Splinterlands Giveaway #36 (Gold Edition)

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Hello fellow Hivians!

I decided recently to sell all of the vouchers that I had been stocking up for Riftwatchers and instead buy 2 Chaos Legion packs. Honestly I should have made this decision earlier given I missed a couple of the drops but with only 2 packs I'm not terribly worried.

Anyways, I managed to get pretty lucky with this specific pack and pulled a gold foil Disintegrator. Personally I think he is one of the better neutrals out there so a gold foil version is a must for most decks in my opinion. The catch however is that I already have a copy of him. As such, I'm going to give him away to one of you guys.

Also here is my pack pulls. I'm also quite happy about Igor since I didn't have him yet.


I am a bit sad at the rest of the pack however. I don't really like any of those cards nor do I see them used much. That said, Xenith Monk's heal is great for a 4* tank.

The rules for this giveaway are slightly different than my priors so make sure to follow the rules to be included.


Giveaway Prize

Grand Prize: 1 Gold Foil Disintegrator
A secondary and third draw will each receive 1 of the CL common reward cards.


How to participate

  1. Leave a comment including the Splinterlands name the reward should be sent to and your response to the below prompt.
  2. Upvotes are not required but will earn a bonus entry
  3. Reblogs not required but will earn a bonus entry
  4. Tag a friend that would be interested
  5. Spread positivity in your life.

*Prompt: Of the airdrop cards released so far, which has been your favorite?

I will be using Hive Random Picker to select a winner which will be announced in my next giveaway post.

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If we can manage to get this post to 8 Hive I'll open the next pack and give a card away from that one too. Thanks for the love!



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I want to be part of this Splinterlands giveaway. I will tag @dudeontheweb.

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A Gold would help me tremendously
My IGN is @indiebandguru. - upvoted
a pal that would be interested is @Amphlux
My fave new airdrop is Grum Flameblade! What a beast!

Count me in!

Grum is obviously the best card that was already released :D

IGN @luizeba

!Gif money


HA Grum is indeed such a good card.

count me mate @xykorlz

inviting @hkinuvaime join the giveaway


GRUM because of the ability blood lust

Did I win!?!? Niceeee!!! My first win in two weeks! Thank you very much! I will pass this time to give more opportunity to others, but tomorrow I'll be back!! Thank you so much!

Count me in!

GRUM because of blood lust

IGN @kursen

!Gif money

hello again! Am I too late?
Please count me in again! Thanks!
IGN kaanskryptos @kaanskryptos
My favorite airdrop card is definitely Grum, bc bloodlust is soo op right now.
I would tag a player who is very kind, good and makes good tournaments @z3ll hope it is ok for you? ^^

Of course, always have good energy in life for sure! And thanks for the giveaway!

my favourite has been the latest red one, Grum, its a huge tank and in high mana battles its better than living lava


upvoted, reblogged

tagging my guild mates @mirroredspork @michaeljnz @splinteryop

That he is. Objectively he is one of the best cards in the game at the moment. Bloodlust is a massive boost and he already has great base states to begin with.

count me in @orebutb3

To be honest I don't own any of the airdrop cards, nor have rented them to try using them in battles, except the promo card Doctor Bligh which was given to me by our guild leader. Other than him and based on stats alone and fighting against them in battle, I would say Grum seems to be the strongest one so far with that bloodlust ability.

Thank you and good luck to all!


by far Grum is my favorite! opportunity makes it amazing https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_db52acd9eb00fb231d8f31f8fea58dc0&ref=powermeat

ign: powermeat

Dr.Blight, if that count. If not, grum is great

Count me in please!

I really like Grum - had to buy one but I think he'll be worth it.



My favorite is Baakjira but I agree, Grum is super strong and just gotta love the whole Orc theme.

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Grum, i love the bloodlust @amaillo-m

ign: sp3ktraline

Thanks for doing this :)

Cool giveaway, please do count me in :) @dubble.eth

ign oliviander

i dont really think any of the airdrop cards are amazing but baakjira i use occasionally as a meatshield and lira adds another snare option for earthquake matches. lira probably has nice feet so thats my favourite ig.

@zuifeet 😘

Which of the new airdrop cards is your favorite so far?

Overall I think some of the airdrop cards are not THAT awesome. But my favorite is GRUM! I really liked him and bought one ;)

Grum Flameblade with his health, armor and attack is insanely good


have some za !PIZZA

My favorite is LIRA THE DARK because she's one of the few ranged attack monster with Opportunity ability. With 7 mana cap, it can fit any line-up possible.
ign: jpleron

Keep grinding everyone!!!

@zaver @jellyandbeeans

Grum is a beast and the awesome card atm for me...
Plz count me in @lipe100dedos

I Like Grum Flameblade. It's the first monster with Bloodlust out of the Gladius cards. And also a great tank against magic dealing monsters.

ign: zaver

@jpleron @jellyandbeeans

IGN: thegoliath

Favourite airdrop is Grum Fireblade due to that bloodlust and he is a big tanky tough guy!

Reblogged and voted as well, GF card giveaway is a must for people!

Thanks for the chance!
IGN Bigbarger

I received Glum, so of course here’s my Favorite… but he’s awfully slow!
Upvoted and reblogged.
@bernaku @kotenoke @siberian12
Gold card giveaway here.
Thank you!!!

Oops! Didn't mean to tag you on your own post! Let me tag one more. How about... @nysster

I'd like to join.

My ign:hkinuvaime

Count me in! @cryptomajika
@siberian12 for the recommend!
“The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.”
― Nikola Tesla
Cheers :)

Grum is the best!

I was able to pull a gf grum, which is max lvl for silver. Its by far my favorite card and is probably overpowered.

Hi! Crumb Hardly has any competition. IGN @blipsandchitz

Upvoted! IGN @brojustaverage My fave airdrop is still Dr Blight as its the only one I have gotten a lucky chance to use for a bit. Tagging @mclovinthekid Thanks for the opportunity!

Thank you for the opportunity @spryquasar

My favourite airdrop card is Baakjira, for the plain simple reason that it looks cool 😎

Ign Abyssalsoul


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Thanks for this giveaway! Upvoted too! @relf87
Among the airdrop cards, Dr Blight is my favourite because of its Affliction ability.
Tagging a friend @koodies

IGN Agaprime. My favorite by far is Grum the fireblade, he is an absolute beast! I actually just finished a video in him! Thanks for doing the giveaways!

Thank a lot!

This time I will go for xenith monk 🥰

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When I see food I eat it.

Credit: happyme
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My username is @bokica80
i invite @atnazo and @gameboyali to participate in giveaway

Doctor Blight because he's neutral and only cost 4. @umaboy

I hate to follow the crowd, but he is a fan favorite for a reason... Grum with bloodlust is just a beast.

Yay! 🤗
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Grum is big tank super strong @urkanon

Please count me in. IGN: @tinyputerboy

My favorite CL card so far is totally Grum, because I was lucky enough to catch one in the drop!

Thanks as always for great posts and givaways. Upvoted, of course!

Thank for hosting!

Really love grum!

ign: henruc

thanks for the giveaway

tagging: @phicleo

Please add me @middle-earthling in the draw. Tagging @akiraymd
I think Grum Flameblade is the best card yet. Didn't get lucky in the airdrops so far.

Hey @kotenoke, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

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count me in ign @beelmukjj
my favorite crad has been grum since i only bought 3 pack and i got him on an airdrop

My favourite Airdrop card so fas is Grum. This new ability is sick :) Seems to be a very nice tank especially against Magic. And Magic is played a lot since Obsidian...
Thanks for your nice giveaways!

I choose Grum
IGN @tjnanda

I’ll join! Upvoted and reblogged. @technocrypton

Grum is awesome!

Grum, I rented him out for a day and already love his potential.
IGN: @zerold
tagging @zedyoung

please add my name in the draw, thanks
username - imfarhad

IGN: redeculous
My favorite airdrop card so far is Grum.
Inviting @sylphoria and @ohmyboss
Spreading positivity.

Of the airdrops right now, I would say it is Grum Fireblade, it is insane to have bloodlust in ranked play now but at lower level, combine him with Tarsa it is crazy good!
Thank you for the give away! I used the card earlier today.
I didn't even notice the Monk's heal at second level, I need to go pick that up
ign: kqaos

Definitely Grum Flameblade, and I'm really sorry I did not get him in the airdrop.

I am in @myothuzar005
@naythan စိတ်ဝင်စားလား မသိဘူး။ကဒ်ကောင်း giveaway ပေးနေလို့။

Grum is the best!
Upvoted reblogged.
tag @ctime

Hi there, to be honest I don't own much packs and opened all of them too and lost 80% of the budget lol.

I'm IGN: kramlyn12 hoping I could win!

@magwayeeen come here!

Hi @kotenoke please add me in the giveaway tags! Thank you.

the monk is a good tank in low mana ..
ign: @edskymiguel

tag: @paulnath0017

Grum for sure :)

Lira the dark for me, I love monsters with opportunity ability IGN @epthal.
@unsettled check this out.

count me mate @onefapman
My favorite of all the airdrops is Dr.Blight. From Level 3 Dr. Blight is arguably one of the best cards in the game.

If its not too late, I'd like to participate :D

Grum is easily my favorite so far, does wonders in so many different rule sets. One the train starts pumping, it's one of the strongest cards atm.

tagging: @vectordance

not to late, this will be open until post payout. That said, make sure you hit all of the rules.

oh cool. Yeah, definitelly. I'm gonna add to my original comment.

Count me in! my friend !PIZZA

Absolutely, though I would ask to make sure you hit each of the participation requirements. Thanks!

Thanks for your kind giveaway, i want to add my friends IGN @bokica80 and my IGN @ecto1337 to your pool. Good luck splinterlands fam :-)

IGN: @alexmag1988
My favorite card released so far is GRUM!!!

I just tried them out yesterday and Grum is my favorite, followed by Baakjira.
Upvoted and reblogged for extra entries. !LUV ❤️
IGN: @amaari
Tagging @bokica80
!PIZZA 🍕 & !BEER 🍺

Count me in pls

i would like to be part of this