#OvercomeSadness Iniciativa: ¿Cómo superar la tristeza?

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💫Bienvenidos a mi blog 💫

💫Welcome to my blog 💫

Feliz y bendecido fin de semana para todos mis queridos amigos de esta comunidad, hoy quiero compartir mi testimonio y mis reflexiones sobre la iniciativa propuesta por @gsbilbao sobre ¿Cómo superar la tristeza?, un tema a los que muchos responden "yo no sufro de eso", pero la verdad es que todos hemos sufrido de tristeza y depresión, es parte de nuestra vida, es una emoción potente que merece un esfuerzo igual de fuerte para salir de ella y para superarla. Cada ser pasa por momentos difíciles y distintos a los que se tienen reacciones diferentes, es importante traer al ruedo estos temas que pueden ser luz en medio de la oscuridad que vive otra persona.

Happy and blessed weekend to all my dear friends of this community, today I want to share my testimony and my reflections on the initiative proposed by @gsbilbao on How to overcome sadness?, a subject to which many respond "I don't suffer from that", but the truth is that we have all suffered from sadness and depression, it is part of our life, it is a powerful emotion that deserves an equally strong effort to get out of it and to overcome it. Each being goes through difficult and different moments to which they have different reactions, it is important to bring to the fore these issues that can be light in the midst of the darkness that another person lives.


Abatida. Por mucho tiempo me sentí así y no sabía cómo se llamaba aquello que me hacía sentir contra el suelo, ni por que. Mi esposo me decía, tienes una linda familia, tienes trabajo, tienes salud, pero igual me sentía acabada. Y era feliz, pero algo me afectaba mucho y no podía determinar que era. Pasaron muchos meses y dejé de prestar atención, me decía a mi misma que todo estaba bien, que dejara el drama, pero cuando los problemas económicos se hicieron más grandes ya no pude más, yo no lloraba, pero tenía una profunda desilusión, un profundo pesar y una profunda decepción de lo que hacía en ese momento porque me esmeraba en mi trabajo pero ni era reconocido, ni era valorado monetariamente, había dejado de gustarme mi trabajo. Empecé a decirme a mi misma "todo me pasa a mi, siempre salgo perdiendo yo, la desgracia me persigue, que mala suerte tengo, etc etc", son esos momentos donde se te accidenta el carro, se daña la nevera, el microondas, la licuadora, el aire acondicionado, se rompe una tubería en casa, se enferman tus hijos, pierdes dinero, y hasta te cortas un dedo al cocinar.

Dejected. For a long time I felt like this and I didn't know the name of what made me feel against the ground, or why. My husband told me, you have a beautiful family, you have a job, you are healthy, but I still felt finished. And I was happy, but something affected me a lot and I couldn't determine what it was. Many months passed and I stopped paying attention, I told myself that everything was fine, to stop the drama, but when the economic problems got bigger I couldn't take it anymore, I didn't cry, but I had a deep disappointment, a deep regret and a deep disappointment of what I was doing at that time because I was doing my best in my work but it was not recognized, nor was it valued monetarily, I had stopped liking my work. I began to tell myself "everything happens to me, I always lose out, misfortune persecutes me, what bad luck I have, etc etc", are those moments when your car crashes, the fridge or microwave is damaged, the blender, the air conditioning, a pipe breaks at home, your children get sick, you lose money, and you even cut your finger while cooking.


Pronto supe que esos pensamientos me estaban hundiendo más y hablé. Le conté lo que sentía y lo que pensaba a mi esposo, a mi mamá, a mi amiga, a la vecina, a mi suegra y la luz fue apareciendo poco a poco, tenía que cortar de raíz. Renuncié, me atreví a emprender, luché con el miedo y la crisis económica pero esa luz se hizo cada vez más grande y me empoderó de tal forma que olvidé todos aquellos pensamientos negativos. El desahogo fue el inicio, determinar la fuente es un paso, y cortar de raíz es un nuevo comienzo.

I soon knew that those thoughts were sinking me further and I spoke up. I told my husband, my mother, my friend, the neighbor, my mother-in-law what I was feeling and what I was thinking, and the light began to appear little by little, I had to nip it at the root. I gave up, I dared to undertake, I struggled with fear and the economic crisis but that light grew bigger and bigger and empowered me in such a way that I forgot all those negative thoughts. Venting was the beginning, determining the source is a step, and nipping in the bud is a new beginning.


Y si hablamos de tristeza, creo que debemos aprender a vivir con ella, no negarnos a sentirla porque es parte de nuestro día a día, nunca podremos evitarla, y está bien. Cuando la tristeza inunda tu vida es diferente, se que te llevará tiempo superar la pérdida, o lidiar con problemas de salud, la disminución del placer me hace recordar momentos muy tristes de mi vida cuando perdí a mi primer bebé. Yo decía que mi mundo se acabaría, que estaba viviendo una muerte lenta, que Dios me había castigado y que no merecía ser madre, nada me consolaba, nada me hacía reír, no tenía ninguna esperanza, no le encontraba el gusto a nada. Yo quería a mi bebé, era mi único deseo. En una consulta el médico me dijo "quiero que entiendas que puedes tener un hijo en cualquier momento que lo decidas, estás sana, no dejes de intentarlo" con una sonrisa. Y se abrió un mundo de posibilidades, empecé a planear, a organizar, volvió la ilusión y mi mente se ocupó en todo lo que ahora deseaba hacer. Tuve que pedir perdón a Dios por renegar de él, de su amor, oré y me propuse recuperar mi vida porque poco a poco me di cuenta que lo tenía todo.

And if we talk about sadness, I think we must learn to live with it, not refuse to feel it because it's part of our day to day, we can never avoid it, and that's okay. When sadness floods your life it is different, I know it will take time to get over the loss, or deal with health problems, the decrease in pleasure makes me remember very sad moments in my life when I lost my first baby. I said that my world would end, that I was living a slow death, that God had punished me and that I did not deserve to be a mother, nothing consoled me, nothing made me laugh, I had no hope, I could not find pleasure in anything. I wanted my baby, it was my only wish. In a consultation the doctor told me "I want you to understand that you can have a child at any time you decide, you are healthy, don't stop trying" with a smile. And a world of possibilities opened up, I began to plan, to organize, the illusion returned and my mind took care of everything that I now wanted to do. I had to ask God for forgiveness for denying him, his love, I prayed and set out to recover my life because little by little I realized that I had everything.


Y de verdad que la tristeza está presente casi siempre, extrañamos personas, nos suceden cosas trágicas, recordamos momentos duros, nos cuentan historias tristes, y hasta lo que pasa en mi vida diaria me desanima a veces, pero he encontrado luz y paz en la oración, esa oración diaria, cotidiana, con Dios y conmigo misma, llamenlo mantras, proclamaciones positivas, o como quieran, pero eso me ayuda a ver mi realidad de una mejor manera y a tener presente que debo abrir mis brazos a todo lo que llega a mi vida, también para dejarlo ir.

And the truth is that sadness is almost always present, we miss people, tragic things happen to us, we remember hard moments, they tell us sad stories, and even what happens in my daily life sometimes discourages me, but I have found light and peace in life. prayer, that daily, daily prayer, with God and with myself, call it mantras, positive proclamations, or whatever you want, but that helps me to see my reality in a better way and to keep in mind that I must open my arms to everything that comes my way. my life, also to let it go.


Nada es tan malo como parece, puede ser peor.
Hay quienes sufren más.
Siempre hay alguien en una situación más complicada que la tuya.
Si hablas la carga se hará más ligera.
Desahógate y repite la operación hasta expulsar todo de tu ser.
No te apresures por solucionarlo, espera en calma.
Acepta la ayuda cuando llega, y sino llega también.
No te culpes, no te juzgues.

Nothing is as bad as it seems, it can be worse.
There are those who suffer more.
There is always someone in a more complicated situation than you.
If you speak the load will become lighter. Let off steam and repeat the operation until you expel everything from your being.
Don't rush to fix it, wait calmly. Accept help when it comes, and if it doesn't come too.
Don't blame yourself, don't judge yourself.


Acepta tu proceso, hay cosas que debemos superar nosotros mismos a nuestro ritmo, lo más importante es que sepas que siempre hay luz al final del túnel y que el amor todo lo puede. Escucha a tu corazón, alimenta tu alma y espíritu, ten fé y agradece por cada etapa en tu vida porque cada una tiene un propósito.

Accept your process, there are things that we must overcome ourselves at our own pace, the most important thing is that you know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and that love conquers everything. Listen to your heart, feed your soul and spirit, have faith and be thankful for each stage in your life because each one has a purpose.

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Fue un proceso de despertar y transformación para ti, dónde ese estado de depresión fue el detonante que te llevo a moverte e inducir ese cambio. Que bueno que pudiste verlo y tomar acción y ahora puedas compartirnos tu experiencia de crecimiento 🙏🏻

Muchas gracias por participar.

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Gracias a ti por comentar y apoyar, éstas iniciativas te hacen reflexionar y darte cuenta cuan afortunada eres.

I can relate to everything you said. We all feel sadness and sometimes if we allow it to linger without speaking up, it turns to depression.

I have been there. Been utterly sad. But I started speaking about it with my friends and family, and it helped because while I talked about it and they gave their input and advice, I listened.

And in my quiet time, I pondered on what they said, filter some out, and use the rest as strength to plan and pull myself out of my sadness.

Thanks for sharing this. It was thoughtful and full of lessons.

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Venting was the beginning, determining the source is a step, and nipping in the bud is a new beginning.

I love this part and how you narrated your sad moment and coming out of it to see the light. The truth is that sadness will always show its ugly face but we have to deal with it instead of letting it have control over us. We can overcome sadness when we pray to God, speak positive mantras to ourselves and believe that there will always be light, we just need to find it by focusing on the future and leaning on God.
I popped in through Dreemport.

It is true, I have always believed that the word has power just like prayer. Thank you for going through my post, I appreciate your time and comment. Blessings 💫🙏🏻It is true, I have always believed that the word has power just like prayer. Thank you for going through my post, I appreciate your time and comment. Blessings 💫🙏🏻

I loved how you overcame this mental state of sadness... I have learnt a great deal of insights from here. Thanks so much for this energy and I came in through dreemport.

Hola, que bueno que mi post sea útil para ti, esa es la idea cuando escribo. Gracias a ti por pasar por mi post, un abrazo.

Hello, I'm glad my post is useful for you, that's the idea when I write. Thank you for going through my post, a hug.

Like happiness, sadness is a natural emotion.
Every time we fail to go past our sadness, we run into trouble because depression will follow.

Thank God you were able to escape that horrible state of mind since depression is a harmful condition and causes suicide.
I sincerely hope everything is going well for you at the moment.

Thank you for this wonderful post, you are amazing

And being a natural emotion we can never avoid it, that will frustrate you. Emotional intelligence is vital, you can live happier and understand that this world is wonderful because of all its colors, even if they are dark.
Thank you for stopping by and dedicating this comment to me, I appreciate it. I follow you. 💫

Thank you for the kinds words

The moment of sadness is s not always an easy thing to handle but I am glad you came out strong. Just like you did, I normally involve my mum, my close inlaws and friends whenever I am in a sad moment. Their words of encouragement helps me to overcome so easily
Thanks for sharing...I found this post via dreemport

And we must be careful who we tell that intimate part of ourselves to, it can hurt us more if we tell the wrong people, I hope they will always be your support and help you at every moment of your life. We all must have our source of support. Thanks for stopping by, I follow you 😉

Thanks so much 👍