The Blood Healer (Healer Fanart)

I have just finished watching Solo Leveling Season 1 anime and I just saw the recent post of @acidyo talking about Holozing healers ( So this is what I came up with as today's fan art.

Igrisia The Blood Healer


That post of acidyo had this artwork of a healer wearing a ponytail, and Igris from Solo Leveling has a ponytail too. So, I thought of fusing them together as a 'What If'. What if Holozing had collaborations with existing IPs like from brands or animes.

I copied the Healer from the post to use it as a reference for the custom traits I thought of. Needed to do this to make sure the armor (trait) will be compatible with their existing template/silhouette.


I used it as a reference to sketch this Igris armor (Note: I am still missing the ponytail at this stage).


I started working on the line art for the armor once I was satisfied with the sketch. I started with the helmet first, then the body (on the next picture):



Like with Igris, I wanted Igrisia (the name I went with) to have that white glowing eyes, so I added that here:


I completely forgot about sketching the ponytail so I just did the lineart for it right away:


After being satisfied with the lineart for this artwork, I added in the base colors, they are based on Igris' original red armor:


I changed the background color to a more appropriate one and added shading to the artwork:


All I needed to add was some highlights for the armor and a little bit of bloom effect. I also added more lines to emphasize the armor a bit more.

I present: Igrisia The Blood Healer



Some notes: This is not a tracing of any kind. NFT art like this needs everything to be aligned and similar for them to work with the randomization of traits. The Igris armor was also not a trace. Everything here was drawn by hand with digital tools.






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