Rice grasshopper in the flower garden

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Hello insect lovers, I wish you all good health, this will be my first publication in insect of the world community, I hope that those who visit this blog will like it.

Yesterday when I was cleaning the flower plants in the yard of the house, I found this grasshopper stopped by one of the flower plants, he had just flown from the bush and stopped here, this is a chance for me to be able to take his photo, and I did not remain silent by rushing me take a cellphone and macro lens to immediately take a photo of this grasshopper.

I will show some photos of this grasshopper that I managed to take,
let's see together










This is a type of rice grasshopper, which we often encounter everywhere, but this one is bigger than usual

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Hello @iamrical. You took the opportunity well, it is not usually easy to photograph a grasshopper. The photos were very good, you did a good work.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your compliment, I hope I can continue to provide the best photos. And need your support

We appreciate your work and your post has been manually curated on behalf of Insects Of The World Community. It will be added to the weekly curation report. Keep up the good work.

Thank you very much for the support, I will continue to try to provide the best photos

Hello @iamrical!

Nice shots!
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