TMNT: RAPHAEL the rude turtle

in Nerday4 days ago

Greetings to everyone in this community, I am new here and I wanted to start here with an illustration of me about a classic character from the 80s until now, it is about raphael the rude turtle of the TMNT

talking about raphael is talking about the 80s and 90s just like talking about leonardo, donatello and michael angelo, there is not much to say again, only that they are one of those timeless characters, characters that have survived time and today continue to like them

This was a relatively quick illustration for this community, to enter with a classic for all of us who like classic or modern animated series, why not, games, movies, comics, anime and collecting things, so I already talked a little now I will show the step by step




and well, you saw the finished work, I hope you like it and soon I will bring more illustrations




Love the look of your Raffaello, so out from the sewers :D

hey thanks, soon the other turtles jaja