Your VOTE is important. To make dCity Great Again..

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HI EVERYONE specially hive gamers and players how are you..

Yesterday I posted about and start campaign for new president


My campaign is going good and every response me very wel
Spacially thanks @trumpman to register for presidential candidate
He start here here many peoples play dcity but many don't know how to VOTE for president.
Here Iam going to show how to find your president

When he was On 5th number

why i voted to trumpman

Yesterday in dicord New president promise to us he will set Zero taxxx like nothing and his goal is all payer come to play this game they enjoy and buy more cards to boost his game.
@trumpman is also very active and strong mameber of @leofinance community he is also have big experience in finance. So we can trust. He have many other strong players as advisors
@dalz @onealfa @taskmaster4450

Remember One thing

He is not doing for himself he want to end socialism and he want to make it more fun able.

congrats you are on Fire

One more thing to remember your VOTE is important for end the socialism

How to vote for presidential candidate

Go to the task bar on @dcity you can find there Government.


When you click You will see is presidential candidate


Feel free to VOTE @trumpman for end the unnecessary taxs and stupidity that's doing dreamm

Share your thoughts with us
Once again thanks
@jarvie @steemcity @bozz @r1s2g3 @pixelfan @hermes.apocrypha @abrockman @get-rich @johannesboldt @drillith @emsonic @kishan006 @invest2learn @weirdestwolf
Bring on second number

We love trumpman to end the socialism


I voted for @trumpman too

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We stand together 💕

Thnk you brother for taking it seriously

Wow.. look like start of a movement.

lol - good stuff!

I think trumpman's politics are a good way to a beautiful long-term future! But I think it would be also good to enable just war tax for the game balance 😉

yes you are right