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Hello, Splinterland warriors!

How are you all i hope you will be fine and blessed today i am here again with another post of splinterlands game and today i am sharing only the quest rewards of today so the post may be short because of tomrrow test and going to sleep now to wake up early for tomrrow test.


The magic of the Centauri people of northern Anumün is so secretive that it is a wonder their Mages make any demonstrations of their powers in the Mount Mox Arena at all. The audiences are always thrilled to see their magic attacks,Read more here

In the earth splinter there is a monster CENTAURI MAGE from the untamed edition reward cards that you can get from the quest rewards and also from the season end rewards that works very fine in the range attack ruleset to return fire means that it will send the damage back to that monster. Well, i have already upgraded this to level 3 but now just made it level 4 to get 10 life from and soon will upgrade to level 5 to unlocked its repair ability.



This monster has two abilities the one is return fire that you can get at level and the next one is repair ability would be great in the armor ruleset soon i will get in the next level currently i have level 4 so need 15 more cards for making it to level 5.



Here is the quest rewards for today that i completed the quest with neutral splinter and it was easy to complete the quest while only 3 battles winning so here is the quest rewards of gold 1 in which i got one rare card that i already explain and two common cards along with potion charges and dec tokens.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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