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Greetings creative community

Every day we grow more, every day we learn to do new things, every day we improve in our presentations and polish ourselves like a diamond.

It fills us with satisfaction to see that there is motivation in each one of us, we share experiences, we share experiences, we show with much love what we know how to do so that we can help others.

A step by step tutorial, explained, detailed, orderly of what you want to show, helps not only your content but also to be understandable to be able to recreate it.

Presentation is important, let's not miss the details.

Take your time to make your crafts, take your time to think about how to empty your information in the publication, fill it with love and creativity, do not overlook the details, those little details that make your publication stand out.

Thanks for being with us.


Our active contest: World of Glass Have fun creating things or giving tricks with this material and share with us.

🔴 Try to show quality content and as a tutorial.

🔴 We value your creativity and presentation of your projects.

🔴 Please read the rules of our community.

Show us how to do it.

The following posts have been curated thanks to the OCD incubation program:


✔️ @gaboamc2393 He showed us how to make a Mechagodzilla out of scrap electronic materials.

My participation in-the contest - Mechagodzilla


✔️ @carolinacardoza teached us how to make a puppet.

Mi Titere "Chunguito" con mucho cariño para celebrar el día del niño


✔️ @maridmc show us how to decorate glass jars.



✔️ @yilmagari showed us to give another use to a clothing item.

Step by step how to transform a shirt into a skirt


✔️ @somethingnice showed us how to create beautiful and tender figures with moldable material.

Goblin of Friendship.


We have learned a lot these days, what are you waiting for? Show us: How we can do it ourselves.

We appreciate the support of @OCD and its incubation project, in valuing the content of these authors.


Program: MediBang Paint Pro.

Graphics tablet: Huion (Usb Pen Tablet). Model 420.



GIF 2 - Filmora Wondershare


Do you have a craft to teach?

This is your community.

Do you know any trick to show us to make our life easier?

This is your community.

Do you want to teach everyone to do things by themselves?

This is your community.

Do you have knowledge about sewing, embroidery, modeling, cold pasta, ceramics, painting on fabric, among others?

Share your tutorials here.

Crafts for children and adults, men and women, is the community of all and for all.


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Hey mi mechagodzilla, que bueno verlo por acá jeje gracias por compartirlo en su post y por el apoyo, un abrazo a todos en la comunidad.

Felicidades a los seleccionados! Gracias por hacer contenido de calidad en nuestra comunidad! Sean siempre bienvenidos! @gaboamc2393 @carolinacardoza @somethingnice @yilmagari @maridmc

Todo el contenido que apoyan esta genial, todo mu bien hecho de excelente calidad, se ve que le ponen bastante cariño a lo que hacen y creo que esa es la meta, ir rumbo a la excelencia y que esto contagie a otros para que hagan contenido original y de calidad. muchas gracias y que Dios les bendiga.

Que hermosas palabras tan cargadas de motivación @hive-130560! Realmente es un placer presentar para ustedes y para la colmena trabajos hechos con la mejor entrega y dedicación! El recibir palabras de encomio como estas nos infunden ánimo y mucha satisfacción! Estoy feliz de haber conseguido está preciosa comúnidad! Un gran abrazo cariñoso a los seleccionados en esta curación! Gracias comunidad por el apoyo! 🥰✨💖