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In a world that persists in maintaining an archaic work structure, crypto is the best way to generate profits today. But in the last year I realized that it is as important to produce as it is to take care of what you earn. My mistake was not following the golden rule in the crypto world: never put in more than you are willing to lose.

Last year, I earned what in my country is a sum that was close to the goals I had set for myself.

Although I still had a long way to go, I had taken a big leap and I was very excited.

I took advantage of this economic oxygen to update my computer and phone, since in my country the technology (mid-range) costs quite high. But as these purchases last for years (at least in my case) I weighed it as an investment, because at the end of the day; both my phone and computer were the protagonists of how I earned that money in cryptocurrencies.

However, I was overconfident.

Following the line of thought that both computer and phone were actors and protagonists in how I made that economic leap, I applied the same idea to video games.

En un mundo que persiste en mantener una estructura de trabajo arcaica, las crypto son la mejor manera de generar ganancias hoy día. Pero el último año me di cuenta que es tan importante producir como cuidar lo que uno gana. Mi error fue no seguir la regla de oro en el mundo crypto: Nunca pongas más de lo que estés dispuesto a perder

El año pasado, gane lo que en mi país es una suma que me acercaba a las metas que me había propuesto. Faltaba mucho pero había dado un salto grande y estaba entusiasmado. Aproveche ese oxigeno económico para actualizar mi computadora y teléfono. Y en mi país la tecnologia es muy cara. Pero como son compras duran años lo sopese como una inversión más que un gasto, porque a fin de cuentas; tanto mi telefono como computadora fueron protagonistas de como gane ese dinero en cryptomonedas.

Sin embargo me confié.

Siguiendo la línea de pensamiento de que tanto computadora como telefono fueron actores y protagonistas en como di ese salto económico, aplique la misma idea a los videojuegos.


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In September last year Wemade's Mir4 came out, the first MMO with a P2E system in blockchain, and behind it there was a big company with a presumed trajectory like wemade. The reality is that the game itself is pretty good, but apparently it takes more than a good game and development experience to make it in the crypto industry.

By staying competitive and not feeling (at the time) the financial pain, I was consuming the money little by little but with overwhelming regularity. The situation seemed to be under control until this last crypto winter.

I usually have more than half of all my funds in HBD or some stablecoin, unfortunately this was not the case and I had almost 80% of my assets in a stacking of this game that depreciated its value in a very cruel rate and as there was no reaction from the wemade staff to contain this, the coin simply plummeted from 20usd to 5usd.

You can imagine that waking up to this was extremely hopeless. I no longer feel sad as I write this post, life goes on. I rolled up my sleeves and went back to work in search of success. But as I always write about games and their benefits in this era, it is also not only appropriate but also honest to write to you about my mistakes so that you can avoid going through what I did.

En septiembre del año pasado salió el Mir4 de Wemade, el primer MMO con un sistema P2E en blockchain, y a sus espaldas había una compañia grande y de presunta trayectoria como wemade. El juego es bastante bueno sin ir mas lejos, pero aparentemente se necesita mas que un buen juego y experiencia en su desarrollo para triunfar en la industria crypto.

Por mantenerme competitivo y sin sentir el dolor economico, fui consumiendo el dinero de a poco pero con una constancia apabullante. La situación parecía estar bajo control hasta que llegó este último invierno crypto.

Usualmente tengo mas de la mitad de todos mis fondos en HBD o alguna stablecoin, desgraciadamente no fue el caso y tenía casi el 80% de mis activos en un stacking de este juego que depreció su valor de una manera muy cruel y al no haber una reacción del staff de wemade para contener esto, la moneda sencillamente se desplomó de 20usd a 5usd.

Imaginarán que despertar viendo esto fue sumamente desesperanzador. Escribo estas lineas ya sin tristeza. Me arremangue y volví a trabajar en busqueda del exito. Pero como siempre escribo sobre juegos y sus beneficios en esta era, tambien es no solo apropiado sino tambien honesto escribirles sobre mis errores para que eviten pasar por lo mismo que yo.


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That said, I refuse to act out of past traumas, pain should be a teacher and not a torturer. I believe in investing wisely, I refuse to enter games for the sole purpose of parasitizing a token without being passionate about it, its community and developers.

I will continue to compete, have fun and invest wisely. I don't deny that I play crypto to win, isn't that the idea? To win in a fairer system than the one we are used to. Where we are the undisputed owners of the digital assets we acquire. I invested more than 2000usd in my Mir4 character that I am trying to sell without success at less than 500usd.

Dicho ésto, me rehuso a actuar desde traumas pasados, el dolor debe ser un maestro y no un torturador. Creo que hay que invertir inteligentemente, me rehuso a entrar a juegos con el sólo fin de parasitar un token sin apasionarme por él, su comunidad y desarrolladores.

Voy a seguir compitiendo, divirtiendome e invertiré de manera inteligente. No niego que juego con crypto para ganar. ¿No es la idea? Ganar en un sistema mas justo al actual. Donde somos los propietarios de los bienes digitales que adquirimos. Inverti mas de 2000usd en mi personaje de Mir4 que estoy intentando vender sin exito a menos de 500usd.


Source of image a screen of my actuall character on sale.


I lose not only the gross investment but also almost a year of game and organization of clans and people (we mobilized more than 500 players for the server wars). Although the experience was fabulous, enriching and demanding; the losses were too painful to consider the positive balance.

Today I'm playing Ni No Kuni, I invested about 80USD that I recovered in less than a month and everything I get from now on is profit. I hope I can keep myself in the competitive level without having to invest more than I take out, I don't mind not winning; I am aware that good projects must be invested in the future; but even so I will keep a conservative profile while I diversify into other projects.

I hope my story will be of some help to you when you face the time to make a decision that can change your life!

Pierdo no solo la inversión bruta sino tambien casi un año de juego y organización de clanes y personas (llegamos a movilizar mas de 500 players para las guerras de servidor) Si bien la experiencia fue fabulosa, enriquecedora y exigente; las perdidas fueron demasiado dolorosas como para considerar el balance positivo.

Hoy estoy jugando Ni No Kuni, invertí unos 80USD que ya recupere en menos de un mes y todo lo que saque de ahora en más es ganancia. Espero poder mantenerme en el nivel competitivo sin necesidad de tener que invertir más de lo que quito, no me molesta no ganar; soy consciente que a los buenos proyectos hay que invertirlos a futuro; pero aún así voy a mantener un perfil conservador mientras me diversifico en otros proyectos.

Espero que mi historia les sirva de algo para cuando encaren a la hora de tomar una decisión que puede cambiarles las vida!

Gracias por leerme! / Thanks for reading this


My mistake was not following the golden rule in the crypto world: never put in more than you are willing to lose.

This is totally right, I heard diversification is good if we are not sure of what is good and not but as far as I am concern if a company is involve that is way too risky for me because centralization issues. Well, life goes as you said and ee keep learning until we become successful and living legend. Cheer bro

I also start seeing a pattern on small games versus big games, somehow small games have much more sustainability during time! I dont like centralized systems, but some are better than others haha i try to keep a pragmatic view on that!

Thanks for your read and support my friend!

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I agree that very few games are able to generate a positive cashflow. Deflation in the price of cards are quicker than the increase of putting you money/crypto back into the game. I think all of the game are in similar modes. Without new players putting in money the assets devalue.

Totally agree, but that make me ask how to analyze games? Im start thinking than little games have more chances of succeed than bigger ones, many leechers in early stages can broke the system, already happens with mir4, people selling bot farms on VPN servers requires a huge market to develop that and make it profitable... The game resist some months but finally was too much =/


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