Watercolor portrait.

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Watercolor portrait.

I drew a new portrait of the girl.

Material: watercolor paints, watercolor pencils, watercolor paper, eraser and pencil.

The hardest thing in a portrait is the construction, every millimeter is important here, you need a resemblance to a person.

Further it is a little easier, but I cannot say that it is easy - working with paints and colored pencils.

It is important to convey the color of the eyes, skin, hair and so on.

But no matter how difficult it is to paint portraits, I love to draw people.

Акварельный портрет.

Я нарисовала новый портрет девушки.

Материал: акварельные краски, акварельные карандаши, акварельная бумага, ластик и простой карандаш.

Самое тяжелое в портрете - это построение, здесь важен каждый милиметр, нужно сходство с человеком.

Далее уже немного легче, но я не могу сказать что легко - работа с красками и цветными карандашами.

Важно передать цвет глаз, кожи, волос и так далее.

Но как бы не было трудно рисовать портреты, я люблю рисовать людей.


This drawing is wonderful! Thank you for great content! :)

Thank you very much!
I like to paint portraits =)

I have no words to say about your creative abilities. Every day you present beautiful and valuable creations to this platform. Some vitality can be seen in this painting. The smile of this drawn woman is like a live photo. It is built on your ability. Go further.

thank you very much! very pleased to hear.

Woww... Whenever I see your artwork, it makes me to feel like borrowing some artistic skills from you.

You are really bringing a very new taste to what art is all about and just like you said, drawing a portrait is not an easy thing to do but you made it to look very easy.

I would love to see more and more and more of your work as time goes on so,never allow your brush to run dry.

You are doing well dear

wow your drawing is great