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RE: Love The Clouds: 🐾 Halloween Cat 🦹

in Love The Clouds • 5 months ago

A very image stimulating cloud formation. I see a Christmas bell over the cat. It's the yuletide season!! Great entry.

Are those wood parquet tiles Red is lying on? They're lovely. Always wanted that kind of flooring for our living room but it's sooo expensive. You have a very nice and cozy place @redheadpei 👍


Hi Gems @gems.and.cookies. Yes I see the bell shape over the cat but thought it was the witches hat as if she was in middle of shapeshifting. 🧙‍♀️

Thanks for the lovely comment on the flooring. 😊 It is made of real hardwood like parquet flooring. Wood has doubled in price here since the pandemic, it was expensive when we first had it laid but a lot more now.

Have a wonderful day and 👻 Happy Halloween 🎃