Splinterlands Art Contest / Week 122 / TALIA FIRESTORM

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This is my entry for the Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 122

This is the finished art



Talia is the older of the two daughters of celebrity summoner couple Aggroedius Lightbringer (Life Splinter) and Lyanna Natura (Earth Splinter). About a decade ago, the two discovered an abandoned Dragon egg while traveling in Draykh-Nahka. They incubated and hatched the egg, raising the young Flame Dragon Talia as their own and training her as a summoner.

Below you can see the process:










Made a drawing of @splinterlands , to pass the time. He's an amateur, but I decided to post.

I hope the Splinterlands team likes it.

Maybe I can draw more and post it for you. I still hope to win some gift from Splinterlands. Se não, fico como experiencia.

If you liked it, feel free to like, comment and share.

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I think the art deserves a little more hive :) upvoted!

Thannnnnks! :)


Gostei da "cuca" ficou muito bom, acho que a equipe de criação do game já deve ter visto sitio pica-pau amarelo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkjjj brinks.


Ta ai uma ideia de um jogo de cartas usando todos personagens de desenhos antigo(impossível por conta de licenciamento), para relembrar o passado, cheguei a lembrar da tv globinho(eu me lembro que sitio não era na tv globinho) aqui até caiu cisco no olho.


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Que Viajemmmm kkkkkkk
A Garotinha é um bebê dragão, nada haver com essa jacaré feia aiii --'
Nem sei quem é.. não sou dessa época kkkkkk
Essa hora eu tava no Sbt assistindo o Yudi dando playstantion


não sou dessa época hum.... sei

Is TALIA FIRESTORM your creation? where did inspiration come from to create this letter
she is very beautiful :)

50 years from now when all ideas are over, maybe Brazilian folklore can be used as inspiration.

That is a Splinterlands representation of Aggroed's daughter. The rest of his family is also in the game. You'll have to guess who they are.

I found every family that beautiful story ❤️

The Talia Firestorm looks fabulous. You’ve done a fantastic job, buddy.
Keep up the good work.

Well done.
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