Love the Clouds : An Entry for 159

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My entry for the #lovetheclouds contest, as hosted by @tobetada.


This batch of photos featured some amazing textures in the sky. Granted, those pesky power lines got in the way with most of these photos, but I still was able to get capture the sensibility of the sky.



Most of the photos were obscured by the wires, but I did get one good one of the sky unhindered. The clouds almost looked like soap on a blue surface.


Nothing too exciting, of course, but fascinating to photograph nonetheless.

Thanks for checking out my #lovethecloud share for this round. Hopefully, the overcast skies dissipate this week, and more photo opportunities present themselves.


Outstanding shots

thank you! the power lines kind of stunk, but the clouds were cool to photograph

I'm not sure how to describe the thin clouds scattered across the sky, but they are astounding.

Thank you! Likely a weird warm/cold front that passed through here again that created them, but they certainly reminded me of art

The clouds looks like a newly brushed paint painted on the sky! So lovely!🥰