A city in the Himalayas

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It really depends on your mindset whether you are going on a journey in a group with friends and family and that would give immense pleasure or you would like to go on a trip alone. When I visited the city of Kathmandu and the town of Janakpur, I planned it with a group of family and friends.

The majestic sight of the ancient monuments and the temples with its vibrant colors reminded me of its spirituality. Moreover, the picturesque landscape and tourist -friendly people made the journey pleasant.The one striking thing about its market is that there are international products along with the traditional handicrafts, khukuri, pashmina shawls, beads and rice bags to name a few.

Besides, talking about the geographical location of Nepal, it is surrounded by other countries and is in the Himalayan terrain. Kathmandu is the capital city and the tourists visit the Everest Base Camp. Truly, the towering mountain view is a real magnificent spectacle!

You would surely like to visit Kathmandu which is the capital of this traditional and peaceful country! The malls and markets are the ultimate stop for the footwear, accessories, statues, masks, handicrafts and thangka paintings . The Everest Base Camp is the destination for those who like high-altitude trekking.

A few years back, there was a disastrous earthquake in Nepal, nevertheless, these buildings were made with such scientific technique that saved the infrastructure and people call it miracle!

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It would be a true dream to be in this place with friends or without them.