaboration of this simple art and it serves so that many can decorate their table in a fun way.

Greetings to all and have a happy weekend.




Hermoso y creativo, no pude dejar de pensar en lo rápido que tuviste que trabajar antes que se oxidara.

Si jajaja, muchas gracias por tu agradable visita. No me había fijado que óxido es la palabra perfecta para describir ese proceso. Gracias nuevamente.

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Thank you very much, I also congratulate you for the good work you do in the hive.

Está muy bonito y creativo @emiliocabrera... Me gusta ver más el arte en el aguacate que comérmelo😂

Que bonito, la escultura en frutas es todo un arte, el aguacate es mi favorito, así me lo comería más rápido. felicitaciones

Hola Zully, gracias por tu visita, en realidad se ne hizo agua la boca mientras trabajaba el aguacate, son deliciosos jaja

Hola. Que belleza tu arte realizado en el aguacate.

The morrocoy eat some flowers, once I had a couple of these pets and they enjoyed eating flowers, vegetables and avocado.
Este detalle de las flores me enamoró. Los hiciste a pulso, sin formaleta? guao, todas las flores se ven iguales :)

Hola Xandra, gracias por tu visita, la flores las marqué con un molde pero les di profundidad con la puya :)

Ah ok @emiliocabrera, excelente idea. Te quedó muy bien. Me gustaría hacerle eso a mi hijo a ver si se decide a comer aguacate :) Nos estamos leyendo.

Es una buena idea, tengo el mismo problema con mi hija que rechaza el aguacate. Si va, nos leemos jaja