Splinterlands: Best Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn and NFT Supporting Game

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Dear Splinterlands and Hive friends, cheers to a new year in view!

As I begin to reminisce my lots in 2022, I get to give credence to people and systems that enhanced and supported my dreams. The Hive blockchain is one of those places while I would call the Splinterlands gaming community a home.

My knowledge in crypto, NFTs, etc, has been enhanced in my daily engagement of this superb blockchain game. If I had the opportunity to dole out awards I would tag Splinterlands as the Blockchain game of the Century. I say that with reasons I would elucidate in this post.


While responding to a call in the splinterlands Discord some days ago to vote for Splinterlands in the just concluded PlayToEarn Blockchain Game Awards 2022, I discovered that there are hundreds of blockchain games listed there each with their unique description and functionalities. For SPlinterlands, the description was "NFT Support, Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn". I asked myself if I have had a taste of all these components of splinterlands and the answer was Yes and even more.

Besides being a game, many blockchain gamers out there are not aware that Splinterlands is also write-to-earn and stake-to-earn. Yes, I have had my good stories as a recipient of these aspects of splinterlands.

Splinterlands as the Best...

Without a doubt, splinterlands is the leading blockchain trading card game, with tens of thousands of accounts daily collecting cards and battling worldwide. I am numbered among this huge statistics. While the splinterlands game is about 4 years old, I have experienced it for just Six months and it's been a superb experience so far.

Best Free-to-Play game

Splinterlands game is free to play. This feature has made it possible for a user like me who was a total novice to participate. There was no way I could have been willing to pay a dime to buy any card, pack to play the game as a new user not aware of the future of the game. But, since access into the game was free, it was easy to try out.

So far, I have played 85 battles in Splinterlands without purchasing the spellbook. This has been made possible by the free cards I have access to for battling as a novice and new user. Playing the free game has help me build the right skills that would be profitable when I buy my the spellbook for participation in higher leagues in 2023.

Best Play-to-Earn

In splinterlands, players collect, battle, trade and earn. Splinterlands.is all fun a game to play and your time and data used are well rewarded. My few months of playing the game has improved my crypto holdings and investments.

Players can earn SPS, Cards for winning battles depending on the league you play. These earnings are also available when you join tournaments and guilds. Though still a novice player, I have earned over $100 indirectly for playing the game. This is made possible as I share my my gaming experiences as a hive post and earn upvotes from @steemmonsters every week.

Best NFT Supporting Game

The word NFT sounding so big to my ears until I started playing splinterlands. Today, I also own card NFTs. Below are my card NFTs I own in the splinterlands game. I can use them for battles, I can upgrade them, I can rent them out to other players and I can sell them for crypto.

It has been a worthwhile time playing the splinterlands game and I only expect a more interesting experience in the future with more crypto and more value

Join Splinterlands Now

Thank you again to all the creators and developers on Hive. Thank you all my teachers here on Hive. Thank you for those who mark my scripts with their upvotes. I am happy to see that I am growing in understanding this environment, but more interesting is that I am paid to to learn on hive.

Thank you all, I love you.

I am @kingswill. Let's meet and greet.


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