Who Else Misses "Road Rash"??!!

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Yo Gamers, Hivers and Fellow Nerds. Today I was wondering where on Earth did some of our favorite vintages games and then memories of my favorite childhood game, Road Rash, clouded my kind. This was my first ever PC racing game. It was the "Need for Speed" of my childhood and was one of the most memorable to play. I learnt the game was initially developed in 1991 for Sega Genesis. The graphics seemed like the best back then but aren't comparable to graphics of today's games.


Road Rash was a really cool game, pretty violent and really interesting to play. I could remember how racers on their bikes would punch, kick, and hit other racers with bats. Even the police wasn't left out in getting some violence. Haha!!!




I also remember how the racer would run back to their bikes when they fall off this could be the longest run back to the bikes especially when the racer gets hit by another bike as he runs towards his. It could also be the end of the game if the police catches up with the racer before reaching his bike. It's really memorable.



Lastly, I miss the game art when there is a win or loss. They were really hilarious and probably the best I have seen.



Really wonder if the game still exists in a better and modern form. Road Rash really was one of the best of it's time.


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ahahaha remember espn extreme sports for ps1 how youd punch and kick the bobsledders or whatever....just like at the x games!

Yeah, I did remember scenes from some espn games. The good old days😄. Sadly, I haven't been much of a gamer lately. But my interest has been rekindled.

yeah i basically don't game at all. a few times a year i dust off and hook up the dreamcast or playstation! im sure there are great games or whatever these days, my interests just lie else where

Lol... I miss this game a lot. I used to play it on my very old system before it was stolen. I was addicted to it back then.

Sorry about your PC, I was also addicted to it then. It was my first racing game and was a pretty addictive for me also.

What an amazing game, it reminds me of a simpler time with games. There are some good modern games, but nothing can beat the classics!

Yeah, Most classic games were the best in their time. Their memories are golden an they did paved way for the new generation of games. I could call them the 2pac of their time..haha!!!

Man! Right in the childhood nostalgia. I remember playing this a lot. Ha, ha, ha. I loved to kick the other racers. This is one of those classics that deserves a revamped version with modern graphics just for old fans.

Honestly, this games deserves to to brought back or redeveloped. I'm pretty sure it would be a huge success if we'll recreated to fit this era and if we'll marketed. I'm glad I brought back some old memories for ya. Thanks for checking it out bud.♥️

I had this weird idea this game existed in my memories, but wasn't a real thing. It is good to know that's not the case.