Mortal Kombat (2021) ; Trailer Review .

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Hello fellow Nerds. So far 2021 seems pretty much like a year of great movies. The 1995 action and adventure film, Mortal Kombat will has been remade and would be released in April. It came off as a surprise to fans and lovers, no one was expecting the news of the return of the Legendary film and it's probably one of the best news for action movie lovers this week.

Well, from the trailer, almost everything has been improved from the powers, to moves and of course the characters. Subzero gave everyone the chills that were expected from him and probably even more. Other characters like Liu Kang, Sonia, King Lao and Jax seemed really really cool but I really don't want think Scorpion has gone weak like almost everyone who saw the thriller thinks. Although from the trailer, his moves seemed really fast and deadly when he attacked less powerful opponent but I was disappointed to see how Subzero dealt with him in a fight and most importantly his famous line "Get Over Here" just wasn't what fans were expecting, it was too poor and weak from the famous deadly Scorpion (I felt this maybe because the actor isn't so young)



Lastly, there seem to be some crazy improvements in the visuals and this was quite obvious from the start of the trailer were Subzero had to freeze the bullet and shrapnels from a gun and also caused Jax's arms to shatter with his freezing abilities. Other areas of the trailer had great visuals and CGIs and I this alone made fan wanna see the movie so badly. When comparing with the 1995 movie, the visuals have improves by far.

I'm one of those Mortal Kombat fans that would do almost anything to see the movie in the first days of it's release and I really can't wait to see all it's got it offer. For those who haven't seen the trailer yet, you can check it out via the link below. Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section friends. Do enjoy the rest of your day.


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