Forward to the past

in Nerday2 months ago

My new job. Watercolour, gouache, charcoal dust, graphite pencil. First I drew flowers and circles in watercolors. Then I drew the right eye and distributed the main dark spots of the portrait from it. I drew the nose, then the left eye, then the lips. You can see that I tried to be bolder with her hair. I wanted to leave air and space in hair. The accents and dark shade.

And yet, now there is an interesting event in the world of comics (in Russia). Those comics thanks to which I wanted to seriously learn how to draw and create my own comics are being reissued. W.I.T.C.H. its name. We even had two seasons of the cartoon.

I remember how my friend and I searched the city for these comics every month. And I didn't have enough pocket money to buy them every time. After more than 12 years, my dream, my joyful memories from my childhood can meet again)))






excelente trabajo de arte quedo linda la jovencita saludos

Gracias por su apoyo)