Meet My Little Boy... Say Hello to Neythan [ENG/ESP]


A few days ago I shared a post about the Japanese garden, which I attended with my little son so he could get to know it. That day I made an attempt to make him a mini series of portraits, something that is already very complicated because he doesn't like to serve as a model (as they grow so fast 😭😄) I had to make a deal with him to give him something he wanted in exchange for taking pictures of him and well, it was the only way haha🤣

They are a five pictures, which I decided to also convert them to black and white since I love both of them. This kid in my opinion is very photogenic and has style don't you think? Hahaha he is a mix between rocker, gamer and animal lover 😍 With his SLAYER flannel and his hair so long that he hates to cut it even a little bit.... Here are his pictures 😄

Proud as a father that he has values instilled in him as important to him as he is to society and the planet, nature and animals, it never ceases to amaze me how fast he grows and how curious he is to know and learn. This is a post to introduce you to my little son, say hello to Neythan 🥰


Hace algunos días compartí un post sobre el jardín japonés, al cual asistí con mi pequeño hijo para que lo conociera. Ese día hice un intento para hacerle una mini serie de retratos, algo que ya es muy complicado porque no le gusta servir de modelo (como crecen tan rápido 😭😄) tuve que hacer un trato con él de regalarle algo que quería a cambio de tomarle fotos y bueno, fue la única forma jaja🤣

Son una cinco fotografías, las cuales decidí también convertirlas en blanco y negro ya que ambas me encantan. Este niño a mi parecer es muy fotogénico y tiene estilo no creen? Jajaja es una mezcla entre rockero, gamer y amante de los animales 😍 Con su franela de SLAYER y el cabello tan largo que odia que se lo corten aunque sea un poco... Acá están sus fotos 😄

Orgulloso como padre de que tenga valores inculcados tan importantes para él como para la sociedad y el planeta, la naturaleza y los animales, no deja de sorprenderme lo rápido que crece y lo curioso por conocer y aprender. Este es un post para para presentarles a mi pequeño hijo, saluden a Neythan 🥰


All the photos and texts in this post are my authorship.
(Todas las fotos y textos presentes en éste post son de mi autoría.)



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Justamente mi hija me pregunto hace unos días atrás cual era el nombre de tu hijo jejeje. Ya se lo diré... Y hablando de otra cosa, sabes que eso me pasa con Nico, no le gustan las fotos y tan fotogénica que es. Veremos cómo cambia la Cosa en la adolescencia 😁.

Lindo post amigo ❤️

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He looks very dashing and cool, especially if you take a picture of him.😁😁

Very fresh and cool, right? Jeje thanks 😊

Yep, his style is cool, it looks like you asked him to pose like that.:D

Saludos Neythan, tu papá tiene razón eres bastante fotogénico 📷 Felicitaciones amigo @dimascastillo90 por este trabajo que sin duda es muy especial para ti. Bendiciones amigo

Jejeje muchas gracias amigo! Tenía que dedicar un post sobre él 😍 espero que estés muy bien amigo. Saludos 🤗

He's something. You are right. They do grow so quickly. My last little one is about to hit eighteen.

Here he is, @rx7 at fifteen.

You may have seen him at the last organizational meetup. Time with them is precious! My other sons come to visit after work if they are not too tired.

I'm hitting that reHive button to see if my followers can help you get what your posts are worth. Very cool seeing you yesterday. Are you making a post about the #meetup?

How are you my friend @sponge-bob ? It was nice to meet you at the #HiveMeetUp. That's right, kids grow up so fast. I don't know why but I find a resemblance between your son and mine , I see he is fascinated by cars that cool hehe.

Thanks buddy for the reblog and for your support. I took very few pictures of the event but maybe tomorrow I will upload a post about it.