“It's Never Happy DIY -Catching Rats Under My House. 家の下のドブネズミを退治する- 決して楽しいDIYではありません” [English and Japanese ]

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“It's Never Happy DIY-Catching Rats Under My House”

We had (hopefully not anymore) a rat issue under our house. Last year, we had squirrels and small mice under our house first. Then, we had to make them escape because we didn't want to kill them.

However, we noticed that there were rats living under our house as well. Rats are troublesome... My husband had to put traps many times. He discovered many styles but rats were also learning. They were very clever enough to not get tricked by the traps. My husband got rid of some of them last year. BUT! We noticed that another rat couple was living under there.

Our battle started. My husband said he wanted to get rid of them before winter. They were very noisy in the early morning. They were hungry and wanted to get out. They scratched under the house every morning. My dog was also upset because they destroyed our peaceful morning.

We didn't ask for a professional mouse catcher this time. My husband created many different types of traps. Finally, we caught them. It is not happy to catch them. This is not happy DIY at all. “Living in the mountains...” Everybody says that. If you go to the hardware stores, there are many mouse traps on the shelf or even near the cashier. Hopefully, no more rats will decide to move in under our house!!

What we tried...

・4 baited live traps
・Bear spray (it triggered my allergies badly)
・Mothballs (it also triggered my allergies)
・Two water traps with spinning cans
・Mint oil in cotton balls
・Ultra high-frequency YouTube videos overnight
・Three different types of traditional snap traps
・Peanut butter, fish bones, egg shells, and nuts for bait
・Sticky paper
・Cayenne pepper in steel wool to block their entrances
・Borax mixed with chicken broth
・Flour mixed with plaster of Paris powder
・Wafarin pellets










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