Making Napkin Rings For Wedding In MDF

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Hello friend of Hive, the week is over and we are preparing for a new one.

As I have already mentioned, I have a small shop related to crafts, and I have just received an order to make some napkin rings, which will be used at the wedding tables and I want to share my idea with you.



.MDF napkin ring cake in the shape of a heart.
.Image of a wedding couple.
.Pearls run
.Wood glue
.Cold ivory painting
.Wax sulpas


Step 1

Sand the biscuit powder and polish the contours.


Step 2
Apply a cava of paint, sand and stir to apply a new coat and let dry.


Step 3

Place the figure of the groom, paste and let dry.


To finish in my last step, I apply the sulpas wax to protect and give it shine. Then to decorate I place the pearls running along the edge.


I hope you enjoyed it ...



Bello trabajo @nhaydu, gracias por compartirlo, seguro sus clientes estaran complacidos.

Quedo muy hermoso el servilletero, usted se parece a una persona que fue mi profesora . saludos