Moon Girl, Pin-Up

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Just a comic-style art of Moon Girl, from The Real Superheroines of Hive Valley.

moon girl pin-up.png

If you watch the time lapse video, you can see that I used a wire-frame model to get the proportions right on the figure. This is a free feature of Clip Studio Paint Pro, although the wire frame's that come standard with the program are a little too anime-proportioned. This body type is the "amazon" woman shape, which someone generated and made available for free as a download from the Clip Studio cloud.

Went with simple cell shading rather than airbrushing for neatness. I say simple cell shading, but it actually takes me longer than just airbrushing in big chunks of shadows and highlights.

Also, the night sky gradient brush is an easy background fill. And those buildings in the background are actually ridiculously easy. Just use the rectangle tool to make black outlines, then make scatter pale yellow windows all over them. I don't bother trying to make them uniform sizes or in straight lines. I'm sure no one noticed it until I pointed it out, right?
Here's that timelapse:


Moony is looking really good.
So good i want to try to punch her out.

I hope that she will be good natured and just let me try, once.
Shoot my shot... then, most likely live with my bruised man-hood the rest of my life.
(unless, of course, she insists on one hit back)

"Moony is looking really good.
So good i want to try to punch her out."

Out of context, that sounds terrible....

Nice work this definitely deserves a @tipu curate 👍🏾

Cool, thanks!

You are more than welcome 😎👍🏾

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