Insects Of The World - Curation Report - Mai 2021 - #01

Hey there Insect-Lovers of Hive!

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Here is our very firs edition of our weekly Insects of the World Curation Report where we bring to you the bests out of the bests in the community. We all know that even among the panoply of posts that are published in the community daily, a few usually stand out.

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Before going into the business of the day, it would do us a lot of good if we can refresh our memory concerning what is required of us in the community. A user will do almost nothing wrong if they can stick to the following RULES:

  • There must be multiple images of the insect in question, shot from different angles by the author himself and capturing the essential features. Images should be well resolved and not edited in any form besides resizing.

  • The chosen insect should be unique in a way. 10 posts with images of the same species will definitely be boring. SO please avoid common insects except there is something unique about them that has rarely been seen in the community.

  • Images must be accompanied by DESCRIPTIVE TEXT or a nice article relating to the images. The community is not photography, remember. Tell us something about the images you are posting.

  • Engagement is key! There is no community without engagement.

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Here are our CURATED POSTS for this weeks ^^

@briayanaTectocoris ophthalmia-his attractive appearance in the morning


I had the second opportunity to help my parents in the fields clear the grass in the family's pea crop field...

@opickThe beauty of insects - A series of gorgeous heteroptera


Seeing this very hot situation, it seems like it is not possible for small animals to survive, but from the increase that I have seen...

@midunMacro Photography - Beetle, Naupactus (Weevil)


Hi everyone, see me again. It's nice to be in the community and participate in it. On this occasion I'd like to bring up some pictures...



He to take several insect macrophotography pictures a perfect mertamophosis wich comes from of the creepy larva

@Ridor53016True ladybugs, (hemiptera) are very attractive and beautiful - 08

Hemiptera is an order of insects Often appears as a pest of rice plants and she managed to take some interesting shots of these insects.

@khairamulianiThe adorable appearance of the beauty (Aspidomorpha miliaris)


Today I want to share some interesting pictures of this one beauty, of course, friends of the insect world must already know who this beauty really is...

That brings the selections for this edition to a close. Like I always say, if you have any questions/concerns/clarifications about curation in the Insects Of The World Community, feel free to contact any of the community moderators via DNA Discord.

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DNA - Densifying Nature-Appreciation


The Amazing Nature Community is part of the awesome DNA project (Densifying Nature-Appreciation). DNA searches for HIGH-QUALITY posts that aim to DESCRIBE and determine the BIODIVERSITY AROUND YOU with added EXPLANATIONS and INFORMATION. For these informative posts DNA offers a CURATION SERVICE using the account. It is also a CURATION TRAIL. At the moment DNA is also the home of #amazingnature hosted by @adalger, the #featheredfriends hosted by the lovely @melinda010100 🦢 for all you great posts about our feathered friends and the #fungifriday hosted by the amazing @qwerrie 🍄 for all your posts about fungi and mushrooms ^^ .. But we hope that more nature related communities will join and participate in this gigantic and ambitious nature project, or maybe some Hiveans start their own little project there ;)




All the communities have their own Moderators using the DNA-Curation service and and the whole AN Moderator Team also are set as DNA-Moderators. This external cross-community curation-service is hoped to raise awareness of the DNA project to Hiveans out there and aims to bring all the great nature-related communities together to help all the nature-loving Hiveans to bond together ^^

If you are INTERESTED in DNA, please do not hesitate to ask about it, or directly JOIN US in the DNA DISCORD ;)

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Of course this format is open to all your suggestions and critics that aim to increase the quality of the community and the fun for everyone that wants to be a part of it .. So, do not hesitate to communicate with us ^^ We are all giving our best to continuously increase the quality of our work and the overall community itself ;)

Best wishes,
The Insects Of The Word Community


These are cool pictures and very nice shots.

I'm quite excited about this new community!

Me too @melinda010100 ^^ .. It has an really good set of experienced and enthusiastic curators now and I believe they will make this community a great one for the insect lovers which aim to learn about the world of insects in a more detailed and scientific way 😁

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Congratulation for the choose ones .. @briayana @opick @midun @raimah @khairamuliani and @ridor5301 ^^ .. You are the very first ones that were curated by the Insects Of the World Community 😁 .. Thank you very much for joining us so early on! .. We are working on making your experience of this community a great one for you all 🤗

Im Glad to be in this community. Thank you ☺☺

Thank you very much for choosing me, I am very happy to be curated by the World Insect Community. Hopefully in the future it can be even better.

Thank you very much for your support, we really appreciate it..

Thank you I wish I could always be in this order.

I'm glad to know, we are the first to get curation in this community. Thanks a lot.

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