Love the Clouds #158/ The Purplish Sunset

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Good day everyone!
Hope all are well and doing just fine.
Yesterday, My hubby, mother-in-law and I went to the memorial cemetery to visit my father-in-law who passed for 28 years now. Our last visit was during the All Soul's Day, November first.
I so love going to this place because this is where I always get my beautiful sunset photos for the park has a wide garden so the horizon is really very visible.
Actually almost all of my different sunset photos were taken here because everyday we see different colors of the sunset.

Around 5:30pm I already started taking some photos for the skies looked so divine already. This was my 5:31pm photo.


And this was around 6:00 pm. The skies were starting to turn light purple. Imagine from just plain light gold or yellow it transformed into purple.



This was 6:06pm. The purplish light started turning a bit darker already.


I took this photo on the same angle, same spot because it is where the moon was. I wanted the moon to be a part of the photo.

This was 6:10pm. I was so amazed at how fast the colors of the clouds change. It's like every second it moves and starts its transformation.


Until I took this snap around 6:11pm.
It turned into a very evident purple color.


Nature never fails to amaze us. Each day brings incomparable beauty. We really live in a world of change.

That's all for now folks. Hope you were mesmerized by the awesome clouds I snapped from my side of the world.
How about on your side, Did we have the same purplish colors too?

Thank you again for dropping by and for your continued support on my humble post.

As always, be happy😊


I enjoyed reading your post. Yeah, I'm ammazed of what you snapped, rare color clouds, indeed.

love it sis! Ang ganda.

Thank you sissy. Thank you for always supporting my posts. Your lovely words of praise really goes a long way.
God speed deary!🥰🥰

As you said, nature never fails to amaze us. the first photo looks very, beautiful. Looks like in a fairy tale 😍

Yes they really do. Thank you for dropping by my post dear.

My pleasure. Lovely picts 🌸❤️

ganda ng clouds sis!

Hello sis, oo nga nakakamangha ang ganda ng creations ni Lord talaga.
Thanks sis sa pagbisita.😍

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Thank you so much.

It's all beautiful sis and yes nature always amazed us best of luck po sis

Muy impresionantes colores.

Thank you Ma'am. Glad I was there to get this awesome cloud.

You captured awesome colorful clouds. The saying here is “ red skies at night, sailors delight.”..meaning the next day will be good on the water.

Thank you dear, oh really? I love that saying, hope it was a beautiful day out for the sailors today.
Thanks for visiting.

whoah! Grabe, ang gand ang scenery sis,. bluish lang yung nakikita ko, enever pa ako ng nakakita ng purplish sunset

Oo nga sis, we too were amazed kahit si byenan, si nanay hindi din makapaniwala. Parang si Tatay siguro yon painting the clouds purple because it's my mother in law's favorite color. Oh yah! Why hadn't I thought of that.... Hala, oo nga! oOoOO! Spooky! Haha.

ooh, you could tell your nanay that sis, maybe he did it to thank your nanay for remembering him. he's too sweet

Yay! 🤗
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