Boats and Buildings on the Harbour Docks [ENG/ESP]


Puerto Madero is one of the most famous and attractive areas of the city of Buenos Aires. The idea of creating a port consisting of 4 docks in addition to the large and modern business buildings has been the scene of countless visits by tourists, residents and many photographers. It is undoubtedly one of the busiest areas to capture part of the city.

Today I share with you a series of this area where you can find boats and large towers belonging to banks, insurance companies, telephone companies and offices for rent, which is what abounds. It also highlights the large building that is the headquarters of the Chinese bank ICBC.

It's always nice to walk around this area, because apart from transmitting closes tranquility by the environment, the photographs that we can make in this place will always be different, the sunsets here I think have much more intensity, so we have many possibilities to get different and attractive results.

What do you think about the docks of Puerto Madero in the city of Buenos Aires? I hope you enjoyed the pictures 🙂


Puerto Madero es una de las zonas más famosas y atractivas de la ciudad de Buenos Aires. La idea de crear un puerto constituido por 4 diques además de los grandes y modernos edificios empresariales ha sido escenario de innumerables visitas por parte de turistas, residentes y muchísimos fotógrafos. Sin duda alguna es una de las zonas más concurridas para capturar parte de la ciudad.

El día de hoy les comparto una serie de esta zona en dónde se encuentran botes y grandes torres que pertenecen a bancos, empresas de seguros, compañías de telefonía y oficinas en alquiler que es lo que más abundan. Además destaca el gran edificio que es sede del banco chino ICBC.

Siempre es agradable pasear por esta zona, ya que aparte de transmitir cierra tranquilidad por el ambiente, las fotografías que podemos hacer en este lugar serán siempre diferentes, los atardeceres acá creo que tienen mucha más intensidad, así que tenemos muchas posibilidades de conseguir resultados diferentes y atractivos.

¿Que les parece los diques de puerto madero en la ciudad de Buenos Aires? Espero que hayan disfrutado las fotos 🙂


All the photos and texts in this post are my authorship.
(Todas las fotos y textos presentes en éste post son de mi autoría.)



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Hello my friend @dimascastillo90 😊👋🏻 How are you? Hope all well.
Such a beautiful captures. The large buildings and than the water and boats, such a contrast of both.
I can imagine sunsets would be amazing here… especially with the large buildings and it’s windows.
Yes, an ever changing place.
Thanks for sharing it with us 😎
Have a wonderful Thursday 👋🏻☀️

Hi dear friend @littlebee4 Here everything is fine, I hope you are too 🥰 I hope someday to go and spend time to capture a sunset, it must be amazing 😍 thanks for stopping by, my dear. I send you a hug 🤗

Hello @dimascastillo90 😊👋🏻 Good to hear 😎
I was sick for a while with flu / bad cold… but almost over it 🤞🏻🤞🏻😉😁
Would be cool if you can go and capture these photos. They must be stunning.
You are welcome, always. Biggg huggg 🤗🤗

Dear @littlebee4! Glad you're recovered from that flu 😊 sending you lots and lots more hugs 🤗🤗🤗

Thank you so much my friend 😊😎 much appreciated!
Almost recovered… 😉 with so many hugs it will go faster.
Bigg hugg 🤗🤗

Un lugar muy bonito, un ambiente acuático combinado con la modernidad de Buenos Aires y perfecto para fotografías buenas como las tuyas. Perfecto amigo @dimascastillo90

Muchas gracias amigo @sorprendente es como un vicio ese lugar para las fotografías jaja que estés muy bien 🙂

Hello my friend. How are you doing? Hopes everything goes well with you. Sunset or reflection shots would be awesome too. Or maybe the boat with lights with some light trails would be nice as well. Just my opinion