Splinterlands Social Media Challenge : Drawing : Mycelic Morphoid

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Hello everyone

Today I am going to share my art for splinterlands social media challenge . today I am going to draw Mycelic Morphoid and Share this in social media


Its very simple for me to start drawing from its head , but actually what is this thing I don’t know . simply I am start drawing from its head . but I don’t know its top side is head or not . but as I thing its head . so I am start drawing for this . making its head and mouth


Now drawing it full body . you can see hare it have much arms and legs . I am trying my best to draw this properly . but its much easy and also difficult . well I am drawing its arms and also lets with my black pen


Now time for use color . at first I am using red color and black color . black is for its mouth and black is for its head . its head its totally red color with black steps . its looks like some one bandage in its head


now time to use pencil . as usual I am not using pencil . but today I have no option . because this character has not much colorful totally white color with shadow . so I am using pencil for making its shadow . I am drawing shadow in its legs and some parts . now this drawing is totally complete


This character is totally white color and its head is only red color . so I have not much steps for my drawing . I was trying my best to do . Hope you like this drawing

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