My First Battle Win with Dragon Summoner and Monster

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Compliments of the new year. I hope you've started running with your goals this new year. One of my goals for the new year when it comes to Hive engagement was upgrade my gameplay skills in the splinterlands by reading more and participating in contests.

Today, I had an exciting time trying out my first battle using the Dragon summoner and a monster unit. I got a win at first shot and I am so happy that my strategy worked out so well.

I noticed that the theme for this week's Share your battle challenge Dragons. I hope my entry would be valid since it is not a video but a text post, however, I have link to my battle. Below were the prescription for the battle:

Edition: ANY
Rarity: ANY
Element: DRAGON + ANY

The dragon element in Splinterlands game is a unique one. The sources of the Dragon element harness an ancient combination of all the elements, which they call Glory. Using a dragon monster would require that you select another element to play with. In my case, I choose water element. Neutral cards are also useable with dragon summoner.

My lineup for the Battle

The only dragon summoner in the splinterlands starter deck is DRAKE OF ARNAK, a rare summoner. The summoner adds +1 Armor to all friendly monsters. It has a rating of 4 and from the untamed card packs category.


On selecting the dragon summoner, I discovered that there is no playable dragon monster. However, good, that I had two dragon monster units - WHELP HERDER. One common card and One gold card which is rented out. I only had the common card for use in the battle.

WHELP HERDER is a common dragon unit from the riftwatcher card set. The unit is rated 4 manna, 4 health, 1 melee attach, 1 speed and has the opportunity ability. The opportunity ability helps the monster to attack from any position and it targets the enemy monster with the lowest health. That was a great stat for the only dragon unit I had and it also has a low manna cost.

However, I didn't place WHELP HERDER at the first position, since it could attack from any position. I had it placed in the second position. Below is an the lineup of the four monster units used for the battle.

  1. First position: Cruel Sethropod - I used this water monster unit in the first position becasue of its high stats in armor (3) and health (4). Added that the summoner would add 1 more armor, I was sure it would make a good first place defence.
  2. Second position Whelp Herder. - I placed this dragon card second on the lineup since it has the opportunity ability.
  3. Third Position: Deeplurker - I placed Deeplurker on the third position since it has the opportunity ability and can attack from any position. Deeplurker has a 3 melee attack and it helps wipe health from the enmy's.
  4. Fourth Position: Pelakor bandit - My last card had the sneak and flying ability hence would attack the enemy monsters other than the first. It can also evade melee attacks.

Dragon battle link

The Battle

This battle was one of my best. I am glad I did select that strategy. All Five enemy monsters were destroyed while I had two left. Here is the battle link.

During the battle, the dragon summoner did great feats bringing down the enemy monster units. The dragon summoner survived the battle with all 4 health.

Thanks to Deeplurker with the big 3 melee attack. It made winning the battle easier. I was able to secure 25 rating points from the battle win.

I would be glad to use that card combination the next time I use dragon summoner with similar manna cost. It is really interesting battling with Dragon summoner and monster.

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Thank you again to all the creators and developers on Hive. Thank you all my teachers here on Hive. Thank you for those who mark my scripts with their upvotes. I am happy to see that I am growing in understanding this environment, but more interesting is that I am paid to to learn on hive.

Thank you all, I love you.

I am @kingswill. Let's meet and greet.


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@kingswill, I have learned a lot from this post. Selecting your monsters unit, used for the battle was amazing one.

I will try my possible best to battle too.

Thank for this piece.

Thanks for sharing! - @zallin

Good Work, thanks for sharing!