New Mission Acoustic Tent And Up-to-date Mission Achievements

Hello friends.
Today, I was too busy to act on the HIVE Blockchain and the Rising Star Game Mission was delayed.
I can't possible to do Halloween Mission due to the inability to purchase a New Halloween Animated Card for the Halloween Mission this week.
However, I have reached Level 45 by completing some time-consuming missions.


At level 45, I start a new mission in this evening.
This mission is Acoustic Tent from Local Gig Circuit Map.

Fans 1000, Level 45, Duration time 250 minutes and 100% Energy are required to perform Acoustic Tent mission.
Upon completion of the mission, Level XP 133 and ego 7 will be upgraded.
Mission Reward is available for Starbits 500 - 2045.

My first goal was to complete Starbits Millionaire Mission.
Therefore, I am doing missions aiming to reach level 50.
Next week, I will try to complete the Starbits Millionaire Mission.

The following table lists the total missions completed up to date.

Illegal Busking105
Open Mic Night30
Mid Week Support32
Licensed Busking14
Midweek Headline Slot12
Saturday Support17
Saturday Headline29
Radio Interview237
Radio Studio Session12
Shopping Mall Performance43
Record A Demo9
Local Festival Acoustic Tent1
Guitar Fair8
Production Fair17
Drum Fair26
GIFT Charity Gig1
Basic Singing Lesson15
Guitar Lesson27
Production Lesson106
Piano lesson75

How are you doing?

Thank you for everything.

Tin Aung Soe


Good တယ် လယ်ဗယ် ၄၅ တောင် ရောက်သွားပြီ

Lvl 50 ရောက်မှ အနားယူနိုင်မယ် ထင်တယ်

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