Making a wall coat hanger for my son's room

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Making a wall coat hanger for my son's room

We are setting up a room for my son and he started having fun customising it. He wanted a coat hanger and I suggested we should go online and check some designs he likes so I could try build one for him.

He settled on the following Entryway Organizer
Entryway Organizer

The design is simple but looks good. I went in my workshop to see what scrap would I could use and found a piece of quality plywood from an old organ we discarded a long time ago.

Sanding plywood

The first step was to sand the wood to remove the existing stain and smoothen the grain. I started with 80 grit followed by 120 and 240 grit sand paper using my random orbital sander. The corner were also sanded down to create a radius.

Sanding round a wooden stick

I then used a piece of round stick cut to make the hanging "hooks". The diameter of the resulting dowels is 10.5 cm but my drill bit is 10 cm. So using a file, I reduced the diameter on one end to match the diameter of the four hole. A little bit of PVA wood glue held them sturdily in place.

Clamping glued wood

Using a piece of flooring hardwood, I made a little shelf to be glued on the base board. I clamped it overnight.

Building a wooden organiser box

The organiser box is built from another piece of flooring of a lighter color. The angles were made by mitre butt joint and held by PVA wood glue. More clamping for the night.

Oil finishing a wall coat hanger

The next day, at lunch time, San helped me oil the coat hanger with a natural oil. It's a process I really enjoy because it is revealing the beauty of the wood. San enjoyed it too as he loves painting.

Oiled wooden coat hanger

It's all shiny now that it's wet but as it dries out it will get matt. This natural oil contains tung oil and beeswax and will protect the wood.

Installing the homemade wall coat hanger

We did not oil the back of the hanger because we are using 3M double sided mounting tape instead of drilling a hole in the wall. The hanger is not heavy even with all the stuffs on so the mounting tape (rated for 10 kg) will be more than enough.

Here is a close-up look at the coat hanger:
Close up of the coat hanger

It has many little construction flaws but that's giving it character. Overall I'm very happy with the result and San is delighted with it.

Wooden coat hanger / organiser

Kid's room coat hanger

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You're the man of DIY

Looks good :) Looks like he has a safe place to keep his scissors XD

indeed 😅

Omg, I need one. :)

A nice hanger! :) Congratulations, great work!

Nice beautifully done kid deserve love and doing DIY for them is just damn lovely


Having something for him makes him more comfy in his own room

That turned out well! He must be happy to get a coat hanger.

He definitely was very happy

Time for you to make me one 😀

Hehehe I’ll send you the invoice lolol

I need you man. I need a wooden wall rack for my living room. 😏

Tremendous job!

Thanks. It was actually easy enough because I used wooden boards that were already cut. I suck at cutting straight lol

Did you made a YouTube video for this.
Please share the link if you did.

Unfortunately I didn’t made a video of this

this was spot on! thanks for sharing.

interesting bro.

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